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Project 4


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Project 4

  1. 1. Prolific Entertainment Goes Mobile Dwight ChurchillProject 4: Fundamentals of Web Design
  2. 2. UsageMobile usage, currently, is about 15MB a day from the average user.In the year 2020, at this rate, the daily usage will be an estimated1GB a day.Video calling, Nokia says, will be a huge chunk of what the dailyuser will use
  3. 3. Mobile’s Impact on Web DesignWeb design is being constantly pushed into conforming to thesmall constraints of a mobile deviceTablet’s are also, even though still young, influencing a brandnew market of web designContent is prioritized, navigation is vertical, footers change,phone use is integrated, and personalized searches now work.
  4. 4. Prolific Entertainment’s New Look Design for mobile and tablet devices is becoming necessary in this new Internet age. Prolific should prioritize their content for the mobile site. What does someone look for on Prolific’s site, when their on a mobile device?Examples:The companies locationresumes aren’t necessary, but lists of clients may work better.
  5. 5. Bad ExamplesHere is a link to the Top 5 Worst Websites, when accessed by amobile device
  6. 6. Great Mobile Site Example II uses great ways to show their content on a mobiledevice
  7. 7. Prolific EntertainmentMobile devices are growing with entertainment companiesYou will want to get your information out there for everyone,especially when they’re searching.When using a mobile device, they will want to be able to accessProlific’s site fast, and efficiently.
  8. 8. Mobile Device’s and Owner Stats
  9. 9. The FutureWith a growing company, Prolific Entertainment should growwith the massesMobile is the future, as statistics show, the numbers areclimbing, which we believe is a great reason can make Prolific’snumbers climb.
  10. 10.