CeL's "New Directions, Renewed Initiatives"


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  • Presentation originally prepared for the CeL sessions during the TE21 Summit (02 Nov 10)

    Welcome to the CeL session!

    Note that our logo is a stylized power button on its side. This represents the empowerment in e-learning we aim to instill in our stakeholders.
    Significance of the small “e”, big “L”: While we emphasize learning and not the technology, we recognize that e-tools provide affordances that can push pedagogy

    We are part of the Office of Teacher Education (OTE); not with ACIS any more
  • The mission of the CeL is to support, initiate and sustain e-learning.

    Examples of support:
    e-Portfolios by the Office of Teacher Education
    Innovative ideas from teaching staff

    Key initiatives are in areas of learning that are:
  • Support: Existing Blackboard efforts while pushing pedagogy by promoting other tools within the suite, e.g., Wimba, online videos, online assessments, i-SMS

    Main photo used under CC licence
  • Social learning: To take advantage of the technologies that students and teachers are already using socially and integrated them into teaching and learning.

    Special note on Google Enterprise in NIE: Set for release to all staff in January 2011 semester.
  • Open as in free and open source; open as in not locked in learning management systems (LMS).
  • Mobile: Again to take advantage of the minicomputers, cameras, GPS devices that are already in the hands, pockets or bags of learners and repurpose them for learning.
  • Sustain the initiatives in two broad strokes:
    Professional development by CeL and our sister group in NTU, the CELT.
    Reestablish a community of e-representatives (ground up, not top down like before)
  • Photographer retiring; position will not be refilled

    Change in photographer’s job scope; archive institutional memories

    Other information
    Photographer to provide training for NIE staff
    AGs to budget or outsource

    Photos used under CC licence
  • New plan: 90% scheduled, 10% ad hoc

    Rationale for ad hoc to scheduled
    Existing queue not transparent (how many in front)
    Not based on importance of project
    Criteria not clear

    Other information
    Training for NIE staff on video shooting and editing, Wimba, YouTube, etc.
    Outsource partners
    AGs to budget
    Photos used under CC licence
  • Visit AGs to showcase initiatives, get feedback and ideas, field questions, etc.
  • CeL's "New Directions, Renewed Initiatives"

    1. 1. support
    2. 2. initiative1
    3. 3. initiative2
    4. 4. initiative3
    5. 5. sustainability e-community
    6. 6. Photography: 2 days a week Archiving, tagging, etc. : 3 days a week Training for staff once every quarter photoservice
    7. 7. videoservice From ad hoc queue To pre-arranged service based on •AG size •Clearer criteria (final draft)
    8. 8. roadshows Sample videos Learning Festival TE21 summit videos Mobile learning apps (concept video)
    9. 9. Event Date Venue Time Name Title 14th April NIE2-01- RR01 10:00am - 11:30am CeL Basic Video Camera Handling 19th April NIE2-01- RR01 10:00am - 11:30am CeL Video Production Technique CeL Workshops and Staff Sharing Sessions 2011 Video production workshops this April!
    10. 10. Event Date Venue Name Title 4th May Games Lab (NIE2-02-09) Linda Mary Hanington (ELL) Google: the way to go? 11th May ECL 7A (NIE2-0202A) CeL Workshop on Google Sites 18th May Games Lab (NIE2-02-09) Asst. Prof. Hew Khe Foon & Assoc. Prof. Cheung Wing Sum (LST) Using Voice thread in online discussions: Advantages and Challenges. 25th May ECL 7A (NIE2-0202A) CeL Workshop on Wimba Voice Thread 1st June Games Lab (NIE2-02-09) Asst. Prof. Swarup Mukherjee (PESS) Enhancing conceptual learning in Physical Education using audio-visual media – the YouTube experience. 8th June ECL 7A (NIE2-0202A) CeL Workshop on YouTube CeL Workshops and Staff Sharing Sessions 2011 Day/Time : Wednesday / 10.30 am to 11.30 am