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Moving to Cloud for Good: Alexander Tsirel, HiveTec


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Moving to Cloud for Good.

Audience: Intermediate

Topic: User Stories

Abstract: Chase to be compliant when you work with gov systems.
– Planning your move from traditional infrastructure to cloud.
– Rolling out CoreOs and Windows in the cloud as a part of infrastructure. Tough journey.
– Security in Openstack. How we passed IRAP assessment to ISM. Always hard to explain why software replace hardware.
– Swift. Good and bad parts.
– When to complain about OpenStack or Infrastructure.

Speaker Bio: Alexander Tsirel, HiveTec

Senior Developer/Devops in HiveTec. Moved from Estonia to join a huge project about building software deeply integrated with government Employment Services. Specialising in infrastructure architecting, cloud automation, continuous integration.
Working on infrastructure scaling for resource-hungry applications grid bundling docker, windows server, swift in one in our mission critical system.

OpenStack Australia Day Government - Canberra 2016

Published in: Technology
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Moving to Cloud for Good: Alexander Tsirel, HiveTec

  1. 1. ALEXANDER TSIREL github @noma4i
  2. 2. What is Hivetec
  3. 3. Why Move To The Cloud? Success Story
  4. 4. I lied
  5. 5. Nobody likes Success Stories
  6. 6. True Story
  7. 7. No Future in On-Premises IT We have Cool Server rack. Every visitor will see how Enterprise we are! …spent a night in office to fix network issue in or infrastructure… Im IT hero! time for populism
  8. 8. New should/must controls from Government to comply with Firewall critical patch available Urgent need of resources complain about security
  9. 9. Im convinced a bit too old for that cloud
  10. 10. How about THIS Delphi 4, VB, Batch files logic Our personal Hell of old software
  11. 11. Talk with Cloud Provider Not every Cloud Provider is ready to help you Express your needs Usual reaction after our Tech Demo words don't come easy Every Cloud Provider want’s you to follow THEIR workflow
  12. 12. Showtime!
  13. 13. Main Track Tech Track
  14. 14. Configure Tableau
  15. 15. Configure Terminal Service
  16. 16. Fully Automated Tableau Setup
  17. 17. OK. Thats all about Windows What about other stuff?
  18. 18. Ruby on Rails Monolith 217375 LOC 34654 Commits 11 Servers 1 Really Old NetApp Every new Tenant = HOURS of preparation Deployed per Tenant Scaling Scheduled downtime to scale. Overnight works
  19. 19. • Automate provisioning • Automate configuration management • Prepare KVM images(Win) • Dokerize our app Plan:
  20. 20. Don’t Solve Every Problem With Provisioning Hammer can’t stop using hammer
  21. 21. Windows/CoreOs cloud story
  22. 22. Contact our Sales
  23. 23. Lots of Applications Even more to come
  24. 24. Windows Setup Happy Path Using existing Image
  25. 25. Windows Real World Setup Existing App As image
  26. 26. What about that scary Rails Monolith?
  27. 27. SHOWTIME
  28. 28. SHOWTIME 170 - Containers Scale to 230 under 5 minutes
  29. 29. Security in Openstack cloud story
  30. 30. Our 300+ containers 50+ Windows Servers
  31. 31. IRAP Assessor? CIS Benchmark? ASD Certified Cloud IaaS
  32. 32. Vault Systems: Securing Openstack in Line with the Government ISM and PSPF controls and how to deliver High Performance Openstack Cloud to address Government Legacy Systems like they are talking about us
  33. 33. WE DON’T CARE IaaS Customer is not in charge for security* - Cable management - Network auditing - Disabling Physical ports - Firewalls *most of it
  34. 34. Swift cloud story
  35. 35. Swift vs Fileserver Traditional way Easy adoption Future way Object Storage Insane speed
  37. 37. NOW AND AFTER
  38. 38. QUESTIONS? Alexander Tsirel