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Arkitek Azman Zainal Profile


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Arkitek Azman Zainal is design driven and is always keen to explore new ideas and approaches to design. Its main objective is to be known and recognized for its design that is unique and one that functions well.

Published in: Design
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Arkitek Azman Zainal Profile

  1. 1. Profil FirmaArkitek AzmanZainal
  2. 2. PengenalanIntroduction
  3. 3. Pengenalan Introduction• Arkitek Azman Zainal • Arkitek Azman Zainal was telah ditubuhkan oleh Ar established by Ar. Azman Azman Zainal Md Nor. Zainal Md Nor. He started Beliau memulakan kerjayanya his architectural career in di Cawangan Kerja the Medical and Health Perubatan dan Kesihatan , Branch, Public Works JKR pada tahun 1986. Department in 1986. The Firma ini didaftar kan di head office is registered in Bandaraya Bersejarah the historic city of Melaka Melaka dan ia juga memiliki and it also has an office in sebuah pejabat di Shah Shah Alam. He was one of Alam. Beliau merupakan the founder of Das Azman salah seorang dari pengasas Architect Sdn Bhd where he dan pengarah Das Azman was the director there from Architect Sdn. Bhd. dari 1992 t0 2008. 1992 hingga 2008. • The firm has within it a• Firma ini mempunyai diverse range of expertise kepakaran yang luas ranging from hospital merangkumi bidang planning, educational perancangan hospital, institutions, rehabilitation institusi-intitusi pendidikan, and restoration for historic kerja kerja pemulihan dan buildings to office, pemugaran bangunan- commercial and residential bangunan bersejarah hingga buildings. lah ke bangunan pejabat, komersil dan perumahan. • Arkitek Azman Zainal is• Arkitek Azman Zainal design driven and its main mengutamakan aspek objective is to be known and rekabentuk dan aspek recognized for its design identiti tempatan ,kesenian that is unique , has local dan kebudayaan. Hasrat cultural content and one utama firma ini adalah untuk that functions well. dikenali dengan rekabentuk- rekabentuknya yang unik dan yang berfungsi dengan baik.
  4. 4. Maklumat Utama VitalInformation
  5. 5. Makumat UtamaVital InformationNama yang didaftarkanArkitek Azman ZainalRegistered NameNo PendaftaranSPA /68(Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia)Registration No. (Board of ArchitectsMalaysia)Alamat di Selangor No.17A, Jalan Address in SelangorTengku Ampuanabedah 9/ JZabedah J, 9/JSeksyen 9, 40100Shah Alam ,Selangor Tel : 03-55245454 Fax : 03-55245455Alamat di Melaka 1B-41-2 MelakaMall,Address in Melaka JalanKesidang 3/11, Off Jalan TunPerak, Bachang, Melaka,
  6. 6. Senarai Projek ProjectList
  7. 7. 1.Restoration Of Masjid Jamek Kuala Lumpur RM$5.5mil . 2012 - construction2. New Puncak Perdana Secondary School (12 Classrooms), Sunway Alam Suria, Shah Alam. RM$15mil . 2012- construction3. AAZ Timber Retreat Home , Port Dickson RM$1.0mil. 2012- construction4. Helmi & Ita Serambi House, Port Dickson RM$300.000.00 2012- construction5. Taib 2 Courtyard House, Kuala Lumpur RM $2.2 mil. 2010- 20126.New Rasah Kemayan Secondary School (26Classrooms), Sendayan, Seremban. RM$25mil. 2010 - construction7. Regional office Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia , Melaka. RM$30mil. 2008- 20108. KFC Drive Thru & Pizza Hut Restaurant, Ayer Keroh Melaka. RM$5.2mil. 2008-2011
  8. 8. Projects handled previously as director in Das Azman ArchitectsSdn . Bhd. (1992-2008)9. Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi MARA,Alor Gajah, Melaka. CompletedMajlis Amanah Rakyat(MARA)RM$57mil . 200710. Rumah Dato Azmil Khalid Khalili Jalan Setiabistari, Bukit Damansara,CompletedKuala Lumpur.RM$1.4 mil. 200611. Kolej Islam Melaka,Alor Gajah, Melaka. CompletedKolej Islam Melaka Sdn Bhd.RM$9 mil. 200612 . Pejabat & Pusat Penyelidikan SIRIMKuantan, Pahang.CompletedSIRIM BerhadRM$15 mil. 200513. Pejabat & Pusat Penyelidikan MIMOS Kulim-High Tech Park, Kedah.Completed MIMOS BerhadRM$8 mil. 2005
  9. 9. Galeri Projek ProjectGallery
  10. 10. Restoration Masjid Jamek Kuala LumpurThis mosque was built in1908 and both thebuilding and itssurrounding compoundwere gazetted asnational heritage. Repairworks mainly involveddamaged downpipes androof covering ,replacement of damagedtiles ,window frames,brickwork as well asaddition of new audiovisual facilities andfunctional spaces. Alsonew carved timberminbar and quraniccaligraphy were made forthe main prayer hall.
