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Diego meller-jampp

  1. 1. diego@jampp.com App Re-engagement for Dummies by Diego Meller
  2. 2. diego@jampp.com So you have acquired some users • User acquisition on mobile is hard • Getting organic traction is even harder
  3. 3. diego@jampp.com By some miracle you achieve a large number of users that install your app… what happens next? This is the app you’re looking for…
  4. 4. diego@jampp.com Users don’t stick around • 22% of downloaded apps are only opened once • Only 5% of users continue using apps after 6 months I will never open your app again!
  5. 5. diego@jampp.com What can I do about it? An app that makes you want to use it again :-) Push notifications, e-mail, etc. I ANNOY YOU! Re- engagement campaigns. Hi there, I’m relevant. Click me.
  6. 6. diego@jampp.com What are re-engagement campaigns? 15 years ago on the web Banners would take you always to home page
  7. 7. diego@jampp.com Today on web… • Ads know what you’ve been looking at and searching • You see relevant content and increase CTR • Ads take you directly to the thing you are interested in. Stalked, I mean re-targeted.
  8. 8. diego@jampp.com
  9. 9. diego@jampp.com
  10. 10. diego@jampp.com Today on mobile • Every ad takes you to the “app home page” ! • Ads are not customised to the user search or browsing history OMG this banner is as dumb as this photo!
  11. 11. diego@jampp.com You’ll need re-engagement for m-commerce. By 2020, smartphones/ tablets will account for more than 75% of global e-commerce and more than 50% of spend. I can shop with my phone while I drink beer on my own!
  12. 12. diego@jampp.com So why am I not doing it? • NO COOKIES!! • No historic device ID and usage information • No way to systematically give info to re-engagement supplier
  13. 13. diego@jampp.com So how does it work exactly?
  14. 14. diego@jampp.com Re-engagement checklist • Track & Report Events • Deep-Links Enabled • Creatives for specific segments • NDA + Protect your data
  15. 15. diego@jampp.com Track & Report Events
  16. 16. diego@jampp.com Deep Links Enabled
  17. 17. diego@jampp.com Creatives for Specific Segments
  18. 18. diego@jampp.com Why do it now? • Decrease your UA spend • Increase conversions all around • Chase abandoned shopping baskets • Keep people engaged!
  19. 19. diego@jampp.com App User Acquisition and Re- engagement +3,000,000 App Installs in 350 campaigns every month+200 Billion monthly impressions We manage your entire app promotion and re-targeting process by planning, executing, tracking and optimising your mobile advertising across +150 networks, RTB Exchanges and large publishers. App Installs Re-engagement
  20. 20. diego@jampp.com Q&A @jampp