Cq5 Development


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Cq5 Development

  1. 1.                                  Development   Offshore  Enterprise  Solu1ons  
  2. 2. COMPANY   Who  are  we?     •  A  strategic  Adobe  Partner  in  EMEA  region  since  2007.   •  An  Adobe  authorized  training  and  cer1fying  center.   •  A  founder  of  the  largest  Eastern  European  RIA  community  of  developers  (3000  members).       What  do  we  offer?     •  60  skilled  developers,  consultants  and  instructors,  most  of  them  are  Adobe  cer1fied.   •  High  quality  development  of    Adobe  CQ5  WEM  and  other  Adobe  technologies.   •  More  than  100  successfully  completed  projects:  on  schedule  and  on  budget.   •  Outstanding  communica1ons  with  clients:  use  of  Agile  development,  SCRUM  methodology,   and  crea1on  of  custom-­‐designed  communica1on  plans  that  are  perfectly  suited  to  meet  the   clients’  objec1ves.   •  Reliability:  FlexisUS  is  incorporated  in  the  US  since  2009.          2      
  3. 3. OUR  COMPANY   Achievements     6        years  of  successful  rela1onships  with  Adobe  Systems   60        highly  skilled  professionals     150%        yearly  revenue  growth  (CAGR)     3000        members  in  our  RIA  developers  user  group       We  have  helped          3  
  4. 4. COMPANY   Flexis  CQ5  Team     ExecuEve  Team     •  Artemy  Malkov,  CEO,  PhD  in  Opera1ons,  Adobe  Community  Manager,  Adobe  Cer1fied  Instructor.   •  Karina  Lawrence,  VP  of  Marke1ng  and  Business  Development,  MBA  in  Marke1ng.   •  Alexander  Gakhov,  CTO,  MS  in  Computer  Science,  Cer1fied  SCRUM  master,  CQ5  architect.     Developers   Team  Members  CerEficates     •  Project  Managers  and  SCRUM  masters   •  Lead  Developers   •  Architects   •  Developers     •  Admins   •  Testers  4      
  5. 5. HOW  WE  WORK   Remote  and  Distributed  Work     Reach:  It’s  a  challenge  to  find  highly   skilled  CQ  5  specialists.  However,   we  have  managed  to  create  one  of   the  best  teams  in  the  industry.  Our   specialists  possess  a  deep  exper1se   in  Adobe  technologies.       Flexibility:  We  listen  to  our  clients   needs  and  design  an  exclusive   communica1on  strategy  that  best   fits  our  client’s  needs.     Quality:  We  use  itera1ve  and   incremental  development  that   promotes  an  adap1ve  planning  and   encourages  rapid  and  flexible   responses  to  changes.    5  
  6. 6. HOW  WE  WORK   Our  communicaEons     With  the  client     •  We  assign  a  Product  Owner  and  a  SCRUM  Master  for  each  project.  They  are  always  available  for   communica1on  via  Skype  and/or  email.  The  Project  Owner  visits  the  client’s  site,  addresses  concerns,  and   creates  solu1ons.   •  Each  project  is  split  into  itera1ons.  (1-­‐2  weeks  long).  At  the  beginning  of  each  itera1on  we  meet  with  our   customer  and  discuss  in  detail  what  work  will  be  done  during  the  upcoming  itera1on.   •  At  the  end  of  each  itera1on  we  demonstrate  the  project’s  progress  and  analyze  the  feedback.     Within  the  team     •  We  are  conduc1ng  mee1ngs  and  track  the  progress  every  day.   •  We  solve  problems  in  order  of  priori1es.  We  respond  to  changes  quickly,  sustain  con1nuous  improvement   and  development.   •  By  the  end  of  each  itera1on  we    conduct  a  retrospec1ve  that  lets  the  team  see  what  succeded  and  what   needs  modiica1on.  6  
  7. 7. HOW  DO  WE  WORK   Success  Factors       •  We  are  always  on  the  leading  edge  of  technology  and  innovaEon.  We   use  the  best  standards  and  the  latest  technology  prac1ces.     •  We  use  the  collaboraEve  team  approach.  The  code  that  our  team  writes   is  available  for  review  to  all  team  members.  We  use  con1nuous   integra1on  servers  to  help  us  maintain  a  consistently  high  quality  code.     •  We  collaborate  with  our  customers,  implement  crea1ve  solu1ons,  and   look  at  the  Big  Picture.    7  
  8. 8. ATON  CASE  STUDY   We  helped  Aton,  a  successful    investment  bank,  build  their  web  and   mobile  presence     Technologies  and  plagorms:     CQ5,  HTML5,  iOS,  Flash,  Omniture  8      
  9. 9. ATON  CASE  STUDY   We  help  Aton,  a  major  investment  bank,  build  their  web  and  mobile  presence     Try  our  interac1ve  calculator    9      
  10. 10. CISCO  CASE  STUDY   We  helped  Cisco,  a  global  telecom  manufacturer,  build  their   analyEc  tools.       watch at Adobe TV Technologies  and  plagorms:     Flex,  HTML5,  Omniture  10      
  11. 11. E-­‐GOV  CASE  STUDY   We  helped  corporate  top-­‐managers  and  a  government  go  mobile.     Technologies  and  plagorms:     na1ve  iOS,  na1ve  Android,  HTML5,  AIR  11      
  12. 12. CQ5  CASE  STUDY   Our  experts  helped   to  implement  CQ5   for  top  global  brands    12      
  13. 13. WHY  US?   TesEmonials     I  cant  say  enough,  what  a  pleasure  it  has  been  working  with  you  on  this  project.  I  have  worked  with  many    external  contractors  over  the  years  and  have  never  had  a  project  go  more  smoothly.  I  do  hope  we  can  work   together  again  in  the  future.     Jolinda  Ketner,  Intouch  SoluEons  (Digital  Agency  of  the  year,  MedAdNews  2010)   I  have  had  the  dis>nct  pleasure  of  working  with  the  Flexis  Team  on  several  projects  at  Cisco  Systems.  Their   UI/Flex   experience   and   professionalism   are   always   a   welcome   and   a   great   contribu>on   to   the   Cisco   projects.   Flexis   has   crea>ve   sensibility   in   driving   the   crea>on   of   mul>ple   projects   and   they   have   a   strong   analy>cal   sense   to   make   sure   the   final   product   is   on-­‐>me   and   is   a   quality   product.   Working   with   the   Flexis   team   is   very   easy  and  requires  liIle  to  no  supervision…     Jennifer  Derr,  Insight  Global,  Inc.   We   are   very   impressed   with   Flexis   teams   ability   to   transform   our   vision   into   a   func>onal   applica>on.   We   are   very  excited  that  Flexis  will  help  us  scope  our  future  endeavors.  Flexis  assistance  in  this  will  be  of  tremendous   value   and   our   success.   I   trust   in   Flexis   teams   capacity   to   complete   all   outstanding   features   and   func>onality.   We  are  looking  forward  to  moving  on  to  the  next  release  and  future  endeavors  with  Flexis.     Director  of  Engineering,  Fortune-­‐500  Telecom  Company  13  
  14. 14. WHY  US?     •  We  have  a  deep  experience  in  programming  large  scale  projects     •  We  are  an  Adobe  Partner  for  a  long  1me   •  We  write  clean  and  easy  to  read  codes   •  We  find  innova1ve  ways  to  solve  complex  problems   •  We  are  a  detailed  oriented  company  and  we  maintain  fast-­‐1me  to  market     •  We  are  proud  of  our  work  and  offer  ongoing  support  to  our  clients   •  We  have  similar  cultural  values  and  ethics  with  Europe  and  the  US   •  We  are  easy  to  reach:    offices  in  Russia  and  the  US  14  
  15. 15. CONTACT  US                 Karina  Lawrence,  VP  of  Marke1ng   E-­‐mail:  info@flexisus.com   Тел.:    +1  (650)  678-­‐9657   Skype:    NewMarket3.0     Address:   4423  Fortran  Court,  Suite  131   San  Jose,  CA  95134    15