  11. 11. Restoration Masjid Jamek Kuala LumpurMaking the Minbar
  12. 12. Puncak Perdana Secondary School (12 Classrooms), Sunway Alam Suria, Shah Alam.This is a public schooland is still underconstruction
  13. 13. AAZ Timber Retreat Home , Port DicksonA dream housepeering into theStraits of Malacca
  14. 14. AAZ Timber Retreat Home , Port DicksonThis house is totally built intimber mainly of recycledcengal and merbau. It is 3stories high and overlooksthe 4th mile beach . Thelower ground is an openliving space. The upperfloors comprise of familyareas and rooms.
  15. 15. Taib 2- Courtyard House, Kuala Lumpur
  16. 16. Taib 2- Courtyard House, Kuala Lumpur
  17. 17. New RasahKemayanSecondary School (26Classrooms), Sendayan, Seremban.
  18. 18. Regional officeSuruhanjayaPencegahanRasuahMalaysia ,Melaka.This design is basedpurely on securityconsiderations as it iscategorized as highsecurity facility.Natural bricks areutilized for a majorpart of the facade togive it a more statelylook and feel. It issymmetrical which alsoenhance theauthoritative functionof the institution.
  19. 19. Regional office Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia , Melaka.
  20. 20. Mathew &Sharmila’sTerrace HouseRenovation 2009A fresh feel was givento this intermediateterrace house byintroducing timberstructure and finishing.The roof space wasnaturally lit and fullyutilized to createmore usable space . Acourtyard was alsointroduced to improvethe air circulation andambiance of theinternal space.. Thetimber used was fromrecycled timber of atleast 50 years old.
  21. 21. Mathew &Sharmila’sTerrace HouseRenovation2009The entire house waspulled down leaving onlythe party walls and thenew house re builtmostly in timber. Oldtimber joinerytechniques were usedin the timberconstruction such asscarf joints, mortisedand tenon as well asdove tail joints. Theproject was completedat a cost of$280,000.00
  22. 22. Pusat KomunitiDBKL, BukitDamansara,K.L. 2009As a community centreit is important thatthe building has theright visual impact andto appear friendly andhospitable to thesurroundingneighborhood.Simple but bold formswere employed andnatural bricks wereused throughout thebuildings to give ita sense of warmth andfriendliness
  23. 23. Pusat KomunitiDBKL, BukitDamansara,K.L. 2008The Rotunda (cylinder)houses the multipurpose hall andaccommodates 3badminton courts.. Itis fully air conditionedand can easily sit 350people. The cost ofproject wasapproximately RM 6million .
  24. 24. Azman’s CornerLot Renovation,Bkt Jelutong,Shah Alam.2008The little timberextension is a boldexperimentation intimber. It adds life tothis otherwise plainand homogenousterrace housing area.Apart from thestructure and walls,the roof is also madeout of timber. Theroof is made ofchengal, the mullions ofMerbau, the walls ofBalau and the floorout of Kempas.
  25. 25. Azman’s CornerLot Renovation,Bkt Jelutong,Shah Alam.2008Kempas from recycledTNB poles were cut tomake the floor boardsand were sanded downvery fine and leftunfinished. Natural oilfrom human feetlater produced apleasant looking sheenon the floor board.Rengas , a reddishcolour timber speciewas used to make theTV console. Thecentre piece of a logwas cut out andbuilt up using dove tailjoints.
  26. 26. Kolej IslamMelaka, AlorGajah, Melaka.2006This represents thecore of the collegecampus. It is importantthat these buildingslook solid but yetfriendly. Thebuildings comprise ofclassroom blocks,lecture theatrecomplex and centraladministration office.The use of naturalbricks enhances theeducational feel ofthe complex andmakes it look timeless.It was completed atapproximately RM9.0million.
  27. 27. Prince CourtMedical Centre,KL.This is a 5 star ,350 bedded medicalcentre equipped withstate of the artfacilities. The designwas carried out incollaboration withPeddle ThorpeArchitects / HealthSolutions of Australia.The project wascommissioned byPETRONAS andcompleted at the costof approximately RM350 million.
  28. 28. Dr TajudinHouse, Precinct10,Putrajaya.2009This house is designedaround a court yardand aims at achievingthe most ventilationand light. The housewas designed withhumility and moderationin mind. The roomsizes are modest butadequate.Merbau is being usedextensively throughoutthe house and chengalwas used for therafters and battensdue to its straightness.The use of timberbrings back theromanticism andnostalgia of thekampung house. Allthe timber worksthroughout the houseused traditional timberjoinery .
  29. 29. Dr TajudinHouse, Precinct10,Putrajaya.2009The built up area ofthe house is 400m2,comprising of 5bedrooms, attic, living,family ,dining , kitchenand laundry. It wascompleted atapproximatelyRM1.0million.
  30. 30. Kolej KemahiranTinggi MARAAlor Gajah,Melaka. 2007The campus covers anarea of 70 acres ofwhich 40acres is beingdeveloped in the firstphase. The campuscomprise of centralteaching complex,sports complex, multipurpose hall, mosque,student housing,engineering workshops ,dining hall and studentcenter. The facilitiesare organized aroundcourtyards distributedthroughout the campus.The organization ofthe campus is centeredaround the mainteaching block whichcomprise of classrooms,lecture theatres andadministration office.The project costsRm57 million.
  31. 31. KompleksPejabatKerajaan ParcelC, Putrajaya,Selangor. 2003This one of the earlybuilding complex everbeing built in Putrajayaand was strictly basedon the Urban DesignGuidelines stipulated byPutrajaya Corporation.The façade design isdouble skin comprisingof a concrete wallwith aluminum sunshading and a glasspanel wall on theinside. The complexwas completed at anapproximate cost ofRM300 million.
  32. 32. Pejabat & PusatPenyelidikanMIMOS, Kulim,Kedah 2005The design solution isin response to the dulland homogenoussurrounding which istypical of an industrialarea. The design aimsat making the presenceof MIMOS in Kulimfelt.The spaces areorganized around acentral courtyardplanted with forestlandscape. A dynamicroof form helps toportray MIMOS as adynamic andprogressiveestablishment . Thisproject costapproximately RM8million.
  33. 33. Pejabat & PusatPenyelidikanSIRIM,Kuantan,Pahang. 2005This building isperched on a hilloverlooking a busyintersection. Thedesign is in responseto and in tandem withthe high energy levelat the corner site.The bold design is alsointended to announcethe presence of SIRIMin Kuantan. Thebuilding was completedat approximately RM15 million.
  34. 34. KFC Drive Thru& Pizza HutRestaurant,Melaka. 2009This is a stand alonerestaurant buildinghousing two brands. Ahigh roofed outdooreating area tie upboth the restauranttogether andrepresents one of thefavourite wayMalaysians like to havetheir food. The designis strong and eyecatching to attractcustomers plying thebusy main road in frontof it. The project costapproximately RM4.0million.
