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Industrial Wireless Network Components and Equipment

A broad range of industrial wireless products delivers comprehensive solutions for reaching network devices, streamlining operations, improving productivity and safety, and reducing overall cost.

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Industrial Wireless Network Components and Equipment

  1. 1. End-to-end industrial networking solutions Control and monitoring infrastructure solutions for critical assets Visit the website to learn more about Eaton wireless and wired solutions Industrial networks
  2. 2. For more than 30 years, Eaton’s ELPRO products have helped companies in more than 80 countries improve the management of their assets and operations through more effective monitoring and control with our reliable and secure communications solutions. Eaton offers the industry’s most comprehensive industrial networking solution for wired and wireless networks. Our complete line of wireless, Ethernet switching and network management products delivers an infrastructure for your critical assets that is flexible, productive, safe and easily managed. Our industrial automation and connectivity solutions are used in a variety of applications in the water/wastewater, oil and gas, mining, chemical, pharmaceutical and solar industries. Streamline your business operations with solutions that connect remote sensors, actuators and instrumentation to mission- critical monitoring and control systems. End-to-end industrial networking solutions Seamless, fully integrated network infrastructure solutions comprised of both wireless and wired devices easily administered with a Network Management System (NMS) from a central location Benefits • Increase productivity at production startup, meet compliance deadlines and resolve ongoing maintenance problems.We help you gain insight into local and remote sites, conserving your resources and budget. • Improve safety by reducing or eliminating the need to expose workers to existing or potential hazards. Our solutions serve critical applications ranging from mine slope wall detection to safety shower alerts. • Reduce total costs with simple to complex wireless architectures, and over small or large sites.We provide wire-free economics while delivering wire-like reliability. 2 EATON Industrial networks 
  3. 3. Industrial wireless products Mesh 869/900 MHz Mesh 869/900 MHz Modem 2.4 GHz/900 MHz Data Acquisition System Gateway Mesh I/O products WirelessHART products Controller: Integrate and extend Machine: More throughput and uptime Sensor: Smarter diagnostics. Mesh Serial products Ethernet Ethernet Cellular Cellular Modem 2.4/5.8 GHz Modem 869/900 MHz Modem 400 MHz Network Management System (NMS) Modem 900 MHz Modem 150/220/400 MHz Managed Switches Modem 2.4/5.8 GHz Unmanaged Switch Modem Quad Band Modem Quad Band Gateway 400/869/900 MHz Control System Mesh 869/900 MHz Multi 150/220/400/869/900 MHz Gateway 900 MHz Expansion Gateway 2.4 GHz Data Concentrator 2.4/5.8 GHz One Way 869/900 MHz Information: Monitor and optimize Modem 900 MHz Modem 400 MHz A broad range of industrial wireless products delivers comprehensive solutions for reaching network devices, streamlining operations, improving productivity and safety, and reducing overall cost. 3EATON Industrial networks 
  4. 4. Ethernet switch portfolio ELPRO 5073E-T Managed Ethernet Switch Designed for the critical demands of industrial network applications and environments, the 5073E-T seven-port plus three-combo port industrial Gigabit Ethernet switch is easy to use and simple to install. Equipped with seven fast Ethernet ports and three combo Gigabit and fiber optic ports, the switch features an innovative self-recovery scheme enabling quickly quick recovery from ring network faults. ELPRO 1050E-T Ethernet Switch A five-port basic industrial Ethernet switch, the 1050E-T easily meets the demands of rugged industrial environments. Easy to use, the switch offers both DIN rail and wall mount installation options. Supporting Ethernet switching to 802.3 10Base-T and 802.3u 100Base-TX specifications, the 1050E-T features full- duplex performance plus flow control for maximum performance in unmanaged switch deployments. Features Rugged. Our Ethernet switches support the industrial temperature, vibration, and surge ratings our customers expect. Secure. Supporting proven protocols for port security and access control, the network can be operated with assurance that it is safe from unwanted data. Reliable. Our managed switches are designed to balance data traffic and recover from network failures quickly and easily. Our switches support SNMP for easy remote management, QOS (Quality of Service) to prioritize critical messages and self-healing ring technology enabling quick recovery from lost links. Flexible. Our Ethernet Switch Portfolio features a variety of managed and unmanaged configurations, delivering a comprehensive solution for device and control network connectivity. Benefits • Industrial and critical safety ratings support deployment anywhere in your plant. • Seamless,end-to-end connectivity from the field device or sensor to the control system. • Millisecond-level recovery of link failures ensures network resilience. • Safe, secure operation with access control and intrusion management tools. • Segregation of control traffic ensures prioritization for safe operation. • Seamless,easy deployment with our industry-leading wireless products and Network Management System. Industrial Ethernet switch family integrates Eaton’s wireless portfolio with critical assets such as PLCs, SCADA systems and intelligent devices A managed portfolio fully integrates with NMS to provide end-to-end connectivity and streamlined management of your industrial network. 4 EATON Industrial networks 
