Research horror posters


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Research horror posters

  1. 1. Digital Media Foundations K1109528 Arfa ShahResearch:Horror Movie Posters
  2. 2. Main character in the forefront of the image Details of previous to link it in with the film and to also give the films made by the audience an idea of what the film is about directors/producers- (haunted house, possessed child suggests used to add to the supernatural horror. credibility of the film.Location is integratedinto the backgroundto set the scene andto also link it in withthe location of the Reviews of the filmfilm. again to give more credibility to the film and encourageDetails of the cast, audiences to watch it.director located belowthe title and tagline insmaller fonts, perhapsdone to promote the Title of the film positioned atfilm first, the makers the bottom of the page- allowsand actors second. the audience to focus in on the Tagline located below the title visual graphics of the poster. of the production.
  3. 3. Details of previous films made by the makers used again to Title of the film placed give credibility to the in the centre of the film. poster surrounded by a black background perhaps to add to the Tagline featured below mystery of the film. title in a small font to The title of the film emphasise that the itself is quite name of the film ambiguous, the colours should be in the centre and how much of the point of the audiences location is revealed mind. reflects that.Release date and website ofthe film positioned at thebottom of the poster insteadof the name of the actors, Logo of the productiondirector. house.
  4. 4. Details of previous films made by the makers, a common theme emerging to reassure the audience of the film’s credibility.Title of film on theupper centre of theposter. Placedabove the image ofthe killer in order toemphasise the killerand the child also Brief reviews of theemphasises that film to reassure thethe killer and the audience oncechild are central to again.the story of thefilm. List of cast, director, producers, production house, links to Twitter and Facebook page of the film at the bottom of the page.
  5. 5. A brief insight into the Location of the film inplot of the film- longer the background- thethan a tagline which poster reflects thesuggests that the movie.makers of the filmwanted their audienceto know more aboutthe film. Title of the project placed List of the actors, at the bottom- to directors, website and emphasise the location and production house logo the single character on the at the bottom. poster.
  6. 6. Common themes• Location of the film in the background.• Shot of one of the main characters in the forefront .• Reviews of the film- to reassure the audience.• List of actors, director, producers at the bottom along with website information, Facebook page.• Title of the film very prominent- centre or at the bottom.• Details of other films made by the makers.• Colours used are quite dark and grey, reflects the horror genre and the content of the film.
  7. 7. Poster for “Chaos”• Taking into account the common themes of horror trailer posters, below are some of the ideas I would like to incorporate into the poster for “Chaos”: – Location of the film blended into the background of the poster with the shadow of the killer at the forefront. – Place the title of the film at the bottom of the trailer along with the tagline below it. – Reviews of the film will be placed in the centre of the poster next to the killer’s profile. – Details of the release date- in the posters I analysed, only one poster had a release date on it but I would like to incorporate it into the poster anyway because it would make the poster more authentic.