The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 3


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The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 3

  1. 1. First of all, let me state that it was all my fault. I should have known... But I didn't. And now both me and my Alphabet Legacy family, the Bookacies, will have to pay for that. It was late one night, and I was alone in my student box, sitting at my computer, playing around with Bodyshop. I was making a new sim, just for the fun of it. I was feeling drowsy. Different unformed, evil plans raced through my head. In my sleepy state I overlooked a basic law of the world of sims. That was my mistake. Now, of course when you are creating a new sim, your state of mind at the moment affects them. And that night I forgot this basic fact. It was only after I had made the sim and placed him in Alphabetia that I realized what I had done. And then it was already too late. Certain events had already started rolling, and me, my neighborhood, and my sims were already on our way to a foggy but inevitable future.
  2. 2. The result of my nightly sim making session was this man, Salahuddin Chamcha. When he first looked at me with his piercing blue eyes, I got the feeling that this was no ordinary sim. And I was right, that is clearly shown by the events that then took place... But I'm getting ahead of myself here.
  3. 3. The first thing that hinted me that something strange and That is a perfectly good name! And besides, I've met an Abhijjeet extraordinary was indeed going on, was the fact that my founder, Cho among the townies in the game, even though you haven't. Author Bookacy, almost immediately walked into her new And what about the names "Goopy GilsGarbo" or "Komei neighbor. Tellerman"? "So you've made a new player sim for us to befriend for the "You know what I mean, don't try to fool me! I've read 'The Satanic promotions?" Verses'. Salahuddin Chamcha is a book character. You're behind this." Oh, you're a clever girl indeed, Author. How did you know he was a player sim anyway? And this was the moment that confirmed my other hunch: Author was no ordinary sim either. "Well, first of all, he says he lives on this lot. I've never seen a townie who has a home. And second of all, his name is Salahuddin Chamcha." What about the name? "Well, who'd name a townie 'Salahuddin Chamcha'?"
  4. 4. Yes indeed, Salahuddin was named after a book character. The original Salahuddin Chamcha was one of the two protagonists in Salman Rushdie's "The Satanic Verses". He and the other protagonist, Gibreel Fahrista, miraculously survived a hijacked plane exploding, and the resulting drop from enormous heights. Not completely without consequences, though: after the drop Gibreel got a halo, and Salahuddin grew little horns. After I realized what I might have done, I decided to get to know Salahuddin a little. On the surface he seemed like any of my sims. He'd mostly spend his days studying and going to work. There seemed to be nothing wrong with him. But still, I had a funny feeling about him. Maybe not least because he was named after a devilish character in a book that has been proved dangerous to its author and all others involved.
  5. 5. Despite my worries, I decided to return to the Bookacies. Come what may, but all this had strangely just strengthened my will to work on the family. Back in the house, nothing was out of ordinary. Little Adrian would have to learn to talk, evil plans or not.
  6. 6. Well, there was something a bit wrong, too. With Author's second pregnancy. You see, the second baby bump wouldn't come. For a while I thought that maybe she was only fake pregnant, as I've heard of that happening. But the try for baby -option wasn't available, so it seemed she was pregnant after all. Oh well, pleasure sims don't mind extra woohoo, do they?
  7. 7. Okay, Author, please spin for the second bump, okay? "I don't feel like it." Bummer.
  8. 8. But luckily, nothing seems to have been badly wrong. Author goes into labor on time, even though the second baby bump never came. Thank goodness.
  9. 9. Welcome to the family, Adson Bookacy. It seems you might be a victim of the so called first born effect, meaning that you may be a carbon copy of your older brother. I'm sorry, I realized that Author was going into labor a bit late, and didn't dare to exit the household any more to randomize you. But don't worry, you will be loved none the less. You were named after Adson of Melk in Umberto Eco's "The Name of the Rose". (The namesake in English may also be Adso, but I somehow liked the Finnish version more. Don't expect me to be consistent with these matters.) Adson was a young monk, or just a novise, who has come with his teacher and friend, William of Baskerville, to an Italian monastery on official business between the Pope and some monks who were blamed of heresy The matter got complicated, as the two got to notice that there was a killer on the loose in the monastery.
