Character summary and costumes


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Character summary and costumes

  1. 1. Arfa Shah K1109528Digital Media Foundations
  2. 2.  A 19 year old art student. Nicola is stubborn, confident, outgoing, studious and has an interest in literature. She spends her spare time reading. She likes classical music, rock music and old history books. She has a mixed taste in fashion and likes mixing and matching looks- her look is that of a casual rock chick.
  3. 3. EXAMPLE Nicola has a casual style and a simple palette of colours. She likes wearing comfortable, casual clothes that don’t require much maintenance as she is very relaxed about her style.
  4. 4.  Sofia is a young demonologist who specialises in symbols and acts of occult worship. Occult worship is when followers gather together to celebrate supernatural powers and things are that outside of human understanding. Nicola turns to Sofia in order to better understand the Chaos symbol and its consequences. Sofia explains that the symbol is deadly and that anyone who reads the words within the book dies, including anyone who has a blood tie to the cursed. Sofia wears formal clothes and has a dark colour palette- she doesn’t wear anything that pops out and prefers to blend into the crowd rather than stand out.
  5. 5. EXAMPLE Sofia has a simple colour palette because she is more interested in her work than the way she looks. The deep red scarf is an important part of the trailer because the colour connotes to danger and death.
  6. 6.  The unnamed killer appears after Nicola read the curse. The Killer hunts down and kills all those who read the curse and anyone who has a blood tie to the cursed. The Killer wears all-black clothing which includes black trousers, black shoes, a black shirt and a black cloak.
  7. 7. EXAMPLE The Killer wears all black because it signifies death, darkness and evil. We aren’t going to be fussed over the type of clothes worn underneath because the cloak will cover it all.
  8. 8. The extras used in the trailer were direct contacts and onegroup member, Jessica. We used extras to add more diversityto the trailer and to also portray the various locations in itsnatural state. For example, a University is crowded andattended by students so we asked Jessica to act as a studentin the library and two of our friends to act as Nicola’s friendsin the opening.