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Improved script of horror trailer


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Improved script of horror trailer

  1. 1. Horror TrailerScriptScene 1: Library in UniversityDescription: Nicola walks on the street, smiling and being friendly to piers from University. Shesheading to the library.(Voice-over - We will figure it out)Editing: Slow motion and close up on her Nicoles face to show her facial expression which ishappiness as she greets people as she walks to the library.Description: As she enters the library,Camera: she will look up to the camera for 3 seconds.Description: Carries on walking to book shelf looking at some art books. She pulls a book out and thecurse book falls. (Voice-over of the demonologist and Nicola) Sofia: So I see you have found the book. Nicola: What book? Sofia: The book of chaos.Description: She blows off the dust from the book.Camera: High angle to show Nicola reading and flicking the pages through.Description: She seems very interested, she then stops at the chaos symbol in the book.Editing: Make the chaos symbol light up blue or red, to show power.Description: She puts her hand on it and slightly freaks out that she feels the power coming out ofthat symbol and that it is lighting red. (Voice-over) Sofia: (tells a description of this chaos conspiracy)Scene 2: Demonologists officeDescription: Sofia and Nicola talking about the chaos theory this time face to face rather thancarrying on the conversation with a voice-over.Editing: Quick Transition from the library to the demonologists office.Camera: turns 360 on the two characters as they talk. Speeds up turning for suspense.Editing: Shots combined together as it turns.Description: As they talk, camera will stop on Sofia, music stops to focus on the next thing Sofia willtell Nicola because it is important. Sofia: But you mustnt show anybody else the book. Or you will all be cursed.Scene 3: Nicolas roomDescription: Nicola on her bed, reading the book and at the same time she is listening to her ipod andher laptop on.
  2. 2. Horror TrailerScript Nicolas Mother: NICOLA! NICOLA, DINNER IS READY. Nicola: Okay. (Few seconds) Nicolas Mother: NICOLA! Nicola: OKAY OKAY! JEEZ!Description: She throws the book on the side of her bed. Music then starts to be creepy to build uptension. Book then falls over onto a page, that page has a description of a certain chaos that willhappen to the next person who will open the book on that page. (When Nicole leaves, the music thatwas played on her ipod can become a non-digetic sound, probably a metal song that has somethingto do with chaos).Scene 4: Outside of UniversityDescription: Outside group of friends, they see Nicola being fidgety and nervous. She power walks toavoid them so they dont get a chance to see the curse book.Camera: Close up on Marias face as she is worried about Nicolas behaviour. Maria: NICOLA (she runs towards her)Description: Nicola turns around, with a slight regret on her face as she sees her best friend run up toher. Quick transition to a different scene.Scene 5: Marias bedroomDescription: They both sit on the floor, Maria wants to know why Nicola has been acting so strangefor the past few days. Nicola had no choice but to open the book. Maria: So this is why youve been acting so strange. Nicola: Looks at her with worry. Maria: (laughing) please tell me you do not believe in this crap. Nicola: (about to speak, but she got interrupted by her mobile ringing)Description: Nicola answers, she then leaves Nicola and packs her bag. Maria goes downstairs toescort her. She runs back up and sees the book on the floor. She then throws it on her desk. She getsready to go to sleep, she gets her roserybeads to pray but her window opens up and she screams. Shethen quickly runs to open the window. She backs up, then the killer strikes his chaotic schemes.Editing: Fades out and into the next scene.Scene 6: ClassroomDescription: Nicola cries her eyes out in the class room, rages and leaves university. She walks to gethome, she has to go through the woods. Before she reaches there she becomes suspicious and keepslooking backwards. Camera shows footsteps of the killer, but she doesnt see.
  3. 3. Horror TrailerScriptScene 7: The WoodsDescription: Nicola walks in the woods and cries as she has lost her best friend. Sounds of footstepson dried out leaves and branches. Nicola looks back, she sees a black figure. They stay still.Editing: Smokey effect as they look at each other.Description: She then runs away, the killer walks behind her but he manages to catch up. Nicola thentrips over Sofias dead body and covered in blood. She looks back and he caught up with her, she pullsthe knife out of Marias body and runs away. She then hides behind a tree. (voice-over) Nicola: I promise, no one will see this.Description: Breathing heavily, then a blackout and Nicola screams. Dark figure (killer) walks off intothe woods.Editing: Smokey effect and slow motion till the figure disappears.