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Goodbye Traditional IT Buying, Hello Web Scale IT - JR Rivers, Cumulus Networks


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JR Rivers, CTO and Co-founder of Cumulus Networks, discusses how the Gartner-coined term “web scale IT” has become an architectural approach that is shaking up existing enterprise IT. Deploying a web scale IT approach increases control of IT environments and reduces costs. With large cloud services providers such as Amazon, Google and Facebook reinventing the way in which IT services can be delivered, what are other companies looking at to emulate the architectures, processes and practices of these cloud behemoths? This session will cover:

How the open approach of web-scale IT frees enterprises to “best of breed” approach to suit their unique requirements, regardless of vendor or hardware, having a profound impact on the way they purchase and consume IT.
Why, because of this transition, companies are able to reduce their time to market for IT services, enable freedom of choice of infrastructure, and lower infrastructure costs.
How commoditization and standardization are reducing costs, while maximizing value. Using such architecture means lower CapEx/OpEx expenses and higher operational efficiency.
How the proliferation of web scale IT is challenging today’s cloud admins and architects to possess a different skillset than traditionally seen.
Speaker Bio:
JR is a co-founder and CTO of the company where he works on company, technology, and product direction. JR has been involved with networking since Ethernet only ran on coaxial cables. He’s worked on some of the most foundational networking products of their time, from early Network Interface Cards at 3Com through switching and routing products at Cisco. JR’s early involvement in home-grown networking at Google and as the VP of System Architecture for Cisco’s Unified Computing System both helped fine tune his perspective on networking for the modern datacenter.

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Goodbye Traditional IT Buying, Hello Web Scale IT - JR Rivers, Cumulus Networks

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