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Film poster

  1. 1. Film PosterIn what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. Film Poster Definitions‘A poster used for advertising’ – Wikipedia‘There may be several versions, variations in regard to size’ – Wikipedia‘A placard or bill posted or intended for posting in public for advertising’ -‘Contains an image with texts’ – Wikipedia‘The text contains the masthead in large lettering and often the name of actors’ – Wikipedia‘It may also include the release date and the director ect in smaller text size’ - Wikipedia
  3. 3. Film Poster Forms + ConventionsThe title of the film easily visible for the audience to notice- on top of mainimage Can either be landscape or horizontal Colour scheme relates to the genre Date displayed clearly Main Image takes up the majority of page and is usually centred.
  4. 4. Film Poster Forms + Conventions In small text will include the actors names Websites film and movie logos Credits (Producer ect) shown in narrow writing usually at the bottom of the page Text is minimal as the image is the main attractionA slogan is displayed in medium sized text – thisgives the audience a feel for the genre and storyline
  5. 5. Film Poster Forms + Conventions Suits portray the upper classAnimation – relatesto the playfulness Slogan Slanted picture represents the coolBackground charactersdemonstrates thepoker in the film Main image displaying all main characters Red, white and black colour scheme Film title is top layer in bold text Actors names Credits (producer ect) Website for film More characters – expression helps the audience see what kind of character he is
  6. 6. Film Poster Forms + Conventions Small text Robert De Niro is3 actors names about storyline second main character Bradley Cooper is centre of the image – main attraction/Colour scheme character- multi Suits signify upper classFilm Title is ontop Blurred background relates to the storylineCredits (producer ect) Font is bold and sharp relates Film Slogan to the thriller genre
  7. 7. My Film Poster ConventionsFrom my research into real film posters, I foundconventional techniques that I would use. Whenplanning my film poster, I wanted to keep veryconventional. I felt I stuck to this very wellas feedback from my poster has said there wereno stand out un-conventional features…
  8. 8. My Film Poster Conventions 3 Main Characters Release date of Slogan taking up most ofColour scheme red, the film the pageblack and white Serious Image faded in expressions background to relate to the show poker side of thriller genre storyline Mise-en-sceneFilm Title bold (smart &across the poster sophisticated suits and dress) relates to the Actors names genre, thriller Bold text but slightly fun reflects the Film Website Credits (producer ect) playfulness (i.e transitions)