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Enabling OpenStack for Enterprise - Tarso Dos Santos, Veritas


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OpenStack offers many advantages for organisations building out their cloud environments, including flexibility and community-driven innovation. However, enterprises looking to deploy OpenStack in production typically find its storage management capabilities wanting from the perspective of management complexity and business resiliency. Enterprises are also challenged when it comes to ensuring protection of their data and providing the necessary performance – especially for their tier one applications. Meeting these fundamental needs is critical for enterprises to proceed confidently with their OpenStack deployments.

Veritas HyperScale for OpenStack is a software-defined storage management solution uniquely developed for OpenStack based clouds. It leverages direct attached storage (DAS) and provides enterprise-strength capabilities that enable robust, production-scale deployment while meeting performance and data protection needs. Learn how this innovative solution, coupled with other relevant Veritas offerings, solve the remaining issues around implementing OpenStack within the enterprise.

Speaker Bio:
Tarso dos Santos works as a Technical Account Manager at Veritas, directly engaging with customers to develop strategies, architectures and solutions with focus on Cloud – Openstack, Containers, Data Protection, High Availability and Compliance.

He has over 21 years in the IT industry architecting, delivering and positioning solutions such as private clouds, distributed systems, hpc, storage, and high available platforms.

Tarso has a great interest in distributed systems performance, and scientific organizations that push the boundaries of existing technologies, but also need to link these into the Enterprise.

Tarso in his life has enjoyed working in some of the most amazing projects ranging from mission critical systems protecting Australian lives, to IT infrastructure projects that are looking at the sky and discovering new planets out in the space.

OpenStack Australia Day Melbourne 2017

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Enabling OpenStack for Enterprise - Tarso Dos Santos, Veritas

  1. 1. “Enabling OpenStack for the Enterprise” Veritas HyperScale for OpenStack Tarso dos Santos Senior Technical Account Manager
  2. 2. The Veritas Portfolio of Enterprise Data Management Capabilities ProtectionInsight Availability Data Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC
  3. 3. Enterprise Vault &Information Map NetBackup NetBackup Appliance VelocityeDiscovery Platform Data InfoScale Availability InfoScale StorageResiliency Platform Data Insight Veritas Access HyperScale for OpenStack The Veritas Portfolio of Enterprise Data Management Capabilities File Classification Legal Disposition Unstructured Data Visibility Backup & Recovery Copy Data Management Software Defined Storage for High Performance Workloads Integrated PBBA Distributed File System Archiving & Retention Business ResiliencyStorage QoS for OpenStack SDS for Unstructured Data (Big Data, IOT, Video) Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC & Backup Exec
  4. 4. What are Organizations Looking For? Capability to handle mission-critical workloads Move away from technology lock-in Common platform for integration to take place Enable IT environments to be dynamic and fluid Get services up and running in minutes to hours Cope with seasonal changes with greater flexibility and agility Pay only for what’s being used Enterprise Ready Platform Agnostic Easy Integration Agility Speed Scale Cost Savings Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC
  5. 5. Top Business Drivers for OpenStack Adoption OpenStack User Survey April 2016 Source:, 2016 Public User Survey Link: Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC
  6. 6. What Challenges Do Enterprises Face Implementing OpenStack? How to Protect Cloud Workloads How to Get the Performance that Is Needed How to Capitalise on Cloud Economy With Storage  Lack of enterprise backup solutions  Existing solutions introduce noisy neighbor  Operational agility  Better Use of Servers Capacities  Noisy neighbours inducing over-provisioning  Get performance when needed  Avoid storage waste  Reduce HW investment  Enterprise resiliency according to real needs Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC
  7. 7. General Availability for Veritas HyperScale for OpenStack Software Defined Storage Designed for OpenStack Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC
  8. 8. Veritas HyperScale for OpenStack: Challenges Solved Data Management Without Overhead Predictable Performance With Quality of Service Resiliency & Cost Aligned To Service Level Needs  Automatic Point in Time Copies  Zero Impact Backup for OpenStack  360 Data Management  QoS parameters aligned to Tenants  Avoid noisy neighbour  Intelligent use of Flash close to the Instances  Resiliency defined by tenants  Reduce HW needs with new architecture approach  Leverage commodity HW Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC
  9. 9. • Efficient shared hosting • SLA variation per customer • Simple management • Flavours instead of silos • High IOPS guarantees per flavor • No back-up window necessary • Back-up as service available DevOps DBaaS cloud Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC
  10. 10. Issues with Traditional Software Defined Storage Inst Inst Inst Inst Inst • Storage Utilisation • Unpredictable Performance • Noisy Neighbour Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC
  11. 11. DATAPLANECOMPUTEPLANE HyperScale for OpenStack Architecture Advantages Inst Inst Inst Inst Inst • Resiliency by SLA • Compute Optimisation • Quality of Service • Higher Density Storage Data Protection Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC
  12. 12. COMPUTE PLANE DATA PLANE Resiliency & Costs Aligned to Service Level Needs Inst Inst Inst Inst D D Network switch Full Extend Flavours Properties  # Reflection Targets  MinIOPS & MaxIOPS  # Copies Reflection  Writes are protected according to policy definition  Keep full copy of Instance plus 15 minutes delta changes Episodic Data Sync  Deltas merged within Data Plane creating Point-in-Time copies for Instances PITPITPIT Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC
  13. 13. Predictable Performance With Quality of Service Quality of Service for Each Flavour Avoid Noisy Neighbour Accelerate Performance  Define minIOPS and maxIOPS for each flavor  Better resource sharing  Maximize IO utilisation  Avoid uncontrolled IO affecting other workloads performance  Allow instances to run anywhere without impacting performance  Use local SSD to accelerate writes  Provide data resiliency with low latency Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC
  14. 14. -10 4990 9990 14990 19990 24990 10 60 110 160 210 260 310 360 410 IOPS TIME (MIN) BRONZE 1 BRONZE Limit Max @ 1K GOLD Re-establish To 20K GOLD Min @10K – Max @20K SILVER Min @5K - Max @10K GOLD Max Raised @25K SILVER Re-establish to 10K SILVER Max Raised @ 15K BRONZE 4 BRONZE 5BRONZE 3 BRONZE 2 Total IOPS / Compute Node = 60K IOPS GOLD Impact of Noisy Neighbours Time IOPs Quality of Service Example Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC
  15. 15. Data Management Without Overhead DATA PLANE COMPUTE PLANE NetBackup Point in Time Copies Every 15 Minutes Zero Impact Backup for OpenStack Veritas 360 Data Management  Optimised copies available for recovery from the Data Plane  Launch new instances  Orchestrated Snapshots with timeline view  Data protected from Data Plane with no impact for running instances  Granularity to define what to protect and when  APIs for backup solutions integration  Out of the box integration with Veritas NetBackup  Simplify ecosystem investment and manageability  Future integration with VRP, Velocity & InfoMap Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC
  16. 16. HyperScale Data ProtectionDATAPLANE Point In-Time Copies  Automatically generated by Episodic Data Sync process NetBackup  Define what Instances protect based on Tenant, name and/or status External Storage Provider  Independent server to offload Instances images Hydra Re-Hydration  Provide data upon server failure  Live Migration  Instances creation Episodic Data Sync Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC
  17. 17. Integrating Storage Management with OpenStack Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC
  18. 18. Addressing an Open Source Market What is Veritas doing with Open Source Projects like OpenStack?  3 blueprints approved and implemented (Nova, Cinder, TripleIO)  3 new drivers (Nova, Cinder, OS-brick)  New Juju Charm for deployment on Canonical implemented  New TripleO template for deployment on OSP in progress  Robust CI for Cinder driver  Active participant and sponsor for OpenStack Summit and other local OpenStack conferences Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC
  19. 19. Summary: Veritas HyperScale for OpenStack Provides… Data Management Without Overhead Predictable Performance With Quality of Service Resiliency & Cost Aligned To SLA Needs “Enabling OpenStack for the Enterprise” Copyright © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC
  20. 20. Next Steps  Visit our OpenStack Day booth  For further information: