How Best-in-Class Companies Address Talent Gap Challenges | Talent Connect Vegas 2013


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As talent acquisition professionals, we are faced with an ever-expanding talent gap. Learn effective strategies to address this solution in three core pillars.

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How Best-in-Class Companies Address Talent Gap Challenges | Talent Connect Vegas 2013

  1. 1. How Best-in-Class Companies Address Talent Gap Challenges Roli Saxena Global Director Product Consulting LinkedIn
  2. 2. How Best-in-Class Companies Address Talent Gap Challenges Agenda  Panelist Introduction  What is the Talent Gap?  Emerging Trends to Solve Talent Gap Challenges  Proactive Sourcing  Internal Mobility  University Relations  Panelist Q&A  Closing Remarks  Audience Q&A
  3. 3. Suzanne Sinclair Director Talent Acquisition Allstate Insurance Ozzie Meza HR Manager, Talent Acquisition Strategic Services Allstate Insurance Rachel Romba Talent Strategy Consultant, Global Accounts LinkedIn
  4. 4. 2020 SHORTAGE 38 million - 40 million College graduate talent 2020 SURPLUS 90 million - 95 million No College degree June 2012, Mckinsey Global Institute Report
  5. 5. Talent on Demand Model 2 Internal Mobility 1 3 Proactive Sourcing University Relations Talent on Demand
  6. 6. Talent Gap Solution: Proactive Sourcing Proactive talent sourcing is the skill of identifying, pipelining, and engaging with candidates before the job is available.
  7. 7. LinkedIn Talent Pipeline meets strategic need for pipelining and passive candidates 1 Proactive Sourcing Active Candidate Website • Job Board • Website Applicants Folders Talent Pipeline • • • • • LinkedIn Searches Referrals Conferences Events Passive Candidate ATS
  8. 8. Research and Sourcing are very different yet complementary
  9. 9. Principled approach to “smart” sourcing Research team is responsible for: Proactive talent identification  Monitor and assess labor trends and pools  Act as an information center 1 Proactive Sourcing
  10. 10. 1 Targeting “nurturers” for hire Proactive Sourcing Local Survey Data Dallas County United States Expect to lose my job in 12 months 44.33% 50.66% I am good at fixing things 50.33% 51.42% I consider myself creative 61.20% 63.72% I worry about violence and crime 61.48% 63.72% It is important a company acts ethically 66.80% 74.91% I look at the work I do as a career, not a job 42.71% 41.80% “Type M” Personality Traits Dallas County United States Type M Above Average 23.39% 23.89% Type M Far Above Average 14.81% 18.78% Affectionate, Passionate, Loving 33.29% 31.05% Kind, Good-hearted, Warmhearted 43.89% 45.14% Sociable, Friendly, Cheerful, Likable 33.08% 31.40%
  11. 11. Talent Gap Solution: Internal Mobility Is a strategic internal process for managing the flow of talent from one job to another, vertically or horizontally, within an organization
  12. 12. Employers value internal hiring – 92% are investing in it more or at least the same YOY 2 Internal Mobility Internal Hiring Volume 100% Increase 80% 39% 46% Decrease 60% 40% 56% 46% 4% 8% United States Global Average 20% 0% Same “Comparing 2012 to 2013, how do you expect the volume of internal hiring to change?”
  13. 13. Allstate’s internal hire averages increased 2012 to 2013 2 Internal Mobility 40% CEB 2013 30% 2012 20% 10% 0% Jan. Feb. 2013 % of Total Mar. Apr. 2012 % of Total May Jun. 2013 Avg. Jul. Aug. 2012 Avg. Sep. CEB Avg.
  14. 14. Talent Gap Solution: University Relationships A strategic approach to identifying, attracting, or creating top talent within an education pool to meet business needs
  15. 15. University relations is about developing a mutually-beneficial partnership Influential Relationship Level 1 3 University Relations Higher Impact to Influence Strategic Relationship Level 2 Branding Level 3 Virtual Lowest Impact to Influence
  16. 16. Leverage Data to Inform Decisions on Universities and Talent Pools 3 University Relations
  17. 17. Technology helps stay engaged LinkedIn CheckIn: Never Miss an Event Lead Again 3 University Relations Manage Pipeline in LinkedIn Recruiter and connect offline interactions with an online network 18
  18. 18. Talent Gap is Real – Status Quo is not an option!    Build an holistic strategy to address Talent Gap -- But start with capability first! Build a culture of Proactive Sourcing both Internally and Externally Don’t ignore future professionals --- engage with students and Colleges!! 2 1 Internal Mobility Proactive Sourcing 3 University Relations Talent on Demand
  19. 19. Suzanne Sinclair Director Talent Acquisition Allstate Insurance Ozzie Meza HR Manager, TA Strategic Services Allstate Insurance Rachel Romba Talent Strategy Consultant LinkedIn LinkedIn: Twitter: SuzannMSinclair Email: LinkedIn: Twitter: ozziemeza1 Email: LinkedIn: Twitter: RachelRomba Email: Roli Saxena LinkedIn: Global Director Product Consulting Twitter: rolisaxena LinkedIn Email: Global Recruiting Trends Reports: