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Project udir

  1. 1. PROJECT UDIRUDIR is a sanskrit word which means upliftment.
  2. 2. PROJECT
  3. 3. MENTORSProf. N.P Gajjar( Dalal ( Patel( Bhikadiya(
  4. 4. GOALS● To get students familiar with FOSS(Free Open Source Software) .● Affiliate with companies to get research based projects.● Provide students with good internship opportunities.● Create an environment where sharing of knowledge and ideas can take place.● Foster teamwork and leadership.
  5. 5. Communication● All forms of communication between student and mentor will take place via email or Skype.● Relevant documents should be shared using Google docs.
  6. 6. TASKA simple set of instructions given to the students by the mentors.
  7. 7. HOW TO DO A TASK?● Mentor will assign a particular task to a student.● The student will try to complete the task on his own.● Contact a mentor if stuck!● Make documentation after completion listing the procedure/steps etc.● Submit the deliverable to mentor for approval.● If the task is approved, move on to the next one else repeat that task.
  8. 8. CIRRICULAM1. Understanding FOSS● Get a brief idea about FOSS.● Read about different types of FOSS.● Learn how Linux originated.
  9. 9. CIRRICULAM2. Ubuntu Experience● Download Ubuntu 11.10.● Explore it.● Compare it with Windows.● Give feedback.
  10. 10. CIRRICULAM3. Learning Ubuntu● Ubuntu Software Center, update manager, disk utility● Unity vs Gnome 3.2 .● Play audio/video files .● Tar files, deb files .● WINE .
  11. 11. CIRRICULAM4. Trying other OS● Fedora● Linux Mint● Open Suse● CentOS
  12. 12. CIRRICULAM5. Minor Project (examples)● Make an IEEE paper using LaTeX.● WINE.● Interfacing Kinect on Linux(OpenNI, libfreenect).● Data recovery and back up on linux.● Video editing using Kdenlive.● Sound editing.● LibreOffice.● Arduino.● Customization(cpufreq,themes,compiz,layout,dockbar,fonts,tweaks etc.).● Different installation procedures(Software center, .deb files, source etc.).
  13. 13. DOUBTS● If stuck, students should approach the mentors.● There will be Skype meetings between the students and mentors for solving doubts.● If the mentors are unavailable, GOOGLE or use mailing lists!!!
  14. 14. PRESENTATION● After completion of the minor project, each team of students will be asked to give a formal presentation in front of others.● This way others students will gain knowledge about different topics.● Will improve the oral skills of the students.● Each team will have 30 minutes for their presentation.
  15. 15. MASS OUTREACH● Students are encouraged to write articles for popular FOSS magazines.● Each student will have to make a video on a particular FOSS and upload it on YouTube.● Students are encouraged to give talks at popular conferences.
  16. 16. Research Areas● Kinect● OpenCV● Arduino● Open source hardware(Arduino, Pandaboard, Beagleboard etc.)● Linux● Web development● Android● Human Computer Interaction(HCI)● Cloud computing
  17. 17. Fund usWe are always looking for companies/startups to fundus. The company would not pay us directly but insteadsponsor a hardware/software on which the studentscan work on. In return for this funding, the companycan get its research/work done by the talented students working under this project.
  18. 18. Contact
  19. 19. THANK YOUWe hope that you carry on our legacy and continue thisproject after we graduate!!