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'New approaches – Lightning talks mobile video marketing' - Sylvain Gauchet at at App Promotion Summit Berlin


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Sylvain Gauchet is the co-founder of Apptamin. He has been marketing and promoting mobile apps for several years and is passionate about start-ups and app marketing.
Apptamin provides app developers with great-looking promo videos, helping them show what their app is all about in seconds. The company also helps developers to make their apps stand out from the crowd by writing thorough and useful posts on how to promote mobile applications, and recently published its iOS App Marketing Guide

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'New approaches – Lightning talks mobile video marketing' - Sylvain Gauchet at at App Promotion Summit Berlin

  1. 1. Marketing an App Using Video APS Berlin – November 28
  2. 2. Video = Best thing next to trying the app
  3. 3. Show features/benefits, flow and user experience
  4. 4. Bloggers/Journalists
  5. 5. Bloggers/Journalists ” A video provides the quickest way to initially assess your app, letting [bloggers] know if it’s worth downloading and testing further ” Erica Sadun – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)
  6. 6. Google Play Store
  7. 7. App Store?
  8. 8. Mobile Ads
  9. 9. 15 seconds to show what an app is all about + CTA
  10. 10. Website YouTube & SEO Sharing on Social Media Awards & Contests
  11. 11. Discussion How to measure the impact of video when promoting a mobile app?
  12. 12. Discussion Measuring the impact of an app video on the Google Play Store
  13. 13. 1. Find 2 countries/languages with similar stats/behavior 2. No video for country A vs. Video for country B 3. Analyze the Google Play acquisition funnel
  14. 14. Discussion Ideas / Suggestions ?
  15. 15. Discussion Measuring the impact of a video ad on Facebook
  16. 16. 1. Ad #1 with video vs. Ad #2 without video (same picture in thumbnail) 2. Target exact same demographic 3. Analyze Facebook stats
  17. 17. Discussion Ideas / Suggestions ?
  18. 18. Sylvain Gauchet @sylvainww / @apptamin App Marketing Blog: