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Demystifying the Enterprise App Store


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Enterprise App Stores are getting high visibility. We now have Apple's Volume Purchase Plan (VPP) for business, Verizon's Enterprise App Store, and Cisco's AppHQ enterprise Android app store to name a few. If you are a business using (or planning to use) custom mobile applications and deploy them on smartphones and tablets of your choice, you need to understand your options.

Learn more about:

* Public app store solutions from Apple, Verizon, Google and Cisco and how they impact your business and employees

* Apple's VPP and B2B App Store program and how it can be used by developers, admins and iPhone and iPad end users

* Options to create a custom "Enterprise App Catalog" for your company using a SaaS (software as a service) solution

* Best practices for creating in-house enterprise apps to ensure that only authorized users can install and run apps

* Protecting sensitive data and securely provisioning, configuring and managing apps in a "Bring Your Own Device" world

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Demystifying the Enterprise App Store

  1. 1. Demystifying the Mobile Enterprise App Store Cimarron Buser !! VP, Product Marketing !! Apperian, Inc.
 The information and images contained in this document are of a proprietary and confidential nature.The disclosure, duplication, use in whole, or use in part, of the document for any purposes other thanclient evaluation without the written permission of Apperian, Inc. is strictly prohibited.© Apperian, Inc. 2010. All Rights Reserved.! 1!
  2. 2. Today’s WebinarTwitter: #EntAppStoreDirect Messages: “Chat Box” in Webinar SessionQ&A At the End of the Presentation Page! 2!
  3. 3. Corporate In-House Mobile Apps R U Ready? Page! 3!
  4. 4. Poll QuestionAre you creating in-house mobile apps today?53% of you have already started! Are you creating "in house" mobile apps today? No - Not yet 33% No - But planning to soon 14% Yes - Starting to develop now 17% Yes - Have built and deployed app(s) 36% Page! 4!
  5. 5. App Stores Galore Page! 5!
  6. 6. App Stores, Marketplaces, and Worlds Appsto re for A ndroid !Private Application Store for Business AppHQ Cius Page! 6!
  7. 7. Apple’s App Store – First and BiggestApple App Store   Consumer app focus   Over 425,000 mobile apps   Only authorized location for public iOS apps   iTunes account authenticated and billed   Apps and updates optional Page! 7!
  8. 8. Public Stores by Platform, Device, and CarrierApplication Store Type Description Apple App Store iOS Platform Consumer focus – Largest, most successful iPhone and iPad fueling growth Apple trademarked “App Store” (contested) Blackberry App World RIM Platform RIM device focused, 2nd largest in revenue Nokia Ovi Store Nokia Platform Nokia feature phone apps Google Android Market Android Platform The “Official” store for Android devices Amazon Appstore for Android Platform Amazon leveraging one-click purchase, customer database Android Windows 8 App Store Win8 Platform Only place for Metro Apps; will replace Marketplace Support both tablet and desktop Cisco AppHQ Cius Single Device AppHQ Manager for Cisco Cius devices Verizon Private Application Single Carrier Enterprise customer focused libraries Store for Business Page! 8!
  9. 9. Public Store Trends Current Situation for Public Stores   Market Size and Composition   $15B in 2011   Apple 9 out of every 10 downloads   Apple Rules the Roost   Consumer app focused   Revenue split 70/30 (model)   “VPP” Program provides bulk purchase model   Google Android stores growing fast   Big players: Google, Amazon   Niche players: Single device or carrier   Others: PocketGear, Getjar, … you name it …   Others   RIM, Nokia, Microsoft … not much traction Page! 9!
  10. 10. Volume Purchase Program (VPP) Page! 10!
  11. 11. Apple VPP Overview ✓ A Method to Bulk Purchase apps 1.  Companies can find, buy and distribute iTunes apps 2.  Companies can buy and distribute Custom B2B Apps Apperian, Inc. - Proprietary and Confidential Page! 11!
  12. 12. Case Study for VPP: Large Corporation App self-serve model for employee empowerment •  Employees purchase own devices (BYOD) •  Employees choose own applications to use Today •  Allows employees to install branded App Catalog for access to apps •  Uses Microsoft Exchange / Active Directory for security policy and basic device management Desire •  VPP solution to support bulk distribution of apps Apperian, Inc. - Proprietary and Confidential Page! 12!
  13. 13. VPP & Custom B2B Apps Custom B2B Apps Overview • VPP: new method for companies to distribute non-App Store apps • Companies connect with a developer and agree on a price • Companies determine best method to distribute app VPP Method •  Developer sets price (minimum $9.99 per user per app) •  Company provide developer with VPP email address •  Developer submits app to iTunes Connect (for VPP) •  Developer sets up test data for Apple to use •  Apple reviews app or new versions, then approves •  Apple notifies developer of approval •  Company purchase the custom B2B app at VPP websiteIDEP Method •  Company obtains iOS Developer Enterprise Program license •  Company obtains app from developer (unsigned) •  Company signs app with IDEP credentials & distributes Apperian, Inc. - Proprietary and Confidential Page! 13!
  14. 14. Apple VPP Overview ✓ Need: Mobile Application Management •  Centrally manage and report on VPP codes •  Target specific users or departments •  Support corporate and individually owned devices •  Support all types of iPhone and iPad users Apperian, Inc. - Proprietary and Confidential Page! 14!
  15. 15. Mobile Application Management Page! 15!
  16. 16. The Challenge: Mobile Computing for Business Users Why can t you IT make business How do I apps like this? deploy and Dev manage Where do Apps? I start?  Consumerization of IT   Need a solution now!  Single personal/work device   Security is still #1  Increased mobility   Need App “starter kit”   Have to mobilize workforce   Minimal IT Apple or Android experience   Smartphone SDKs not built for enterprise Page! 16!
  17. 17. The Solution: Mobile Application Management! Enterprise App Services Environment  Secure, private catalog Private, branded  Enterprise licensed App Catalog  Multi-platform  Multi-app install  Self-service or IT Push  Identity-based provisioning  Reporting/Analytics Enterprise Apperian, Inc. - Proprietary and Confidential Page! 17!
  18. 18. Apperian’s Support for VPP!  VPP App Support   Administrators upload VPP Spreadsheet   VPP Apps can be assigned by Group   System manages VPP Code redemption by User   All licenses provided on “as needed” basis  Reporting/Analytics Private, branded   Full reporting on VPP Code usage by App and User App Catalog   Inventory Alert: Low Watermark generates alert  End-User Experience   Full app information   “REDEEM” button Enterprise Apperian, Inc. - Proprietary and Confidential Page! 18!
  19. 19. Adding VPP Apps! Import of VPP spreadsheet Apperian, Inc. - Proprietary and Confidential Page! 19!
  20. 20. Reporting on VPP Apps! Apperian, Inc. - Proprietary and Confidential Page! 20!
  21. 21. Contact ResourcesContact:Web: http://www.apperian.comBlog: http://blog.apperian.comTwitter: @apperianPhone: (800) 862-0511Contact: Application Management: VPP Volume Purchase Program Guide: Apperian, Inc. - Proprietary and Confidential Page! 21!