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10 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do


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If you’re an ambitious go-getter who wants to make the most out of this thing called life, watch out for these ten things that mentally strong people don't do.

(c) Alex Noudelman

Published in: Self Improvement
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10 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do

  1. 1. By Alex Noudelman 10 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do
  2. 2. Feeling sorry is too self-destructive for mentally strong people. It wastes their precious time, creates negative emotions and destroys their image. 10. They Don't Waste Time Feeling Sorry For Themselves.
  3. 3. Mentally strong people stand up for themselves and draw the line when necessary. If other people are in control of their actions, they define their success and power and that is wrong. 9. They Don’t Take Power For Granted
  4. 4. They see change as good and motivate others working with them to support the implementation of the proposed changes. Making changes can be frightening, but shying away from them prevents growth and mentally strong people know this. 8. They Embrace Change
  5. 5. Mentally strong people swing for the fences and know that it might mean striking out a few times before finally succeeding. 7. They Take Risks
  6. 6. Mentally strong people refuse to waste time focusing on things they can’t control because there is nothing they can do about it! 6. They Never Focus On What They Can’t C ontrol
  7. 7. Being disliked is a fact of life and mentally strong people realize that they cannot appease everyone, especially when they have to make important decisions for the good of all. 5. They Don’t Waste Time Pleasing Others
  8. 8. Mentally strong people accept the fact that the past belongs where it should – the past. You cannot change it! What you could change is the present/future and that’s the only thing that mentally strong people focus their attention on. 4. They Don’t Dwell On The Past
  9. 9. Mentally strong people realize that doubting their abilities result in missed opportunities, self-sabotage a nd living with one foot on the breaks….so they therefore avoid it. 3. They Don’t Doubt Themselves
  10. 10. This is the “elephant in the room”. For mentally strong people, disorganization = cluster. It causes unneeded delays and creates feelings of overwhelm and information overload. 2. They Don’t Tolerate Clutter
  11. 11. Mentally strong people acknowledge that being the best in the world is pointless if you don’t have a plan or direction. Taking time to step back and reflect on the big picture is crucial. 1. They Don’t Ignore The Big Vision
  12. 12. Thank you for reading! Alex (dot) noudelman (at) gmail (dot) com © ALEX NOUDELMAN