  35. 35. Carta OrganisasiOrganization Chart
  36. 36. AR. AZMAN ZAINAL MD NOR Principal Bach. Arch Deakin (Australia) Post. Grad. Dip. Syariah Law (UKM)MARSITAR MOHAMED KAMARUDIN MD SAID Office Manager Associate / Conservator Bach. Arch. (Auckland)SARINA SAHIBON Office Assistant MAHADTHIR SUHAIMI Senior Assistant Architect Bach. Arch . (U.S.M.) MOHAMAD KHAIRUL ISMAIL Assistant Architect Bach. Arch. (UiTM) KALAIMANI AISHAH MOHAMAD Senior Tech. Assistant Tech . Assistant BSc Arch. (UiTM) NORAISHAH AHMAD SYARIFAH AZIEMAH Tech . Assistant Tech. Assistant BSc Arch. (UiTM) Diploma in Arch.
  37. 37. Curricular Vitae
  38. 38. Name : Azman Zainal Md NorD.O.B : 10th June 1962Address : 26A, Jalan SS26/4, Taman Mayang Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.Mobile No. : 019 - 260 5353E-mail Address : arkitekazmanzainal@gmail.comAcademic Qualification* Bachelor of Architecture, Deakin, University, Victoria ,Australia1985* Post Grad. Diploma in Syariah Law (UKM) , Malaysia1991* Certificate in Arabic Language (UITM) , Malaysia2000 - 2004* Certificate in Arabic Language (Yemen) 2007 Certificate in Mandarin Language(UiTM) 2010Professional MembershipCorporate Member - Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia (PAM)Registered Professional Architect - Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM)
  39. 39. Professional Experiences1986 – 1992ArchitectMedical & Health DivisionPublic Works Department, HQ• 1000 bedded Teaching Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia,•Selangor Darul Ehsan• Maternity Unit Tapah, District Hospital, Perak Darul Ridzuan• 110 bedded Muadzam Shah, District Hospital, Pahang DarulMakmur• Master Plan for University Utara Malaysia Sintok, Kedah DarulAman• Master Plan International Islamic University Janda Baik, PahangDarul Makmur1992 to 2007DirectorDas Azman Architects Sdn Bhd• Government Office Complex ,Parcel C, Putrajaya, 1999. RM305mil• Microelectronic Laboratory (MIMOS) Kulim, Kedah Darul Aman,2000. RM9 mil• Regional Office and Laboratory for SIRIM ,Kuantan, Pahang,2000. RM12 mil• Melaka Islam ic College Alor Gajah, Melaka, 2003. RM9 mil•Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi MARA, Alor Gajah, Melaka, 2003. RM60mil•350 bedded Prince Court Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur, 2003.
  40. 40. 2007 to presentPrincipleArkitek Azman Zainal- BPR Regional Office Melaka, 2008. RM30.0mil- KFC Drive Thru & Pizza Hut Restaurant Ayer Keroh,Melaka. RM5.0 mil- Salam Medical Centre, Shah Alam. RM2.0 mil-26 Classrooms Secondary School, Sendayan ,Seremban. RM24mil.-26 Classrooms Primary School Puncak Alam, Shah Alam, Selangor.RM22mil.Part-time Lecturer- Lim Kok Wing University College 2001 – 2004,2009.- Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia – 2005- University Teknologi MARA – 2006- University College Sedaya International – 2007Extra Curricular-Chief Judge Malaysia Furniture Fair 2007 – 2008-Currently writing Guidebook on Timber Door and Guidebook on TimberDecking for the Malaysian Timber Council (2010-2011)
  41. 41. • Paper s Presented• - Contemporary Architectural Applications of Malaysian Timber• - Presented at Sri Lanka, August 2007• -An approach to designing exhibition booths• -Presented at PWTC, Malaysian International Furniture Fair Oct 2008• -Why Not Glum Lam in Malaysia• - Presented at FRIM March 2009• -Restoration of Timber in Heritage Conservation Works• - Presented at UiTM Shah Alam, April 2009• -Inspirations in Timber,• -Presented at The Malaysian International Commodity Conference & Showcase, MAEPS, Selangor, August 2009- Awards- Arthur Collins Award - Deakin University, Australia 1983- Professional Terbaik JKR 1987 - Anugerah Dato’ Samy Vellu
  42. 42. Rakan Bersekutu AssociateNama : Kamarudin Bin Md SaidTarikh Lahir : 4 Disember 1955Alamat : 1b-41-2 Melaka Mall, Jalan Kesidang3/11 Off Jalan Tun Perak Bacang 75300 MelakaKelayakan AkademikAcademic Qualification1977 Diploma Senibina , UTM1984Bachelor Of Architecture , Auckland, New ZealandPengalaman ProfesionalProfessional Experiences1977 - 1981Pembantu TeknikJKR Melaka1984 -1989ArkitekCawangan Kerja Perubatan Kesihatan Ibupejabat JKR Kuala Lumpur1990 - 1996Penolong Pengarah (Arkitek)JKR Melaka1997- 2007Projek Arkitek/Konservator (Bangunan Warisan)Conservator
  43. 43. Pengalaman Berkaitan Konservasi Bangunan – Bangunan WarisanPengalaman Kerja/TeknikalBerpengalaman dalam mengenalpasti dan menyediakan skop kerja konservasidan baikpulih Bangunan-Bangunan Warisan. Berpengalaman dalam menjalankan kajian lengkap ‘Delapidation Study’Bangunan-Bangunan Warisan. Berpengalaman dalam melaksanakan kerja-kerja ‘scale fotography’ danlukisan HABS untuk dokumentasi Bangunan dan Struktur Warisan. Pelbagai Projek Konservasi dan Pemuliharan serta Dokumentasi kajian telahdilaksanakan .Pengalaman Perancangan/PerundanganMenganggotai Jawatankuasa Mengubal Enakmen Pemuliharaan & PemugaranNegeri Melaka. Ahli Jawatankuasa menyediakan inventori Bangunan Warisan NegeriMelaka ( 1990-1995) Ahli Jawatankuasa Konservasi Majlis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah(2002 hingga kini)Seminar Kursus dan Lawatan Kajian S eminarsStudy Excursions Seminar dan workshop mengenai Konservasi oleh Badan Warisan Malaysiadi Kuala Lumpur-1990. Kajian Kaedah Pembangunan dan Konservasi di Kota Intra Muros,Filipina – 1992. Kajian Kaedah Perancangan dan Pemuliharaan Bangunan Warisan untuk KotaMelaka di UNESCO, Paris, France - 1993.
  44. 44. Kajian Kaedah Konservasi dan peranan Yayasan Gulbankein, Portugaluntuk runtuhan Kota Santiago dan Bukit St. Paul, Libson, Portugal -1993.Kursus Pemeliharaan Bangunan Warisan di INTAN keolahan KementerianPerumahan Dan Kerajaan Tempatan serta Majlis Warisan Malaysia -1993. Lawatan Kajian Kaedah ‘restoration & conservation’ di Tanjung Pagaroleh URA, Singapura - 1994.Lawatan kajian Kaedah restorasi dan baikpulih Kapal Bersejarah‘Endeavour’ (salvaged) di Perth, Australia -1994.Workshop/Bengkel Teknik Konservasi oleh Badan Warisan Malaysia -1995. Mewakili Negara ke Seminar/Workshop Konservasi dan Pembangunan diMedan, Indonesia anjuran Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia -1995. Lawatan Kajian Perancangan dan Pembangunan Kota Lama ChiangmeiThailand -1995. Lawatan Kajian bersama Jabatan Muzium Dan Antikuiti ke Kota Lama,Macau - 2002.Lawatan Kajian Perbandingan Warisan Senibina Belanda di AmsterdamBelanda anjuran J/K Konservasi MBMB - 2003.AnugerahAwards Anugerah Khas Menteri Kerja Raya Malaysia sebagai Ahli KumpulanProfessional Terbaik JKR 1997. Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang Cawangan Kerja Perubataan danKesihatan JKR Kuala Lumpur 1998. Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang Kementerian Kerja Raya Malaysia
  45. 45. SeniorArchitectNama : Mahadthir Bin SuhaimiTarikh Lahir : 18 Ogos 1975Kelayakan AkademikAcademic Qualification2000 - 2002Bachelor of Architecture, University Science of Malaysia 1998 - 2000Bachelor Science (Hons) of Architecture, University Science of Malaysia1993 -1996Diploma of Architecture, University Technology Malaysia1991-1992SPM – Grade 1, Sekolah Menengah Teknik Johor BahruPengalaman BekerjaWorking Experience2006 – 2008Das Azman Architects Sdn Bhd ProjectArchitect2002 – 2005EA Architect Sdn BhdProject Architect 2002 – 2004Kumpulan Perunding 88 Sdn BhdAssistant Architect1996 – 1998D.C Architect Technical
  46. 46. Project Undertaken• Cadangan penambahan dan pengubahsuaian kepada bangunanKementerian Dalam Negeri, Blok D1 &D2 Parcel D, Pusat PentadbiranKerajaan Persekutuan, Putrajaya.• Cadangan pembangunan 2 blok pangsapuri kerajaan yang mengandungi316 unit kediaman di atas plot 18R9, Presint 18, Pusat PentadbiranKerajaan Persekutuan, Putrajaya.• Cadangan pembangunan 6 blok pangsapuri kerajaan yang mengandungi574 unit kediaman di atas plot 18R8, Presint 18, Pusat PentadbiranKerajaan Persekutuan, Putrajaya.• Cadangan pembangunan perumahan yang mengandungi 30 unit kediamanjenis rumah berkembar dan 18 unit kediaman jenis teres di atas plot18R7, Presint 18, Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan, Putrajaya.• Cadangan pembangunan blok kondominium di atas plot 18R6 Presint18, Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan Putrajaya.• Cadangan membina sebuah kilang / gudang dan pejabat 3 tingkat di lotno1 (pt 26414) Jalan Utarid U5/19, Seksyen U5, Bandar Baru ShahAlam.• Cadangan membina 106 unit rumah teres 2 ½ tingkat di Bandar BaruBukit Puchong.• Cadangan membina sebuah bangle 2 tingkat di no.50, Jalan PJU3/17B Damansara Indah Resorts Homes, Daerah Petaling, Selengor.• Cadangan membina sebuah bangle 2 ½ tingkat di plot BL-4104 BandarMahkota Cheras, Daerah Ulu Langat Selangor.• Cadangan pembangunan 1 blok pangsapuri kos sederhana 6 tingkatmengandungi 70 unit dengan kemudahan dewan dan tadika, di atas lotPT 3233 dan PT 3234 Mukim Ampang, Daerah Ulu Langat, Selangor• Cadangan mendirikan satu banagunan yang mengandungi stesen minyakPetronas dan perniagaan makanan satu tingkat di atas lot 49946 (pt1712) Pekan Subang Jaya USJ20 Mukim Damansara, Daerah Petaling
  47. 47. Pembantu Teknikal TechnicalAssistantNama : Syarifah Aziemah Binti Syed HassanTarikh Lahir : 15 September 1987Kelayakan AkademikAcademic Qualification2002 - 2003Civil EngineeringSek Men Teknik Kota Tinggi, JohorJan 2004 - Jan 2007Diploma in ArchitecturePoliteknik MerlimauPengalaman BekerjaWorking ExperienceJan 2006 – Mei 2006Das Azman Architects Sdn Bhd Pejabat Tapak, MelakaPengalaman Latihan Pratikal▪Banglo kayu di Batang Berjuntai, Selangor▪Kerja Pengubahsuaian Istana Tengku Long, Kompleks Muzium NegeriTerengganu.▪Masjid Parit Melana, Melaka▪Kerja Konservasi Lot 54 & 56, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Melaka.▪Rumah Raja Bilah, Papan, Perak.▪Masjid Kg Masjid Tinggi, Jalan Banjar.Kemahiran▪AutoCAD R14, 2002,2004,2006 (2D and 3D drawings)▪Adobe Photoshop (graphic & colouring)▪Adobe Premiere Pro (animation, video)▪Sketchup5 (3D & animation)▪Windows Movie Maker (animation, video)
  48. 48. Pembantu Teknikal TechnicalAssistantNama : Kalaimani A/L GanesanTarikh Lahir : 28 February1968Kelayakan AkademikAcademic QualificationI.T (Workers Institute of Technology) Diploma of ArchitecturePengalaman BekerjaWorking Experience1991 – 2009Das Azman Architects Sdn BhdTechnical Assistant1990 – 1991EA Architect Sdn BhdJunior DraughtmanshipProject UndertakenCadangan Membina Dewan Perhimpunan 3 Tingkat di atas Lot 6021,Mukim Batu Gombak Selangor untuk Divine Life Society. Cadangan Membina Sebuah Rumah Banglo 2 Tingkat beserta kolamrenang di atas satu ruang dek di aras bawah, Jalan Datai Barat BukitDamansara Kuala Lumpur. Cadangan Pembangunan 6 unit Rumah Sebuah yang mengandungi satuunit Rumah Sesebuah 3 Tingkat termasuk 1 Tingkat Lantai di bawah arastanah yang mengandungi kolam renang dan dinding pemisah, JalanChangkat Duta, Taman Duta Kuala Lumpur.
  49. 49. Pembantu TeknikalTechnical AssistantName : Ahmad Firdaus B Abdul RahmanTarikh Lahir : 19th June 1986Kelayakan AkademikAcademic QualificationJune 2009Bachelor of Science (Architecture) Part IUiTM, Shah AlamPengalaman BekerjaWorking ExperiencesDec 2007 –May 2008SAM Arkitek PerundingDesignerWork Description :• Designing Guard House, Shop lots and House, Preparing 3D images.• Gain knowledge on computer software such as Sketch Up and Autocad well.• Learn about design, function and spaces in buildings well.• Learn about discipline on working with people and time.
  50. 50. Pembantu TeknikalTechnical AssistantName : Noor Aishah Binti AhmadTarikh Lahir : 3rd May1986Kelayakan AkademikAcademic QualificationJune 2009Bachelor of Science (Architecture)UiTM, Shah AlamPengalaman BekerjaWorking ExperiencesAliran Cipta ArkitekTechnical Assistant2009 - ThesisTitle : Adaptive Reuse of Traditional Malay House to Homestay Dec 2007 – June 2008 Practical Training at Studioplan Design Partnership (SDP) as AssistantArchitect (trainee) 2007 - DissertationTitle : Factor & Effect Using A Shading Devices in Building
  51. 51. Pembantu Teknikal TechnicalAssistantName : AISHAH MOHAMMADTarikh Lahir : 13 November 1086Kelayakan Akademik AcademicQualification Nov 2004 – May 2009- Bachelor Of Science (Arhitecture) 1999 - 2003- Sek. Men. Darul Ehsan, Selayang-SRP – SPM 1992 - 1998Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina, Selayang Baru- UPSRPengalaman BekerjaWorking ExperiencesDis 2007 – Jun 2008Abdul Rahman Richard Architect PracticalTraineePencapaianAchievements2005 : First Prize in Regional Poster Competition2002 – 2003 (College) : Stage Design for Islamic Aspiration Week & forInterhouse Theatre Competition House logo & T-shirt Design2000 – Second Prize in District Arabic Calligraphy Competition, shortlistedin District Drawing Competition
  52. 52. Pembantu PeribadiPersonal AssistantNama : SARINA SAHIBONTarikh Lahir : 18 March 1973Kelayakan AkademikAcademic QualificationJan 2003- Jan 2004Diploma in SecretaryshipOlympia CollagePengalaman BekerjaWork ing ExperiencesNov 1996 – Oct 2006Admin AssistantSales DepartmentEON BerhadNov 20056 – April 2007SecretaryAdmin DeptRS Business Development Sdn. Bhd.May 2007 - June 2010SecretaryAdmin DeptSigma Jelas Eng. Sdn. Bhd.June 2010 – PresentPersonnal AssistantAdmin DeptArkitek Azman Zainal
  53. 53. Senarai PendaftaranRegistration List
  59. 59. SIRIM BERHAD