Research camera angles


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Research camera angles

  1. 1. RESEARCH: CAMERA ANGLES Arfa Shah K1109528 Digital Media Foundations
  2. 2. Why Research Camera Angles?• I decided to research the use of camera angles within horror trailers in order to best understand what kind of camera angles to use during filming and to also understand which shots to include in the trailer.
  3. 3. SINISTER Medium close up shot of the killer without revealing too much of his face. The shot itself is quite blurry which conforms to Barthess enigma code which is that all media texts contain a mystery which draws the audience in. Wide medium shot establishes the location of the story and trailer. The establishing shot is important as it allows the audience to establish a connection with the story and a sense of familiarity. By knowing the location of the story, it is almost as if the audience are right there; they are transported to the world portrayed onscreen.
  4. 4. Over the shoulder shots – establishes thepoint of view of the character.Medium close ups of objects of interests-allows the audience to see inside the worldof the character and makes the audiencefeel as if they are directly involved in thestory.
  5. 5. Medium close up of the mysterioussymbol- adds to the enigma code andadds to the audiences curiosity. Medium shot of the main character- helps to establish the character’s relationship to the location and to the story. For example, in this shot the audience can tell that character has recently moved in due to the empty room and boxes in the background and that the character is looking for a fresh start by moving to a new location.
  6. 6. The Exorcism of Emily Rose High angle shot of location/ wide establishing shot: The high angle shot of the location suggests that the setting of the story will be a dark one as a high angle shot usually suggests vulnerability . Medium close up of the main character’s face to introduce the character to the audience and to let the audience know who the story is based around.
  7. 7. Medium close up of the other maincharacter which is used to introduceall main characters to the audience.Medium point of view shot is used toestablish the character’s mindset. Inthis shot, it appears the maincharacter is seeing visions of demonicactivity which suggests that she isdisturbed and not in the right mind.
  8. 8. INSIDIOUS Medium shot of one of the main character’s is the opening shot of the trailer which is unusual for a trailer because the physical location is usually the first shot. Low angle establishing shot of the location comes second in the trailer. The shot itself suggests that the house will play a huge part in the story as it is presented in an eerie and disturbing way.
  9. 9. Medium shot of the family in their home-suggests equilibrium within the story, thecalm before the storm and it also includes allthe main characters within the story.Medium close up of the main character anda demon unveils more about the story andalso adds tension to the horror trailer itself.Also, the fact that the shot consists of thedemon hiding behind the main charactersuggests that the supernatural entity withinthe trailer is unseen and the plot of thestory is to discover how to capture it.
  10. 10. Ideas For Our Trailer• Include an establishing shot to set the story.• Medium shot of the main character and some friends to establish equilibrium within the story (Todorov’s narrative theory)• Medium shot of the main plot point- the curse.• Medium shot of the killer which is unclear- adds to the mystery of the story and conforms to Barthes’s enigma code.• Medium shot of the other main character (perhaps the demonologist, Sofia)• Close up of objects of interest the audience and make the audience question the relevance of the object.