Linkedin Analytics Week 11 MKT 9715 baruch mba program Prof Marshall Sponder


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This LinkedIn Analytics presentation is part of my MBA class at Baruch College that I teach on Monday nights -- MKT 9715 - I will also be teaching the undergrad class next semester as well as the graduate class.

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Linkedin Analytics Week 11 MKT 9715 baruch mba program Prof Marshall Sponder

  1. 1. LinkedIn Analytics MKT 9715 Marshall Sponder
  2. 2. LinkedIn's growth is expanding rapidly and pretty much on a steady slope
  3. 3. Revenue is growing the most from Talent Solutions but also from people like me who have bought Premium Services at up to 100.00 per month (mine) LinkedIn generated $393 million in revenue in the third quarter 2013. Revenue from LinkedIn's recruiting tools, which it refers to as "Talent Solutions," grew 10% over the previous quarter, and remains the company's largest money-maker.
  4. 4. LinkedIn's usage (when members use the site - how deeply do they engage) has also tripled in the last 3 years this is from Excel Spreadsheet that is downloadable from BI
  5. 5. Social Media Demographics of Linkedin LinkedIn is preferred for professional social media activities. It has the advantage of being the place for white-collar professionals to network, meaning its population is highly desirable since it is a high-income and highly educated user base. LinkedIn members are becoming more and more engaged, viewing 63% more pages on the mobile and desktop versions of the site in 2013's first quarter than during the same quarter in 2012, according to Daniel Roth, LinkedIn's executive editor. As more users linger on LinkedIn to consume content, business-to-business marketers have a real chance to gain a slice of that attention, and to do so in a context that's primed for professional connections, and populated by business decision-makers. According to Quantcast, 61% of LinkedIn's users are male, and they are more educated than the average Internet user in the U.S. Ethnically, LinkedIn is very lopsided, as 80% of its users were identified by
  6. 6. Marketing Efforts And Increase Sales work better if Sales person uses Social Media | LinkedIn • 24% of salespeople using social media said they exceeded their sales quotas in 2012, compared to 19% of non-users, according to a survey of 511 sales professionals. • Out of the 21.7% of sales people who do not use social media, the largest number (45% of the non-users) said they didn't because they don't understand it. And among all the respondents, 75% said they were given no training in the effective use of social media. • If there is a single social platform sales people should understand how to use, it's LinkedIn. The power of LinkedIn as a sales tool is rooted in the access it provides to information about professionals — where they work, what type of job they have, and who they know. • Senior decision-makers are a tough group to get through to, but LinkedIn makes it easier to identify and contact those sales targets. content=link&utm_campaign=BIIMobile
  7. 7. Incoming traffic to LinkedIn from Sept 2013
  8. 8. LinkedIn Traffic - Sept 2013 The biggest chunk of traffic is people directly going to LinkedIn - fairly unusual to have so much direct traffic coming to a site.
  9. 9. LinkedIn drove the Professional Networking segment ( and accounts for it's 25% rise Y2Y from last year
  10. 10. LinkedIn’s Mobile Future: 22 Percent Of Visitors Are Mobile, In-Stream Ads Coming? | TechCrunch Over a year ago 22% of the usage of LinkedIn came from mobile devices – Mobile accounted for 38% of unique visiting members" in the third quarter, which means 70 million unique visitors accessed the site on mobile devices according to LinkedIn's own data.
  11. 11. Leveraging Data: LinkedIn Recruiter Jobs and Talent Pool Analysis |... Data can strengthen your recruiting success. Linkedin found (based on internal data) some surprising results on how often Data Analytics is used in the recruiting talent industry
  12. 12. The Big Data Analytics Ecosystem at LinkedIn LinkedIn has several data driven products that improve the experience of its users -- whether they are professionals or enterprises. Supporting this is a large
  13. 13. LinkedIn's Data Drive Products and Insights Overview of the various components of this ecosystem which are: Hadoop - Teradata - Kafka - Databus - Camus Lumos
  14. 14. LinkedIn Members can access these products by default All the products on this slide are active in all profiles by default...
  15. 15. LinkedIn Enterprise Solutions include Recruiting, Education Search, Ads and Sales
  16. 16. The Big Data Analytics Insights that can be derived from LinkedIn data From a Business Insights perspective the LinkedIn data can be distilled into actionable insights because it's already so structured.
  17. 17. LinkedIn can provide custom analytics such as the migration of workers from one company to another - but these are not yet available to marketers as an industry turnkey solution
  18. 18. LinkedIn is run mainly on an Oracle Cloud backend
  19. 19. Linkedin on Linkedin Social Marketing Create a Attract an Engage Presence Audience with Content • Company Page • Targeted Media • Status Updates • Groups • Followers • Content Ads AMPLIFY Followers, Status Updates, Plugins, Sharing, Recommendation Ads ANALYZE AND REFINE Data, Insights and Analytics
  20. 20. Linkedin on Linkedin Social Selling Find Right Know What Navigate Person to Say Best Path • Adv. Search • Insights • Networks • Groups & Signals • Updates/Signals • TeamLink AMPLIFY Followers, Status Updates, Plugins, Sharing, Recommendations ANALYZE AND REFINE Dashboards, Insights
