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LinkedIn for B2B


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LinkedIn for B2B

  1. 1. “Your Profile is Showing”Leveraging the Power of Linkedin for B2B Marketing
  2. 2. Why Linkedin is GREAT for B2B ABOUT The standard LinkedIn is male (57.9%) and aged between 25147 MILLION and 54 years (67.7%); compared to the previous year, theLINKEDIN MEMBERS percentage of teenagers (18-24) has grown more than other age WORLDWIDE groups Source: Amodiovalerio Verde, Linkedin, DEMOGRAPHICS & STATISTICS - JAN 2012
  3. 3. Why Linkedin is GREAT for B2BSource: Amodiovalerio Verde, Linkedin, DEMOGRAPHICS & STATISTICS - JAN 2012
  4. 4. Power? They Haz It39% of Linkedinmembers are eithera Manager, Director,Owner, Chief Officeror Vice President Source: Amodiovalerio Verde, Linkedin, DEMOGRAPHICS & STATISTICS - JAN 2012
  5. 5. Linkedin is a Unique PlatformUnlike Facebook orTwitter, there is no wayto mask who you are onLinkedin.Users must engage onbehalf of themselves.
  6. 6. Company Profiles
  7. 7. Groups
  8. 8. Linkedin Answers
  9. 9. “Your Profile Is Showing”HOW TO ENGAGE ON LINKEDIN
  10. 10. #1: Share First, Product Second• Conversation on LinkedIn is dominated by professionals seeking to help each other out.• Because of this, an environment of overt selling is usually discouraged.• Instead, you should try to provide as much non-product-specific value upfront.• Once you have gained acceptance, you are able to potentially suggest your product as the right solution, if the opportunity presents itself.
  11. 11. #2: Be Transparent• Always introduce yourself into a discussion with a statement of transparency such as… “Hi I’m {X}, I work in product communications for {Y} company – I think I can help share some of my insights.”• This helps to set the stage that you are not overtly engaging JUST to push a product.
  12. 12. #3: Stay On Topic • Though it might be tempting to shoehorn in a link to a white paper or other piece of intellectual capital, the best way to market in LinkedIn Groups is to wait for the right moment and only suggest materials that are on-topic. • Suggesting off-topic resources orO.C.D. trying to steer the conversation in a direction that others don’t want may result in you being banned from certain groups.(obsessive closing disorder)
  13. 13. #4: Don’t Spam• Marketing in LinkedIn groups is much more a courtship than it is a peppering of your promotional messages or links wherever you can.• Be respectful of the conversation, only engage in discussions where you know you are on-topic and only share links or promotional messages when you know – without a doubt – that you are adding additional on-topic value.
  14. 14. To Recap: How to Engage on Linkedin1. Share First, Product Second2. Be Transparent3. Stay On Topic4. Don’t Spam
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