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Shooting schedule


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Shooting schedule

  1. 1. SHOOTING SCHEDULEProduction Title: “CHAOS”Group Members: Daniel Dwumfour, Arfa Shah, Lobna Hassanein, Jessica Da Costa DATE DAY/NIGHT LOCATION SCENE DESCRIPTION CAST PROPS SATURDAY 24TH Afternoon Kingston University Nicola discovers a book in the Lobna Tattered book Library library that contains a curse NOV which, when read out loud, unleashes an evil force onto whomever comes across the book. She walks into the library, looks busy searching for the book and finds an old, tattered worn book. She finds it odd that such an odd book would be in the library so she Tattered book opens it. Laptop Bed Nicola is in her room, reading the book and researching Bedroom more about the symbol. Maria enters the room, jumps onto the bed and opens the book herself.Friday 30th Day Office To find out more about the Arfa Tattered book symbol Nicola comes across in LobnaNovember the book, Nicola and Maria seek out a leading demonologist who specialises in symbols and how they are linked to devil worship. The scene involves Nicola showing
  2. 2. Sofia, the demonologist, the book and asking for guidance as to what it means. Sofia looks panicked and scared, but continues to explain the symbol to Nicola Kingston University Establishing shot of the location of the trailer. A tilting shot of the university. Medium shot of Nicola Lobna socialising with friends to Zubair (extra) emphasise the equilibrium in Barrah (extra) the beginning of the trailer.Monday 3rd Night Woods Nicola is trying to use her Lobna Phone Date of woods scene phone to call for help. There is BloodDecember may change dependent no signal. Scene will involve on weather. Nicola desperately trying to get her phone to work. The killer drags Nicola and Nicola is screaming. A shot of the killer’s feet, his weapon and a shot of his black cloak dragging on the Daniel leaves. To escape from the killer, Nicola running and keeps on Lobna looking back. She trips over Daniel the dead body of Sofia, the Arfa demonology and the killer fast approaches. DAY OFFICE Re-filming of the office scene- Arfa Tattered book. scene was incomplete due to Lobna Workbook of the lack of time. demonologist.