  21. 21. Linkedin on Linkedin Linkedin must have developed a "Social Selling Index" that provides competitive industry context to Social Sales activities - very interesting and not many know about this yet.
  22. 22. Linkedin on Linkedin Linkedin also developed a "Social Proximity Index" that does some "automated rules prospecting" based on first, second and third degree relationships. Again, these are tools that most users aren't aware of - weird.
  23. 23. Social Selling Index Discover how well your company stacks up! Discover how well your company stacks up! LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index is a first-of-its kind measure that ranks company utilization of LinkedIn as a social selling tool. Gain visibility into your company’s activities, uncover new opportunities, and benchmark yourself against peers and competitors.
  24. 24.
  25. 25. LinkedIn can find the best markets to recruit in
  26. 26. he ability to view over 200 million accounts that are highly structured makes charts such as this a breeze for LinkedIn to produce Find more Talent Pool Reports:
  27. 27. At we used use Web Analytics to do what LinkedIn now easily does with their "Big Data" While these maps look similar to what Google Analytics provides for web traffic, in reality the charts are much closer to what used to strugle to produce with Visual Sciences (now Adoble Site Catalyst) mashing up several million records (qualitiative data) with sophisticated site analytics to produce gap analysis that were unparalled at the the time (5 years ago).
  28. 28. Linkedin does skills analysis for specific job
  29. 29. Talent Pool Report Brand Strategy & ManagementLinkedin is able to produce hiring intelligence equal to or superior to what or did In a study involving 247,600 LinkedIn members • 24,780 recent grads have joined the workforce • 61% of branding professionals are managers or above • 1 in 8 changed jobs in the past 12 months • Branding professionals in SF are 2x more likely to be contacted by a recruiter than those in Minneapolis
  30. 30. Linkedin is able to do a sophisticated keyword analysis using their own text analytics tools for any industry segment
  31. 31. LinkedIn's vast trove of structured profile data has given their analytics highly qualitative information
  32. 32. LinkedIn Social Selling Index Introduction Overview of LinkedIn Sales Solutions and how the LinkedIn Social Selling Index can provide insight on social selling performance.
  33. 33. LinkedIn Social Selling Index Introduction The Social Selling Index isn't that different than other matrixes we've discussed in class - it's simply a scoring mechanism scaled to use LinkedIn's trove to rank companies on whatever LinkedIn chooses. In this case, it's social selling, but it could have been ANYTHING (had there been interest in expanding out beyond sales solutions).
  34. 34. Talent Brand Index - see how you employees stack up with the employees you could have via Linkedin The question to answer here - is 14% good or bad? What is the right percentage for your business?
  35. 35. Talent Brand Index See how your brand stacks up Quantify and benchmark your talent brand against peers. Track changes over time to measure the impact of branding initiatives.
  36. 36. LinkedIn Talent Brand Index exLinkedIn Talent Brand Index helps companies measure and benchmark their talent brands. LinkedIn draws on data from billions of interactions on LinkedIn to measure how attractive companies are to prospective candidates. Talent Brand Index allows you to compare the strength of your talent brand to peers, compare your talent brand by candidate job function or geography, and measure changes over time.
  37. 37. LinkedIn Social Selling Index is a relatively flat representation of the data they really could pull I think LinkedIn has huge opportunities to do even more interesting data analysis than this rather "flat" representation of company social selling activity.
  38. 38. LinkedIn Social Selling Index is a relatively flat LinkedIn has included competitive intelligence but we need to understand what LinkedIn considers as your competitor and if the list they come up with is the same as the one that a business owner understands as it's own competition.
  39. 39. LinkedIn can tell a business how active they are on LinkedIn compared to a Power User I suppose you can look at this readout in much the same way Facebook does it's insights....
  40. 40. Linkedin API's for programmers provide a rich dataset
  41. 41. Linkedin API's have just begun to be tapped much as Facebook and Twitter already are
  42. 42. Linkedin API's allow some really neat applications that cover customized content curation and career mapping API Possibilities
  43. 43. Linkedin Customer Journey for a User Profiling Application
  44. 44. Linkedin Social Apps have a built in Analytics Dashboard
  45. 45. LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Salesforce CRM shows a typical integration with one of the leading CRM vendors LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Salesforce CRM Delivering sales intelligence directly into your pipeline. Enabling you to turn cold prospects into closed deals. You get the complete picture of your leads and contacts with insights • • • Professional history Educational history Shared Connections
  46. 46. How I use LinkedIn Premium Search Filters 202 results for "social media" AND analytics • • • • • • • 1st Connections 2nd Connections Group Members 3rd + Everyone Else Industry: Marketing and Advertising Industry: Market Research School: City University of New YorkBaruch College 001&openAdvancedForm=true&locationType=I&countryCode=us&distance=50&f_I=80,97&f_ED=19058&rsid=3 126411383530192802&orig=FCTD&openFacets=TE&f_N=F,S,A,O
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