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Mashed Museum 2008


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On 18th June 2008, 20 or so people met for a day of mashing - taking museum-related data sources and connecting them together in a range of different ways. This is what we got up to.

There's also a video showing the various contributions at

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Mashed Museum 2008

  1. 1. Mashed Museum 2008 what we did and how we did it
  2. 2. You are invited to a day of coding, thinking and idea sharing with a select group of museum colleagues. Mashed Museum 2008 will be a day of free-form thinking and doing with only enough structure to make sure we actually get something out of the (considerable) collective brainpower in the room. The day aims to give us an environment free from political or monetary constraints. The focus of the day is not IPR, copyright, funding or museum politics. Our energies will be channeled into embracing the "new web": envisaging, demonstrating and (hopefully) building some lightweight distributed applications. Collectively, participants will: ..demonstrate that such applications can be built quickly, easily and often for free the power of opening up content and data via API's or web services ...share ideas and concepts without constraining them new tools, sources of data and content ...have fun! We hope to provide a relaxed, safe, creative environment away from the office which will give participants a way to think and work free from constraints. It's a webjamunconferencehackdaythingy! Mike Ellis Frankie Roberto Stephen Pope Matt Johnson Mia Ridge Michael Twidale Daniel Pett Fiona Romeo Alex Macfie Timothy Furmston Jeremy Ottevanger Jim O'Donnell Ruth Harper Brian Kelly Carl Hogsden John Lewis “ free form thinking” “ no political and monetary constraints” “ demonstrate that stuff can be built quickly, easily and often for free” “ show the power of opening up content” “ share ideas” “ ...have fun”
  3. 3. data... directory Culture 24 “museum location” and event files Powerhouse Museum National Maritime Museum Bolton Museums Open Context NMSI Museum of London Ashmoleon Museum of London Archaeology Service Science Museum Dana Centre Museum of London British Museum - Portable Antiquities Scheme V&A
  4. 4. more data...
  5. 5.
  6. 6. "If you expose data, you lose control but give it life“ Lee Iverson, ukmw 2008
  7. 7. Carl Hogsden
  8. 8. Brian Kelly
  9. 9. Dan Zambonini
  10. 10. Dan Zambonini
  11. 11. Dan Zambonini
  12. 12. Frankie Roberto
  13. 13. Frankie Roberto
  14. 14. Frankie Roberto
  15. 15. Fiona Romeo
  16. 16. Fiona Romeo
  17. 17. Fiona Romeo
  18. 18. Fiona Romeo
  19. 19. Jim O’Donnell
  20. 20. Jim O’Donnell
  21. 21. Michael Twidale
  22. 22. Michael Twidale
  23. 23. Stephen Pope
  24. 24. Stephen Pope
  25. 25. Mike Ellis
  26. 26. Mike Ellis
  27. 27. Mike Ellis
  28. 28. thanks.