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Archiving Occupy (presentation for NYC Digital Asset Managers Meetup)


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Presentation for NYC Digital Asset Managers Meetup (11/29/12) about archiving digital materials created through Occupy Wall Street.

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Archiving Occupy (presentation for NYC Digital Asset Managers Meetup)

  1. 1. Planning for the short and long term stewardship of Occupy Wall Street’s digital records
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  4. 4. All day, all week, Occupy Wall Street!Occupation of Zuccotti Park (Liberty Square)began 9/17/11Eviction from park 11/15/11The Occupied Office (November 2011-2/1/12)Shipping Information & Storage (SIS) (midOctober 2011--5/1/12)60 Wall Street (September 2011-present?)
  5. 5. The Occupy Wall StreetArchives Working GroupCore teamMailing list actionPeople who came to meetingsAdvisorsOrganizations
  6. 6. The analog archivesWorking group focused on analog materialsThe "paper archives" dominated discussions in theworking groupWorking on terms for deed of giftDigitization of these materials was a goal that hasyet to come together
  7. 7. Digital archives!Born digital materialsIf ____ gets digitized…Why isn’t this all online?Digitization does not equal preservation andit’s not an easy thing to do right
  8. 8. Digital archives project planningInitial commitment: 2 weeks to form a planUser interviewsAssessment of needs and our goalsProject planStaffing/rolesTool selection (ongoing)Collaboration with creatorsCollaboration with advisors
  9. 9. Informal work with the InternetArchiveSent over 200 links to websites to harvestDeprioritized initial research interestImmediate access to collection is helpfulEmail suggestions to
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  11. 11. BulkrWorking group member complained aboutnot being able to get own photos off FlickrDid a little research, discovered Bulkr & used itPro version: file size variety and tidy metadataSo far so good
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  13. 13. GmailOWSDigitalArchive@gmail.comOWSDigitalArchiveS@gmail.comforward: archives@nycga.orgPlanned to have people cc these addresseswhen printing flyers etc.Concerns about rights led to hesitation
  14. 14. The decision to not have orphaned worksIt would be very easy to end up with a lot oforphaned worksThe working group approved my proposal that weonly collect CC licensed workThere is no ‘OWS philosophy’ on licensing orproblem with ‘exclusivity’ per se, we just didn’twant a ton of orphaned content
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  16. 16. OmekaFree, open source, flexible, extensibleInitiative of George Mason University/RoyRosenzweig Center for History and New MediaPHP with useful plug insAnticipated assessments, then compose featurerequests to programmers in Tech Ops or otherswho know PHP and want to help
  17. 17. Omeka
  18. 18. Sharing and collecting digitalfiles at Share Day at EyebeamCollaboration with artist in residence at Eyebeam,Taeyoon Choi (Speakers Corners)Opportunity to share finished or works in progresswith the audience and/or the OWS ArchivesWorking GroupThe event was a lot of fun
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  24. 24. Where is the project now?At a crossroadsTest servers and plug ins have shown us a lotAbout 500 gigabytes of dataPossible collaboration with activist owned techcompany pending funds to pull own weight in thecollective (membership model?)
  25. 25. Conclusions and take awayR-E-S-P-E-C-T your creators and colleaguesTalk to people who know the contextHave a planMake imperfect decisions instead of noneKeep notes
  26. 26. Thanks!Anna