The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Seven


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The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Seven

  1. 1. The Superfrog ISBIChapter Seven: Moving On
  2. 2. Welcome back to the Superfrog ISBI!Last time, we witnessed the Supers trying to go on after the death ofthe second generation Torch-Holder, Star, and her husband, Alan. Thisleft Sketch, a toddler at the time, as the Torch-Holder. Which lead onto an interesting childhood of hauntings, tantrums, musicalinstruments, the repo man and Vamsi passing away – she died of oldage, not a house fire. Luckily, Sketch grew up before Makoto couldkick the bucket also.Sound familiar? If not, I suggest looking back. Anyway, onto thischapter!
  3. 3. Sketch is a Romance sim, with a lifetime want of woohooing twentydifferent sims. It doesnt really promote settling down and marriage,the requirements of a Torch-Holder.But thats the future. For now, Sketch has her instruments, heradopted grandfather and many, many boyfriends.
  4. 4. Like this guy. This is Amar Hamilton, I believe.“We should kiss, Sketch. Im going back tomorrow.”“I dont know, Amar...” Sketch looked at the floor, “I mean, I have thewant rolled...but Ive only been a teenager two days...”
  5. 5. “All the more reason to kiss you, then.” Amar decided.“I dont understand how that excuse works, but Im not complaininganymore.”
  6. 6. “HOW DARE YOU KISS MY LITTLE GIRL!”“Sk-sk-sketch? Ghost!”“Thank you, Daddy,” Sketch grinned, “Night, Amar!”
  7. 7. The next day, Makotos sanity becomes questionable. wasquestioned more than usual. There we go.“And Im telling you, Vamsi, for the last time, I did not break thedishwasher!”I honestly believe Makoto misses Vamsi.
  8. 8. “By the way, we did a great job raising Sketch!”The paper cup just smiled back.
  9. 9. Sketch does seem much more stable than any of the Supers Iveplayed in a while.Also, she is now in the zone for music and dance as well.
  10. 10. That night, Sketch invited over her latest boyfriend, Ricky. I cantremember how to spell his last name.Im also not sure why Sketch takes all of her boyfriends out to this spotin the garden.
  11. 11. Maybe thats why she likes that spot in the garden – the puddles.“Shes so hot when shes acting childish!”
  12. 12. “Sketch, is your boyfriend still here? Its eleven on a school night. Ihate being responsible, but maybe he should leave.”“Its okay, Makoto. Daddy helped him out.”
  13. 13. “Okay then, Sketch. Its funny how we always see your fathers ghost,but never your mothers.”“Maybe shes just busy in the afterlife.”“Possible,” Makoto grinned, “alright, Sketch. Time for bed. Or violin. Orwhatever.”
  14. 14. A new day, and a new boyfriend. This one is...*checks notes* ConnorDawn. Hes interesting, but Sketch only threw him one bolt.He left at the end of the afternoon, and no one had any plans ofinviting him back.
  15. 15. “So how many boyfriends is that now, Sketch?” Makoto asked as thepair of them street-smustled.“Three. Im not calling any of them back, though.”“Why not?”“No point getting attached. The person I have to spend the rest of mylife with will be a blind date, with the cheque paid out to the gypsywoman.”
  16. 16. “That,” Sketch continued, “and being a teenager is supposed to be allabout having fun.”
  17. 17. About having fun and still managing to stay on top of things.“Yes! A*!”
  18. 18. Sketch celebrates her grade by picking up her violin again. Andchanging into her formalwear to play it.I guess thats a feature of being in the zone, right? Because Ive neverhad that happen before.
  19. 19. “No boyfriend tonight. Hmm. I can see where I am not wanted.”For once, Sketch decides to hang out with Makoto, or on her own,rather than inviting over a boy.
  20. 20. There were very few nights when Sketch didnt have company.“So is this your latest boyfriend?” Sophie asked, curiously.“What does she mean by latest, Sketch?”
  21. 21. “I dont even know what she means, truthfully. Theres no one else butyou.”“I love you, Sketch.”“...”
  22. 22. “So I had to let him go. I cant have any of them thinking of anythinglong-term.”“Honey, it sounds like youre afraid of commitment.”“So what if I am? Real-Grandmas rules mean I cant be with any ofthese people, so commitment is a waste of time,” Sketch fidgetedslightly, “that, and everyone I have lived with has died apart from you.”“Just because three of us died and I havent got long left isnt a reasonnot to get close to people.”
  23. 23. “No one is expecting you to get tied down yet, Sketch,” Makoto sat up,“but that doesnt mean you cant be with someone for more than a fewhours.”Sketch contemplated this, “Very true.”Makoto nodded, and laid back down on the sofa, ready for anafternoon nap.
  24. 24. Of course, talking about it with Makoto didnt make the thoughts goaway completely.Sketch was convinced that she shouldnt get close to people.
  25. 25. “MAKOTO ST. JULIEN, IT IS YOUR TIME TO MOVE TO THE AFTERLIFE.”“But who will take care of Sketch if Im not here? How can you do thisto her?”“I DO NOT WRITE THE REAPING LIST, I JUST REAP THE SOULS. BESIDES, YOUWERE GIVEN EXTRA TIME IN ORDER TO RAISE THE GIRL TO AN APPROPRIATEAGE.”“That girl needs someone, she shouldnt be alone.”
