effects of smoking, alcohol, and drugs on the body


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effects of smoking, alcohol, and drugs on the body

  1. 1. Chapter 3 : The Human Body: Coordination andProtectionLesson 2 : Effect of Smoking, Alcohol and Drugson the bodyPage : 96  99 Done by: lidya A.T Presented to: grade 6 students
  2. 2. Objectives of this lesson :• listing why some people smoke, use illegal drugs, and drink alcohol• Identifying the effects of smoking on body• Identifying the effects of drugs on body and brain• Identifying the effects of alcohol on body and brain• Resolving these bad habits• Demonstrating the lesson objectives by a group
  3. 3. History of smoking :In 5000 BC, smoking spread fast in America andin Europethey invented pipes And filled them with tobaccoleaves
  4. 4. History of smoking :In 1880s, Indonesia Kretec was invented And itincluded cloves
  5. 5. Cigarettes contain :They contain over 4,000 chemical including 43 cancer-causing and 400 toxinsMain constituencies :Nicotine Tar Carbonmonoxide
  6. 6. why do some people smoke???1. lose weight2. you feel happy3. feeling relaxed4. Amuse your friends and be the life of the party by blowing smoke rings5. you will look cool and modern with your friends
  7. 7. Disadvantages:Seen by the eye:1. bad breath (caused by the chemicals found in the cigarette)2. Yellow teeth (stained by the nicotine and tar)3. smelly clothes4. Difficulty keeping up with friends when playing sports5. Empty wallet6. Causes air pollution
  8. 8. Disadvantages on the inner body (physiological effects):7. Bronchitis (it is an inflammation of the larger air tube of the lung)8. Lung cancer (it swells and damages the lung walls)9. Heart disease (it narrows the blood vessels resulting in increase in blood pressure))10. Lip cancer11. Mouth cancer12. Throat cancer13. Skin damage14. Reproductive system
  9. 9. Why do some people drink alcohol???1. source of energy in diet2. improve mood3. increase relaxation4. to forget problems5. like the taste6. to relieve stress
  10. 10. Disadvantages of alcohol:1. cancer: increases risk in the liver, pancreas, breast, mouth……Function of pancreas: Completes the job of breaking down protein, carbohydrates, and fats using digestive juices of pancreas combined with juices from the intestines.2. heart disease: raise blood pressure and therisk of strokes3. kidney disease: enlarges the kidney andincreases the risk of kidney failure
  11. 11. Disadvantages of alcohol:4. liver disease: causes fatty liver which can be fatal5. Psychological disturbances cause : anxiety , depression, insomnia, throwing up6. sleep-coma-death
  12. 12. Why do alcohol cause damage to the body ????in your body, alcohol is converted into a toxicchemical called acetaldehyde which can causecancer by damaging DNA and stopping our cells from repairing this damage.
  13. 13. Illegal drugs:Definition:• A drug is any chemical which affects the way the human body works• Some controlled drugs are allowed to have it if you have permission from a doctor• illegal drugs are never allowed to have them
  14. 14. Types of illegal drugs:They are many types like:• Hallucinogens• Anti-psychotics• Stimulants : speed up the central nervous system and people feel happy and excitedKind of stimulants: cocaineFrom signs : reddish eyes• Depressants : slow down the central nervous system and people feel sleepy and relaxedKind of depressants: heroin
  15. 15. How do they work?They affect mainly the function of the brain
  16. 16. control on cocaine
  17. 17. Illegal drugs:Why do we use drugs? When drugs are legal and are being took with a prescription of a doctor:1. to relieve pain2. to treat an illness
  18. 18. BUT WHEN DRUGS/ MEDICINE ARE TAKEN IN HIGH DOSES AND WITHOUT A DOCTOR PRESCRIPTION THESE DRUGS WILL BECOME HARMFUL TO OUR BODY AND FOR OUR HEALTHFrom its disadvantages :• it affects the brain function causing :1. causes depression because it slows the central nervous system2. relaxes muscles and relieves tension• it affects the heart function:1. the drug enter the blood stream, the heart pumps blood
  19. 19. Disadvantages :• it affects the liver function:1. the liver breaks down because of the chemical structure of drugs• it affects the lungs function:1. the lungs provide the oxygen directly to the body2. anything that is inhaled enters the blood and ultimately the brain very quickly3. The lungs ability to absorb large amounts of these drugs
  20. 20. How can some people get rid of these bad habits ?????1. get rid of temptations : remove all alcohol bottles and cigarette boxes and other reminders from your home2. announce your goal : let friends, family members know that you are trying to stop these bad habits3. new limits : tell your friends that no drinking and smoking is allowed in your home4. learn from the past : remember how many times you’ve got sick from a certain kind of