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A brief introduction to Appnovation Technologies

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  • Appnovation Intro Deck

    1. 1. AppnovationOverviewIain MacNeilDirector of Salesimacneil@appnovation.com778-862-5162
    2. 2. Appnovation isone of NorthAmerica’s leadingOpen SourceSolutionProviders.
    3. 3. Who we are. 100% Canadian Owned and Operated• Founded in 2007 by Arnold Leung, UBC Sauder School of Business• Privately held company with ~40 employees located in Vancouver• Hand selected, highly skilled, and 100% local delivery team• Broad base of customers across Canada, United States and the UK• Recognized as a leading edge Open Source Solution Provider• Focused on delivering Consulting Services and Application Development• Extremely competitive billing rates
    4. 4. What we do.Appnovation provides unparalleled expertise in creating Cross Platform Mobile Solutions Consumer Facing and B2B Websites Mobile Web Optimization Enterprise Document Management eLearning Platforms Corporate Intranets eCommerce
    5. 5. What we useWe specialize in the use of leading open-source technologies
    6. 6. Who we work withAppnovation is the only company in the world that is anAcquia Enterprise Select Partner and a AlfrescoPlatinum Partner. We are also the leading provider andsupporter of Sproutcore services.We work with major brands, government organizations,technology companies, advertising agencies, mediapublishers and not-for-profits.
    7. 7. Client ChallengesAppnovation has deep experiencein solving the common challengesfaced by many companiesseeking to develop leading weband mobile solutions.
    8. 8. Development ProcessAppnovation works with our clients to identifytheir specific needs to map out deliverablesbased on our process, then we create acustomized project plan for execution.The Appnovation development process is finetuned to remove inefficiencies and tostreamline project deliverables and approvals.
    9. 9. Development ProcessTraditional Waterfall Agile MethodologyDiscovery Iterative DevelopmentTechnical Planning Velocity TrackingInformation Architecture Product OwnersDesign Scrum MastersTheming Daily ScrumsBackend Development Short SprintsQuality Assurance Sprint DemosDocumentation and Training Test Driven DevelopmentMaintenance and Support Quality Assurance
    10. 10. Some of ourRecent Clients
    11. 11. WhyOpen Source
    12. 12. Why Open SourceOpen source technologiesprovide a cost effective wayto develop tier-one web andmobile properties,applications and intranetsproviding maximum flexibilityfor the client.
    13. 13. Benefits of Open Source Speed (modular  Long-term cost savings (little development) to no annual license fees) No reliance on proprietary  Ability to bring development technology in-house or to another Large and passionate development shop developer community  You own the solution and you Extensive library of modules own the code
    14. 14. DrupalDrupal is a free and open source Content Management system (CMS)written in PHP. It is used as a back-end system for many differenttypes of corporate and community websites such as: World Wildlife Fund MTV NBC Best Buy SymantecDrupal allows content producers and authors to publish and updatecontent on websites through a web based interface without havingtechnical knowledge.
    15. 15. AlfrescoAlfresco is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform capableof organizing, distributing, managing, and archiving an entirecompany’s asset base in a single repository for both internal andexternal use.Alfresco’s flexible open source Java based platform provides a secure,low cost integrated solution for the management of: Documents Images Web Content Audio and Video Records and more..
    16. 16. SproutCoreThe SproutCore framework was originally created in 2007 by CharlesJolley and his team at Apple. It is a critical building block for MobileMe,iWork, and now iCloud. After several years at Apple, Charles left to startStrobe Inc. which was recently acquired to Facebook.SproutCore is an HTML 5 and JavaScript technology that allows for thecreation of web and mobile applications across multiple platforms suchas iOS, Blackberry and Android. The application can be coded onceand deployed to every platform.
    17. 17. FeaturedSolutions
    18. 18. Canopy :A Drupal/AlfrescoIntegrated Solution
    19. 19. After years of deliveringEnterprise class Drupal/Alfrescosolutions, Appnovation workedwith our partners at Alfresco andAcquia to develop Canopy.Canopy provides our customerswith a no cost accelerator fordelivering Drupal/AlfrescoIntegrated solutions
    20. 20. Why Integrate? Integration Framework(Canopy) • Enables process AND presentation of contentAlfresco Drupal• Focuses on the processes • Focuses on the around content presentation of content #canopy #alfrescodrupal
    21. 21. Website Integration• Editorial process asset • Visual presentation and library for site content rich web features of site – Management of digital – Navigation, page assets such as articles, composition, social press releases, product integration, analytics, information, media, etc. personalization, etc. – Approval processes, – Performance publishing workflows, optimization, cloud Content auditing, etc. mgmt, support#canopy#alfrescodrupal
    22. 22. CanopyArchitecture
    23. 23. Canopy Stack#canopy#alfrescodrupal
    24. 24. Sample Canopy Services#canopy#alfrescodrupal
    25. 25. Architectural BenefitsSimple JSON REST API integrates easily into both Alfresco andDrupal. CMIS is available and used where needed.By replicating data between the 2 applications there are nounnecessary coding made to either applications data model or dataaccess model.Because each application can talk with its own database as theywere intended you get the full set of features of each application asthey are meant to work.There are many options in terms of scaling the application, forexample you can have a low end Alfresco implementation combinedwith a high scale large volume Drupal frontend and vice versa.#canopy#alfrescodrupal
    26. 26. WhyAppnovation
    27. 27. Why Appnovation?Aggressive thought leadershipActive contributor to open source communitiesCapable of driving digital strategiesExtensive technical knowledgeQuick and on-time delivery of all projectsHighly organized project and client managementDeep understanding of content creation anddistributionAbility to work as part of your team
    28. 28. Iain MacNeilDirector of Salesimacneil@appnovation.com778-862-5162