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Talent Acquisition Best Practices Process Map

Talent Acquisition Best Practices Process Map

  1. 1. Stanton Chase International Presented by Stanton Chase Chicago
  2. 2. Talent Acquisition - Best Practices Stanton Chase is distinct among today’s Executive Soft Search firms in that we view Qualify Assessment the talent acquisition process Candidate Development C.A.T. Coordination as an ongoing strategic PROGRAM MANAGEMENT CLIENT MANAGEMENT CLIENT MANAGEMENT initiative Research Expediting Our focus is on mid and Engagement Best Feedback Refinement Practices senior level management Program Negotiations & positions with an objective of Assessment Administration attraction, assessment, and Program Offer acquisition as a top business Launch Talent & Close Talent process imperative. Acquisition Relationship Management
  3. 3. Best Practices - Talent Acquisition Consulting Best Practices begin by embracing the philosophy that talent acquisition is an ongoing process. Engagement At the commencement of each Refinement engagement Stanton Chase guides a detailed talent pursuit exercise. Program Assessment This process for each engagement is initiated with a Talent Detail Document specific to that position. Program Launch Additionally, a detail competitive landscape review with specific executives identified is performed
  4. 4. Talent Acquisition Consulting - Program Launch A qualitative overview of the program that includes defining the scope, establishing the structure, designating the key players, and Engagement establishing the deliverables. Refinement We work with our clients to build and communicate a clear understanding of the Program necessary process for hiring the best possible Assessment talent. • Process Review • Culture Overview Program Launch • Values Overview • Program Timeline Established • Assignment of Responsibilities • Technology Integration • Metrics Review and Monitoring
  5. 5. Talent Acquisition Consulting - Program Assessment A thorough process that builds awareness of your firm and its talent needs, challenges, values, and organization dynamics. Engagement The detailed Guidebook process allows a mutual Refinement understanding that defines the talent acquisition process. Program • Audit Workforce Plan Assessment • Perception Survey (EVP-EOC) • Current Staff Assessment • Position Reviews Program • Candidate Acquisition Teams (CAT) Launch Assignments • Compensation Benchmarking • Core Competencies Review • Talent Marketing Strategy Review • Establish Initial Action Plan
  6. 6. Talent Acquisition Consulting - Engagement Refinement For each engagement, we work with our clients to develop a Talent Detail Document (TDD). Commencing with Engagement Research, this guides our attraction, Refinement assessment, and acquisition of talent. • Talent Detail Document (TDD) Program Development & Review Assessment • Develop Competitive Research Strategies • Deploy Web Marketing Strategies Program Launch • Set Engagement Goals and Timeline • Define Must-Have and Desirable Selection Criteria • Refine CAT Assignments
  7. 7. Best Practices - Talent Attraction Each engagement is custom-built/handled uniquely which incorporates our extensive network, current database, and custom competitive research to insure that we have presented our client’s opportunities to all Candidate relevant candidates in the marketplace. Development • Research Project Document (RPD) is Created and Defined Research • Keyhires-based Engagement Monitoring • Scripted Introduction of Position to Set Pool of Candidates
  8. 8. Talent Attraction - Research For each engagement, we work with our clients to develop a Research Project Document (RPD) which defines the research sources we will employ to mine our current database, subscribed- to databases, and to generate new candidates from competitors. Candidate Development We then identify and refine data, deploy research, and offer an initial sampling of candidates specific to the needs of each engagement. • Fundamental Industry Research (IRP) Research • Research Principal Competitors (CRP) • Development of Research Project Document (RPD) • Internet Research Strategies • Primary and Secondary Competitor Mapping • Research Data Verification and Refinement • Initial Candidate Sampling
  9. 9. Talent Attraction - Candidate Development This phase initiates discussions between our consultants, candidates, and clients that result in a refined search process and sustained candidate relationships. Candidate • Candidate Development and Screening Development • Employer of Choice (EOC) Deployment • Candidate Research Feedback • Sustained Talent Relationship Research Management Strategies (Keyhires) • Market Perceptions Feedback • Candidate Perception and Motivations Analysis • Ongoing Talent Relationships Established and Maintained
  10. 10. Best Practices - Talent Assessment Proper assessment leads to a higher quality potential hire. We transform the pool of qualified professionals identified via our research Soft Assessment process to a short list of highly-qualified Qualify candidates appropriate to the needs of your firm.
  11. 11. Talent Assessment – Soft Quality Once the Talent Detail Document (TDD) is completed, refined, and authorized by the client, we define a pool of candidates that initially qualify for the position based on the intersection of their professional Soft Assessment backgrounds and the skills specified in the Qualify TDD. Our goal is that these candidates meet 80% of the requirements outlined in the TDD. • Discussion of Candidates’ Motivations • Initial Assessment Commentary • Continuous Calibration Process • Standardized Ten Question Assessment