  10. 10. The usual conversation in the Bookacy family breakfast table is about... No, Author, no! Are you out of your mind?! Sigh. ...about Author's infidelity. (Author's lifetime want is to have 50 first dates, so that includes some infidelity. At least from the game's point of view - these "dates" tend to be composed of "hello" and "goodbye".)
  11. 11. "What, you're having an affair?"
  12. 12. "Oh, that's great, dear." I'm not sure if I understand Curty here. I take it that he appreciates his wife's openness... or something. But well, he doesn't worry, so neither do I.
  13. 13. So, what is the best way to up a pleasure couple's aspiration? Yes, that would be a date.
  14. 14. Then, what is the best way to get more fuss in the house?
  15. 15. That would be correct. And that sound would be the lullaby.
  16. 16. And the forementioned (not) is also a great way to get the date score up.
  17. 17. Oh yes. More fuss definately on the way. Author, you know the deal. Woohoo does have its consequences.
  18. 18. Finally, time for little Adrian to grow up. No more carrying him around!
  19. 19. Is it just me or does the kid look somewhat... demonic? Maybe it's his namesake acting up again. Even Curty and the maid are looking at each other in confusion.
  20. 20. But then again, right afterwards he looks like any other kid.
  21. 21. Okay, Adrian. This is the deal: we cannot afford you a bed, let alone a room of your own. But don't fret. There are two vacant coffins in the living room - feel free to pick one. And if you can't get out of there on your own, make some loud noise. I'll figure something out, sooner or later.
  22. 22. The phone has been temporarily moved. To the only room where nobody sleeps.
  23. 23. "Attention please?"
  24. 24. "I'm pregnant again." We know, Author.
  25. 25. I'm not sure if this is good for a pregnant woman... But she wanted to!
  26. 26. Just for the record: guess who Adrian brought home on his very first day at school? Yes, the infamous Marsha Bruenig.
  27. 27. And no, that definately cannot be good for a pregnant woman! I'm not even sure if it should be allowed for non-pregnant men...
  28. 28. Oopsie! I nearly missed Adson's birthday. Curty is so speedy sometimes when it comes to birthday tossings.
  29. 29. Here's little Adson. Turns out he isn't a carbon copy of Adrian after all. His statistics are as follows: 7/8/2/10/3. So not bad really, but Adrian's nicer. Nice points are usually the thing I put most weight onto - but with my playing style, they rarely matter either. I am a control freak.
  30. 30. Author's pregnancy is progressing. Normally this time.
  31. 31. Ah. Curty running for his carpool. Always true to his Grand Vampire ways.
  32. 32. Well, I'm glad you like the looks and personality I gave you, Author... Who wouldn't find themself attractive?
  33. 33. "Now son, say 'Count Curtis'."
  34. 34. I'd interpret that as a no, Curty.
  35. 35. "Curty!" "Fine, Curty. I suppose that is close enough, son. *Sigh*."
  36. 36. What's the matter, Adson? The square piece won't go to the triangular hole? I know, I used to hate that too. "No, my syllogism isn't valid!" Oh, of course. I should have known that. Too bad William starts with w, and won't be there to help you anywhere near this generation. Sorry.
  37. 37. Hey, mister burglar, I've already seen you!
  38. 38. You looking for Candi's computer too or what? Because it sure isn't in my bathroom. Of course I can't get the pretty female burglar or anything, I have to get this promising candidate for an Uglacy. Well, on the plus side he was stupid enough to sneak into the tiny bathroom, where there is nothing to steal really. Unless of course he wants a toilet or something.
  39. 39. Hey, where are you going? Did I say something?
  40. 40. Haha, the law was on the porch waiting for you! No, the guy behind you. That thing you're so horrified of would be a dating bouquet.
  41. 41. And so the epic battle begins.
  42. 42. And the law is victorious!
  43. 43. As you might notice from the window, the burglar is still walking towards the police car, when Author goes into labor.
  44. 44. ...
  45. 45. This is the spot where most Legacy players scream "No, don't you dare to hand the baby away, no!". Not me. I'm too busy rolling on the floor laughing.
  46. 46. Sorry, Dorian. We'd greet you, we really would, but we're in the middle of something here.
