Losing the Document Battle? Alfresco, Drupal Combine for Solution


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  • I want to start by talking about two concepts to be clear about the focus of today’s webinar. The general discussion is about managing web content. As there are varied tools and strategies, Alfresco and Drupal both have ways to manage your complex content. Managing web content used to be about managing the visuals renderings and underlying code to present a site. Things that are referenced on this slide like Image files, videos, HTML content, style sheets and more. All elemental in serving up a good website. For today’s discussion, let’s call this web content management. Managing the nuts and bolts of a web experience. There are many tools out there to perform such tasks. Drupal as an engine does many of those functions well. And Alfresco with some partner extensions can play in the web content or also known as the web experience management arena. So we can handle this but it’s not the focus of the webinar today.
  • Today, we’re going to demo other kinds of content – not often discussed in the same way. Documents. Yes, boring documents. Not fun exiting video or cool images. But good old fashioned documents. Why? Because business runs on this sort of content. We call this business critical documents. Files that get shared and discussed and worked on by teams. Maybe a contract or an article or sales numbers. These are the sorts of things that most business people handle every day and need to manage in a more efficient way. Today, Ian will give an overview of how Alfresco connects to Drupal through a standard protocol called CMIS to create and manage your business documents. Drupal has many great features and modules for building sites. One of the areas that Alfresco helps is with the advanced document management capabilities plus the workflow capabiities so you can route and manage business processes easily.
  • So who is alfresco? ALFRESCO in ONE SENTENCE: An open platform … stands in sharp contrast to the mostly proprietary, closed platforms that dominate the enterprise today. In this presentation, we’ll talk about how Alfresco’s open approach drives more value for customers. With this open platform, Alfresco is focused on 2-related things: 1) Business-critical content management … Alfresco is about solving real business problems, where there is a real ROI on the solution… we are content and process experts. 2) Collaboration… in today’s world, the collaboration around content is often as important as the content, and is part of a business process.
  • The last slide is about what we do but this is our mission, we help companies do and share great work. The best way to discus this is to consider our key customers. On this slide, I show a screen shot of the MLK Digital Archives. We worked with several groups led by the JPMorgan Chase group to help present Dr King’s content to the world. This isn’t business critical. It’s actually more important – it is historic content that can change the world. The digital archive project has the task of digitizing over 8M pieces of Dr King’s content and presenting it to the world. There are speeches, pictures, handwritten notes, legislation and telegrams. The content is stored and indexed in Alfresco and presented in a beautiful Drupal front end.
  • We are focused in 2 key areas: what we call “business-critical” document processes, and collaboration. There are a lot of solutions out there that can store files or assist with collaboration. From SharePoint inside the enterprise to cloud-only players, storing files and simple document management is everywhere. However, when your business relies on important documents – like customer agreements, investor documents, legal contracts, invoices, employee or citizen records – we call those documents “business-critical”. Alfresco’s combination of rock-solid document management, workflow and scalability has been proven time and again to help streamline and automate these business-critical document processes, often saving companies millions of dollars and hours of productivity.
  • The second value is collaboration. Collaboration is the conversation around the business content. It is the ability to have teams co-create documents. It allows external teams to make updates. Collaboration with Alfresco realizes that this needs to happen anywhere on any device so we can scale out securely to cloud environments and present content on mobile devices. Alfresco is the only company that can truly deliver a secure, B2B collaboration experience where your enterprise content is safe, and under your control at all times. Cloud-only collaboration vendors offer limited control for IT, while legacy on-premise vendors have very little ability to control corporate content outside the firewall. Alfresco delivers a full mobile, cloud & on-premise that is integrated, secure and controlled by IT.”
  • And here are a few examples of the thousands of customers that realize these benefits. Two I want to call out today include Carson Rezidor resorts which use Alfresco for a document intranet for tens of thousands of employees. Content is controlled by IT and presented to users by roles within the company. Also Harvard Business publishing that uses Alfresco as a WCM engine. They publish their research from Alfresco and leverage our flexiblity and integration as they offer their content through their sites. Thes are a few but there are many more that can tell the same story.
  • Key to many and a main differentiator is how Alfresco is an open platform for content. That openness helps as you look to integrate your content into other systems like your drupal sites. We drive four main benefits from being an open solution: Performance with the ability to manage hundreds of millions of documents and hundreds of thousands of users Flexiblity with several deployment options from on premise to cloud to hybrid. Whereever your content needs to reside, we can manage Integration and the key message of today’s webinar. We integrate with Drupal, other social and web applications plus enterprise business applications. Value – being an open source product, we deliver more performance at a fraction of the price.
  • Losing the Document Battle? Alfresco, Drupal Combine for Solution

    1. 1. Losing thedocument battle?Alfresco and Drupal to manage contentcreation, collaboration and publishing 2/20/2013 Joe Tong, Partner Marketing Ian Norton, Sr Web Architect
    2. 2. About Ian NortonSenior Web Architect @ Alfresco•8 years web content management experience.•Maintainer of the Drupal CMIS API project.•Author Drupal CMIS project.•Alfresco.com, Partners, Alfresco DevCon
    3. 3. About Joe TongChannel Marketing Manager @ Alfresco•8 years software marketing experience.•Works with SI and Technology partners.•Red Hat, JBoss, IBM experience
    4. 4. Overview• Losing the document battle?• Alfresco overview• Use Alfresco to manage document creation, collaboration and publishing.• Use Drupal to manage displaying content online• Content on website automatically updated.
    5. 5. Managing web content
    6. 6. But also…
    7. 7. The open platform forbusiness-critical contentmanagement andcollaboration.
    8. 8. do and share great work.
    9. 9. Alfresco streamlinesbusiness-criticaldocument processesloan originationinsurance claimscustomer invoiceslegal contractsgovernment recordsemployee formsfinancial reportingrich media publishing
    10. 10. Alfresco enablessecurecontentcollaboration
    11. 11. “Alfresco provides us with a“…publish new content quickly, platform for retaining andpush ownership and responsibility managing our most criticalout to each publishing unit, and documents—student records.”provide total site control withminimal IT involvement.” “…staff can finally work together no“Users can easily search and find matter where they are and nothe documents they need and we matter what device they use. Wecan set controls to ensure that the can now easily share ideas andappropriate content is visible to collaborate. It was like going fromindividual users.” riding a bicycle to driving a Ferrari.”
    12. 12. The Alfresco difference isopen with no lock-in! Performance Flexibility Integration Value
    13. 13. Why Drupal?• Gained momentum in 2005.• 20,000+ modules (at February 2013).• Used largely on a LAMP stack, also works with IIS, PostgreSQL, SQLite.• Customers include eBay, The Economist & Cern,• Alfresco Partners, Forums, Team & DevCon.
    14. 14. Why Alfresco?• Founded in 2005.• Java based.• Customers include NASA, Fox, Saks Fifth Avenue, KLM.• Document management and business processes.
    15. 15. The Challenge• Accurate, up to date information on our websites.• Easy presentation management, ability to create web copy for non technical users.• Simple to workflow, collaborate and update documents.
    16. 16. Architecture (Alfresco.com) Alfresco employees Publish Alfresco Alfresco Web Intranet Instance CMIS Drupal
    17. 17. Architecture (DevCon ’12) DevCon Speakers Hybrid Sync Alfresco Alfresco Web Cloud Instance CMIS Drupal
    18. 18. Cloud Collaboration• Devcon speakers were external to the organization.• Using Alfresco Cloud they were able to share presentations via Drupal Devcon website.• No accounts needed in Drupal, all handled with one folder in Alfresco.• Updates to presentations automatically synchronized to DevCon website. 18
    19. 19. What is CMIS?• Content Management Interoperability Services• Common standard for content management services• Backed by Alfresco, IBM, Microsoft, Adobe, OpenText + more.
    20. 20. How we used CMIS• Create and collaborate on documents in Alfresco.• Drupal system user setup with basic view only rights.• Create a folder in Alfresco, map folder contents to a Drupal block or node as a field.• Demo
    21. 21. Demo• Demo shows how to add cmis content into Drupal content types.• Adding content in Alfresco,• Work-flowing content to approved stage, content is then accessible via Drupal front end.
    22. 22. Demo part 2• What happens when a document is removed• What happens when a document is edited, Google Docs amend an error on a document.• Available in Alfresco Community, Enterprise and Alfresco In the Cloud.
    23. 23. Tools Used• Acquia Drupal 7• Alfresco 4• Drupal CMIS API module (7.x-1.1) drupal.org/project/cmis• Drupal CMIS Views module (7.x-1.0) drupal.org/project/cmis_views
    24. 24. Setup$conf[cmis_repositories] = array( default => array ( user => admin, password => admin, url =>, ));
    25. 25. Summary• Documents up to date and accurate across our web properties.• Web site content and look and feel easily edited with Drupal.• Document collaboration and lifecycle handled via Alfresco.
    26. 26. Thank youAny questions?ian.norton@alfresco.com@iannort