  12. 12. Talent Assessment – Assessment Once a candidate meets the initial criteria for the position as defined in the TDD and our client indicates an interest in pursuing them further, we complete a thorough, person-to-person assessment that goes beyond a review of their professional qualifications to create a clear picture of the candidate’s Soft Assessment appropriateness as determined by the Stanton Chase Qualify team. • Complete Candidate Assessment Document (CAD) • Extensive Person-to-Person Candidate Interaction • Informal Reference Checks • Current Compensation Package (CW) • Keyhires-Based Presentation of Candidates • Determination of Interviews • Calibration Discussions We then present the top candidates to the client and determine those that are appropriate to interview.
  13. 13. Best Practices - Talent Acquisition We maximize the effectiveness of each interview opportunity through careful coordination and optimization of the C.A.T. Coordination client and candidate experience. Constant communication with our client Expediting and key candidates insures that each phone conversation and face-to-face Feedback meeting has a productive outcome. Negotiations & Administration Offer & Close
  14. 14. Talent Acquisition – C.A.T. Coordination The Candidate Assessment Team (CAT) is a collaborative effort by Stanton Chase, the client Human Resources team, and client hiring C.A.T. managers that results in a well-orchestrated Coordination interview process that keeps the candidate engaged, challenged, and qualified. Expediting The facilitation of an interview process in which each interviewer focuses on a different aspect of Feedback candidate qualification allows for an in-depth picture of the candidate to emerge. Negotiations & • Deploy Stanton Chase’s Eight Interviewing Administration Objectives Offer • Interview Training and Custom Questionnaire & Close Deployment • Assign Interviewing Objectives to C.A.T. Members • C.A.T. Members Post-Interview Debriefs
  15. 15. Talent Acquisition - Expediting Stanton Chase eases the stress of interviewing candidates and insures a smooth process. C.A.T. Coordination We alleviate many of the “headaches” associated with interviewing by facilitating Expediting all logistical aspects including: • Communication with Candidates and Interviewers Feedback • Implementing Travel Plans Negotiations & Administration • Directing Transportation To and From the Interview Offer & Close • Meeting Coordination
  16. 16. Talent Acquisition - Feedback We seek ongoing feedback from our clients and candidates to insure that our deliverables match their expectations. C.A.T. Coordination By consistently reviewing the process at the close of each engagement, we are able to address ongoing talent acquisition needs and strategies. Expediting At the conclusion of each engagement, we offer immediate feedback regarding talent acquisition best practices. Feedback • Report Metrics Negotiations & • Review Processes and Activities with Senior Administration Management Offer • Assess Candidate Acquisition Team (CAT) & Close Performance • Refinement of Approaches and Strategies • Candidate Feedback (Candidate Debriefs) • Review of Research and Competitor Mapping
  17. 17. Talent Acquisition - Negotiations & Administration Stanton Chase facilitates all logistical aspects of composing an offer to the candidate on behalf of clients, resulting in C.A.T. Coordination a 80% or higher offer-to-acceptance ratio. • Review Compensation Worksheet (CW) Expediting with CAT Members • Facilitate Relocation Package, When Feedback Applicable Negotiations & • Candidate and Client Expectations Administration Management Offer & Close • Facilitate Client Presentation of Compensation Package
  18. 18. Talent Acquisition – Offer & Close Proper coordination during this critical phase of the process should facilitate a win- win for candidates and clients. C.A.T. Coordination Stanton Chase is involved in every aspect of the Offer and Close including: Expediting • Foreseeing Any Challenges to Candidate Acceptance Feedback • Timely Extension of Official Offer Negotiations & Administration • Review and Negotiation of Counter- Offer, When Applicable Offer & Close • Agreement to Close by Candidate and Client
  19. 19. Best Practices - Keyhires TM TM Acquiring your company’s Keyhires requires a deep understanding and firm commitment to the talent acquisition process. Strategy, process improvement training, and continuous self- evaluation are all key components to win the “War for Talent.” Talent Talent Relationship Acquisition Management
  20. 20. Keyhires - Talent Relationship Management TM We insure that our clients are competitively positioned to attract, acquire, and retain the best possible talent by identifying the right candidate for the right position at the right company • Continuous Talent Acquisition Process Improvements • Regular Communications With Top Talent Talent Talent • Periodic Talent Message Management Acquisition Relationship • Candidate Acquisition Team (CAT) Management Reviews • Review and Analysis of Metrics • Regular Review of EOC Branding Strategies
  21. 21. Keyhires - Talent Acquisition TM In order to maximize your return on investment in the talent acquisition process, we continuously work with our clients to understand how the industry and candidates perceive their company. Periodic review of the Program Launch Guidebook heightens the awareness of the importance of talent acquisition as a top business initiative. • Workforce Planning Talent Talent Relationship • Industry Perception Management Acquisition Management • Sustained Talent Sales and Marketing Strategies • Refine Employee Value Proposition (EVP) • Continuous Talent Acquisition Process Improvement Training

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