  5. 5. Network Management System Powerful, flexible and highly scalable, the Eaton NMS is a wireless and wireline network management solution that empowers your operations staff to plan, deploy, and troubleshoot any size network from a centralized location. Features Complete. Powerful, comprehensive solution for cost-effectively planning, deployment, monitoring, and troubleshooting wireless and wireline networks. Flexible. Create a dashboard view for performance status of all devices connected to the network, displaying exactly what you want to see. Visual. Map or topology visualization is automatically updated when network nodes are added of deleted. Reliable. Increase network performance and reliability with active network analysis and intelligent control. Benefits • Intuitive, easy to install, integrate and use. • Encourages proactive detection of problems before network outages occur, reducing impact on business operations. • Immediate fault notifications and the availability of key metrics and status information decrease fault resolution time and increase resource efficiency. • Distributed server architecture and network scalability enable monitoring and control of thousands of wireless and LAN-based devices. • Highest network efficiency with operational simplicity. • Security notifications in real-time if an unauthorized wireless devices attempts to access the network or if someone changes security settings. Control your assets Intelligent network management solution simplifies operations and reduces operational costs 5EATON Industrial networks 
  6. 6. Control Room LAN Extension Wireless Link Enterprise Switch HMIPLC Gigabit Ring Recovery Time 20ms NMS Conveyor System Tailing Ponds Sensor Sensor Sensor Water/wastewater As the leading supplier of industrial wireless solutions for water and wastewater, Eaton know that clients demand products designed for maximum device visibility and optimal operating cost. Across the globe, Eaton products deliver complete wireless monitoring, control, and networking solutions for water/wastewater systems that increase productivity and efficiency, reduce downtime, lower costs and ensure safety. Application Critical monitoring and control of a public water/wastewater system serving a large, concentrated population • NMS software • 900 MHz wireless radios with serial/Ethernet connectivity • Low port-count unmanaged Ethernet switches • Managed Ethernet switches/fiber rings. Mining In mining environments, network coverage and reliability can be hard to achieve while still controlling infrastructure costs. Our comprehensive solutions perform in the rugged, complex, and long-distance applications of the mining industry. We provide cost-effective solutions while delivering reliability for surface and underground mining operations. Application Monitoring, control, connectivity and visibility throughout an extensive mining facility • NMS software • Managed Ethernet switches/fiber rings • 900 MHz multi-I/O devices • 900 MHz mesh radios • 3G cellular modems/routers Reliable and secure wireless solutions provide more effective monitoring and control, improve asset management and streamline operations Solutions delivered Control Room Wireless Link Controller SCADA NMS PLC PLC PLC PLC PLC PLC HMI PLC PLC PLC HMI PLC Gigabit Ring 6 EATON Industrial networks 
  7. 7. Surveillance Control Center SCADA Gigabit Ring Recovery Time 20ms NMS Separation Plant Video Surveillance Wellhead Monitoring Wellhead Monitoring NMS Gigabit Ring 1 RecoveryTime 20ms Gigabit Ring 2 RecoveryTime 20ms Gigabit Ring 3 RecoveryTime 20ms Gigabit Ring 4 RecoveryTime 20ms Enterprise Switch Solar Collectors Redundant Enterprise Switch Oil and gas Oil and gas deployments require reliable, safe solutions with no margin for error. Eaton industrial networking solutions are found throughout oil and gas operations worldwide. Our products provide reliable, secure, robust communications the help customers improve safety without excessive cost, monitor and/or control plants/equipment and better manage operations over long distances. Application Monitoring, control and connectivity across gas wellheads • NMS software • 900 MHz wireless Ethernet • Managed Ethernet switches/fiber rings • Video surveillance via 3G cellular modems/routers Solar The rapidly evolving need to remotely monitor and control utility-scale solar power generating assets is driving demand for advanced solar monitoring solutions. Our full suite of products is optimized to meet the demanding requirements of utility-scale deployments, and is easily combined with site- specific services to deliver a best-in-class solar monitoring solution. Application Smart monitoring and connectivity across a solar collector field: • NMS software • Managed Ethernet switches/fiber rings • 900 MHz multi-I/O devices • 900 MHz mesh radios • 3G cellular modems/routers Automation and connectivity solutions enable applications for a wide range of industries, including water and wastewater, mining, oil and gas, chemical and solar 7EATON Industrial networks 
  8. 8. Eaton 1000 Eaton Boulevard Cleveland, OH 44122 United States © 2014 Eaton All Rights Reserved Printed in USA Eaton is a registered trademark. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. North America Latin America 5735 W. Las Positas Suite 100 Pleasanton, CA 94588 United States Telephone: +1 925 924 8500 Southeast Asia 2 Serangoon North Avenue 5 # 06-01 Fu Yu Building, 554911 Singapore Telephone: +65 6645 9888 Australia, New Zealand 9/12 Billabong Street Stafford Queensland 4053 Australia Telephone: +61 7 3352 8600 Europe Hein-Moeller-Straße 7-11 53115 Bonn, Germany Telephone: +49 228 602 5573 China 955 Shengli Road East Area of Zhangjiang High-Tech Park Shanghai, 201201 China Telephone: +86 21 2899 3600 Eaton’s wireless business