  27. 27. “THE AFTERLIFE IS THROUGH THE MIRROR, FIRST REALM ON YOUR LEFT.”“Sketch is going to be all alone. But I have to go.”“SHE WILL BE CARED FOR, MR ST. JULIEN.”“But by who?” Makoto muttered, “Fine, Ill go.”
  28. 28. At that moment, Sketch burst into the bathroom, “You heartless being!”“I DO NOT HAVE A HEART PHYSICALLY, BUT...”“You took him from me, even when I had no one left!”“YOUNG SKETCH, THIS ISNT MY DOING. I CANNOT CONTROL NATURE ORNATURES CALL.”The Reaper disappeared through the mirror in the same way he hadarrived.
  29. 29. “But you left me all alone!”Four deaths in her lifetime, the odds really arent in Sketchs favourlately.
  30. 30. Meanwhile, the ghosts are out in force – this is the first time the lot hasbeen haunted by more than one ghost, and look! Vamsi ghost! :D“Amar! Check it out, I can wander through walls!”“Even in the afterlife, Vamsi still doesnt remember my name.”
  31. 31. The next day, tantrums are back in fashion.“What am I going to do? Im too young to live alone!”
  32. 32. “This is the Reapers fault! I want to punch him right in his hood!”
  33. 33. “Who am I kidding? I just want my family.”
  34. 34. Later on, Sketch decided that getting active would be an excellentdistraction from the deaths that had happened recently.And if it wasnt a good distraction, then at least she had the bodypoints afterwards to successfully kick some Reaper butt.
  35. 35. That night, while Sketch was asleep, Star glided in for a visit to thekitchen. Hooray for finally seeing the ghost of Star!“I can see you keep my kitchen nice and tidy.”
  36. 36. “Why does the Reaper hate me!”Tantrums will probably be in style now for a while. They lasted almostall of Sketchs childhood last time, who knows how long theyll last thistime!
  37. 37. Sketchs only visitors – other than the occasional boyfriend – are Samand Joe, who are still living their happily-ever-after in the lot-bin house.“And theres no one at all now.”“Well, I can understand why youre upset, and avoiding peoplecompletely...” Joe began, “but I think you should cheer up. It could beworse.”
  38. 38. “Joe! That is not what you say to a grieving person!” Sam said, raisingher eyebrows.“No, hes right,” Sketch sighed, “just because theyve all stopped livingdoesnt mean I have to.”“Exactly!” Joe agreed, before glancing at Sam and sticking his tongueout at her.
  39. 39. So Sketch decided to make the most out of the last of her teenagedays.“Party! At my house tonight! No, of course my parents wont be home,and if you knew why, youd feel guilty for asking me that. Whos goingto tell me no, honestly? Just show up, okay?”
  40. 40. Of course, Sketchs party had a select guest list – she had dated toomany of her friends to have them all in the same room at once.“So, Ricky, did you have to fly here?”“Tosha, we walked here together, you know that.”Sketch laughed, “Hey, Amin, have you got that horrible feeling whenyou arrive at a party dressed the same as someone else?”
  41. 41. The identical outfit brothers found the co-ordination to their liking,however. It meant they could look similar while smustling.
  42. 42. The girls werent going to let the boys have all the fun, though.Tosha tried to dance with the tree, which was only slight hiccup, butoverall, the small party was a lot of fun.
  43. 43. After that, Sketch was much happier, and cared less about the factthat she lived alone, surviving on inheritance from Makoto.
  44. 44. She also enjoyed a better relationship with her real-grandfather, whowas round most days.“So youre not going to let nature win this one?”“Right! I mean, Im still surrounded by death – even now were holdinga conversation in the family graveyard, and Im still an orphan, stillhaunted by ghosts every night, but...Im good.”
  45. 45. “Sometimes, Sketch, you make me think what things would have beenlike if Id had the chance to raise my girls.”“And you always make me wonder what it would have been like tohave a dad.”“Its great being friends as well as relatives, right?”“Absolutely!”
  46. 46. Sketch was a changed person, tantrums had gone out of fashion again,singing, dancing and playing the guitar were the orders of the day, aswell as hanging out with Grandparents, and people she wasntoccasionally kissing.
  47. 47. “The Reaper will never take me alive!”In the background, Makoto allowed a ghostly grin, “Good to hear it kid.Though the Reaper only really takes people when theyre dead...”
  48. 48. The ghosts still occasionally scare people, but much less than theyused to – maybe its because Sketch has her boyfriends over less?“Sketch! Clean my kitchen! Its horribly grubby!”
  49. 49. “Hmm. Maybe I should clean up the kitchen, if it will please my deadmother...”
  50. 50. “YAY! Its my birthday! Celebration smustle!”“Happy Birthday young lady! May I come into your home and spendmany hours in your hot tub?”“...Im going to say no to that.”
  51. 51. “I wish for love! And a family!”And with that, Sketch blew out the candles on her cake.
  52. 52. Sketch grew into a beautiful young woman!And here is where I leave you this time – on a positive note! Imlooking forward to playing and writing Sketchs adult years. :DThanks for reading, see you next time!