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Analyzing Social Data


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Why Social Data Matters?

Case Study I - Rajasthan Royals
Case Study II - Shane Warne Cricket

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Analyzing Social Data

  1. 1. Analysing Social Data Presented by: Andrew Jude Rajanathan | Nov 2013
  2. 2. Contents 1 Why Does Social Data Matter? 2 Case Study I 3 Case Study II 4 Concluding Thoughts
  3. 3. Why does Social Data Matter?
  4. 4. These platforms have created a myriad of social data. The data has created an enormous opportunity for brands to achieve their goals.
  5. 5. So, social data comes from…
  6. 6. Paid Internet Advertising PPC – Search Marketing Mobile Advertising Sponsorships Paid Applications
  7. 7. Paid Owned Internet Advertising Social Media (Pages and Feeds) PPC – Search Marketing Word of Mouth Mobile Advertising User Forums Sponsorships News, PR, Announcements Paid Applications Blogger Relationships
  8. 8. Paid Owned Internet Advertising Social Media (Pages and Feeds) PPC – Search Marketing Word of Mouth Mobile Advertising User Forums Sponsorships News, PR, Announcements Paid Applications Blogger Relationships Earned Brand and Product Websites Mobile Brand and Product Websites Proprietary Mobile Applications Customer Care Services Proprietary Blogs
  9. 9. But social data is still not clearly understood…
  10. 10. Thankfully there is a universe of third party tools that can help us understand all this social data
  11. 11. Case Study I Managing a brand in real time
  12. 12. Rajasthan Royals – The current situation FOLLOWERS 172,856 FOLLOWING 332 SENTIMENT TWEETS 80/100* 50+ = positive 15,528 *Topsy Sentiment Score – First 180 days (2013) STRATEGY Objectives • Build the largest follower base out of all the IPL cricket teams on Twitter • Identify and engage brand advocates to lead supporters communities • Manage the brand in a real time Approach • 5-10 daily posts including media (video, photo, sound) Call to Action • Encourage users to Retweet your content • Use clear language to tell users what you‟d like them to do RECOMMENDATION: Use Media in Tweets to drive more engagement.
  13. 13. League Table – Where do the Rajasthan Royals Stand? IPL 2013 Teams – Follower Base Chennai Super Kings Kolkata Knightriders Mumbai Indians Royal Challenger Bangalore Rajasthan Royals Delhi Daredevils Kings XI Punjab Sunrisers Hyderbad Pune Warrior India 0 50,000 100,000 150,000 200,000 250,000 300,000 350,000 400,000 450,000 The Rajasthan Royals have a strong follower base of 172,856. Overall the team sits right in the middle if we compare them to the other IPL teams on Twitter. This is a great opportunity for the team to think about creative ways to attract new followers and engage new and existing audience.
  14. 14. Brand Advocates – Who are your biggest influencers on Twitter? The key influencers can be split into four groups: 1. Celebrities (Sports/Film/Entrepreneurs) 2. Fortune 500 companies 3. IPL & Individual IPL Team 4. Cricket Specific Twitter Accounts Action: Target these groups to act as advocates for your brand!
  15. 15. Reach – How many people can I reach? The Topsy reach estimator indicates the Rajasthan Royals have enormous reach in India (Population 1.2 billion). These means for them to grow their audience they have a large pool of potential followers to deliver a compelling and entertaining message to especially during cricket tournaments during the year.
  16. 16. Sentiment Analysis – How do users feel about The Rajasthan Royals? The Topsy sentiment score for @rajasthanroyals was 80 for the first six months of 2013. This compares favorably to the average Topsy sentiment score of 69.6 for 2012. Overall sentiment towards the Rajasthan Royals is very positive with over 35,000 positive tweets sent by users on Twitter. 16
  17. 17. Case Study II Driving Downloads
  18. 18. Shane Warne – The current situation YouTube Twitter Facebook 100K 1.1M 18K Mobile Game Goal: Leverage all of Shane Warne‟s Assets to drive game downloads
  19. 19. Twitter Mirror The IPL and Twitter worked together to create the ♯TwitterMirror. This would help advertisers or IPL fans to „join the conversation‟ and contribute to the discussions taking place on the platform. Learnings: Simple Tweet Copy Real Time Images Branded Hashtags
  20. 20. Shane Warne Cricket – Using Twitter to drive downloads FOLLOWERS 700 ENGAGEMENTS 1290 SENTIMENT TWEETS 61/100* 50+ = positive 1650 *Topsy Sentiment Score – First 180 days (2013) STRATEGY Objectives • Promote downloads of the app • Embed into cricket community • Curate and manage game community Approach • 7-10 posts per day • Mixing opinion, game and product specific tweets (1:1:1) Call to Action • Download the app • Review the app (40 app store reviews prompted) • Give an opinion on the IPL or world cricket • Give feedback on the app
  21. 21. Advertising Strategy Driving Users To A Space Where They Can Be Monetized
  22. 22. Case Study I Case Study: Chris Gayle Record Breaker This Tweet informed users Chris Gayle broke nine records against Pune Warriors India! The Tweet was shared within 30 seconds of appearing on Live TV and generated 900+ Retweets and 200 Favorites. Bold Headline Copy Record Breaking Event Timely & Visual Content Branded Hashtags RESULT: Campaign led to a 20% uplift in downloads
  23. 23. Case Study II Case Study: IPL Money Ball This Tweet informed users that the Rajasthan Royals squad cost is less than one third of the Mumbai Indians. The Tweet generated 100+ Retweets and 24 Favorites and achieved 1,402x its normal reach. Informative Statistic Timely Visual Content Branded Hashtags RESULT: Campaign led to a 12% uplift in downloads
  24. 24. Case Study II Reach These Tweets reached 2.6M potential users on Twitter. The Tweet was sent out before yesterday‟s match between the Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians. RESULT: Increased audience reach by 100% from previous week.
  25. 25. Concluding Thoughts
  26. 26. Analysing Social Data
  27. 27. Lets you measure: Frequency Influence Reach Traffic Activity Conversations Sentiment Transactions
  28. 28. With a myriad of tools like: Alexa Compete ComScore Quantcast Crimson Hexagon TweetDeck Topsy YouTube Insights
  29. 29. Social data helps you: Increase Engagement Enhance Brand Create Customer Loyalty And can help you DRIVE REVENUE
  30. 30. “Social data should not be used just to make “big moves” on the chess board. It‟s about the little moves made every day that eventually lead up to a major win.” - Jay Baer
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