  47. 47. So, here we are. Welcome to the family, umm... Well, you must be the second born of the two, so according to your parent's memories you are Arthur Bookacy. You were named after Arthur Dent in Douglas Adams' "The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy" (and its sequels, of course). Your namesake was a very ordinary man, he used to work for a local radio station. Then, in one single day, his house got under the threat of being bulldozed, and also he had to escape the planet, as Earth, too, was going to be bulldozed - out of the way of a new space highway. Luckily Arthur's friend, Ford Prefect, happened to have been an alien all along, and he managed to save poor Arthur - only to get the two into dozens and dozens of adventures, of course.
  48. 48. Welcome to also you, Abraham Bookacy, the first born of the two. You were named after Abraham Zogoiby in Salman Rushdie's "The Moor's Last Sigh". Abraham was the husband of a famous artist, Aurora Zogoiby (formerly da Gama) and the father of "The Moor", Moraes Zogoiby. Abraham was always a soft personality when it came to his family, but he also had his tough, even dark, side, when it came to business.
  49. 49. What are you two thinking? Leaving the babies on the floor and going to have a bubble bath or something?
  50. 50. Oh yes, Curty. Your wife sure is hot. Now pick the baby up!
  51. 51. Now that's better.
  52. 52. It was around these times that Author and Salahuddin became rather close. I didn't mind - it's always great to have best buddies, right? Sigh. I should have known...
  53. 53. Meanwhile, Adrian hits the books. Childhood and teenage are for studying - so you can take it easy in college. ... and after you're done with the cooking point, you could study some cleaning.
  54. 54. Being a working mother of four is tough. It's a good thing Adrian likes his burned spaghetti. It's all there is today.
  55. 55. Have you and Curty been on a date recently, Author?
  56. 56. Time for Adson to hit childhood also. Ah, one more kid who can do most things on his own. The luxury!
  57. 57. Adson seems to like ducks. And his father seems to see dust on his sleeve.
  58. 58. There he is. A cutie. Those enormous eyelashes must come from Author.
  59. 59. Yes, Author?
  60. 60. "Again?" Yes, again.
  61. 61. Oh the babies crying in vain. The Bookacy kids all tend to start crying "in advance" about their dirty diapers. I thought the bug was supposed to only come with some later expansion.
  62. 62. And as soon as Curty gets to work, Author gets to work – on her lifetime want.
  63. 63. "I'd like a word with you." Well, that's great. Thanks a lot for the encouragement. Is there anything I can do? Oh. About what? "You have planted the seed of trouble in this neighborhood "My inner eye has seen things." yourself. But you also have the keys to the solution. You and only you. You just have to find the solution, when the time comes. And Really? if you do the right thing then, all will be well. But there are dangers on the way, grave dangers..." "You have taken upon you the burden of Legacy Challenge." Well, Alphabet Legacy Challenge, to be exact... "All the worse! You have taken upon yourself the burden. Your own deeds will put your success in this task in danger. Great danger. Also the happiness of this family is in jeopardy. Fate will take the family to battles, many battles. Difficult times ahead..."
  64. 64. So I'm The Chosen One? Like in Harry Potter or something? Oh great. I'll have to think about that. Now would you give Author her date? "Of course, dearie. Have Vince Walter." Thanks a bunch.
  65. 65. Time to toss a smelly baby, it seems.
  66. 66. Yes, being a father of four is tough. No fun. I'll send you blow bubbles or something. Just toss the kid, okay?
  67. 67. This one is Arthur. (Yes, I had to think about that for a while.) The younger one grew up first, that is. His statistics are 7/10/8/6/3. So he has a personality of his own, too. Hooray.
  68. 68. Abraham got a cake, as it seemed he wouldn't grow up otherwise.
  69. 69. We actually have someone watching Abraham growing up - Marisa Bendett, who is furious about a fight Downtown. A fight that she lost and that no one cared about. Not that we've invited her or anything. She just showed up beside the cake.
  70. 70. You're great at tossing babies, Curty.
  71. 71. One more face covered in confetti...
  72. 72. No disasters here either. Cute kid. Abraham's statistics are: 4/8/5/4/3. Curty's three nice points seem to be dominant or something...
  73. 73. "Can I get some face time, please?" Well, I suppose, if you have to.
  74. 74. Are you getting tired of the baby bump shots yet? Because I am. The circle around the belly is cute, though.
  75. 75. Okay, demon kid. Look somewhere else with those scary green eyes, and grow up already!
  76. 76. Adrian turned out just fine as a teenager. He rolled romance, which doesn't quite fit his namesake. (His lifetime want is to be Hall of Famer.) You know the original Adrian Leverkuhn wasn't allowed to love anyone, it was part of the deal with the Devil? "What a horrible deal! Luckily I haven't made one." Well, true. Don't dream about too much romancing yet, though. My romance teens usually tend not to get too much of romance - it makes no sense to have ten loves at once in teenage and then lose them all when grown up. You'll keep hitting the books for now.
  77. 77. I love having a teenager in the house! There are toddlers to be potty trained you know, and the parents are pretty exhausted by now.
  78. 78. Speaking of kids...
  79. 79. Time to have a fifth one!
  80. 80. "Aaargh! Why are you doing this to me?" Haven't I told you? Well, as you happened to have twins, you were only one kid away from having five, so I went for it. Having five kids in a generation means two extra points. We're going to need those, as I'm not planning to do the downgrading mentioned in the rules. And that means a twenty point hit in the end. "Whyyyy?" Why I'm not downgrading? For one, I can't be bothered, and secondly, I want to see how big the networth gets in the end if I don't downgrade at any point. Now would you please spin - and if you don't mind, I'd like a girl this time. It'd be a pity to waste all the nice A girl names I've found.
  81. 81. Thanks, Curty, for covering the baby from sight.
  82. 82. Hooray, it's a girl! Welcome to the family, Aurora Bookacy! You were named after Aurora Zogoiby, famous painter in "The Moor's Last Sigh". She was also wife of Abraham Zogoiby, who is your brother's namesake. Aurora was member of the huge family of da Gama, and mother to the main character, Moraes. She was a personality. We'll see if you live up to that, little Aurora.
  83. 83. Everyone old enough to be excited about the baby, is excited about the baby.
  84. 84. Did I mention how much I love Adrian being a teenager?
  85. 85. It seems I was wrong about the car earlier. Here's proof that Curty actually drove to work with it, once. That's because he wouldn't leave for work otherwise – didn't want to "leave the little ones alone". Your wife was at home, did you notice?
  86. 86. Oops, sorry Adson. Your day schedule must be a little messed up, with the baby and all. Go have a nap.
  87. 87. Then, one beautiful day, it all started rolling. Author invited Salahuddin over for a friendly game of red hands.
  88. 88. And somehow the thought occurred to me... As if it wasn't my own... That there's an easy twentieth first date for Author here, for free. And we went for it, me and Author, full well knowing that we were dealing with more than just an ordinary sim...
  89. 89. I can defend myself with the fact that Author really needed to energize, and for that she needed her aspiration up. No, not really. But it was worth a shot.
  90. 90. I felt like I had foreseen it. I knew this would be the result, sooner or later.
  91. 91. So helplessly I watch them slow dance...
  92. 92. ... kiss...
  93. 93. ... and worse, pillow fight...
  94. 94. They get in the car, and I'm powerless to say no.
  95. 95. And so is poor Curty, who, conveniently enough, happens to be fast asleep after the long day at work.
  96. 96. ...
  97. 97. Later I see the lovestruck Salahuddin bring Author a thank you bouquet. Powerful sim or not, he is just a man in love.
  98. 98. Speaking of love: Adrian, stop that, right at this instant! You know how weird that is?
  99. 99. Oh, nothing going on here... Just aspiration boosting again, right before the kids get back from school...
  100. 100. Ah, the twins are about to become children. This one is, err...
  101. 101. This one is Abraham. Yes, had to check.
  102. 102. Which means this one is Arthur.
  103. 103. And grown up he is. Thanks to Adrian's forehead, I had difficulties to get any kind of a shot.
  104. 104. "Umm... Creator?" Yes, Author?
  105. 105. "I've got something... something to tell you." We're in trouble? "Yes. Big time." And this, dear readers, is where I have to leave you this time. More Legacy living and more drama next time on The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures. Same Legacy time, same Legacy channel. Happy simming!