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  1. 1. Media institutions whichwould publish/distribute and own my Hiphop music magazine, ‘SUPERIOR’.
  2. 2. -Intermedia Partners are a private investment firm whicha dedication to the media sector. The company funds forbusinesses belonging to the media industry.-One of their many partly owned firms, include Hiphopmusic magazine, VIBE. Intermedia Partners purchasedVIBE which enabled them to restore their magazine afterthe shut down of production the year before. I used anddeveloped conventions of VIBE magazine in mymagazine during research and planning and thereforewas inspired by the distribution and ownership factors ofthe magazine.
  3. 3. Vibe is a magazine dedicated to the Hiphop scene ofmusic and culture and is distributed quarterly by VibeLifestyle Network. I was influenced by VIBE magazineand its owners and distributers as I am following thesame genre in my music magazine. I found out theyowned and are funded by Intermedia Partners but aredistributed by their very own network which is presentedonline at . I was inspiredby the use of their distributors as I admired how eventhough the company was funded and owned by anotherfirm their distributors are in the scene of Hiphop keepingto conventions which follow the genre.
  4. 4. I found the quote below on their website which is provided to definewhat the company is dedicated too:“VIBE chronicles the celebrities, sounds, fashion, lifestyle, new media,and business born from Hiphop music. As an authoritative voice,VIBE creates trends as much as it records them. It covers music,educates its readers, and gives back to the community. VIBE serves asa portal to a growing young, trendsetting, multicultural audience. Asexcellent journalists and innovative marketers, VIBE is the voice ofurban music and culture. VIBE provides a democratic digitalexperience where users are encouraged to provide content. At VIBEprint and online will seamlessly relate.”
  5. 5. -The quote on the previous slide is what initially inspired meto want my own magazine to be distributed by the company.They have a complete dedication to the scene of Hiphop, notonly the music but the culture which would ultimately offerextra for my consumers.-Through research I discovered that the company not onlyrepresents VIBE magazine but it is partners with othermagazines too e.g. This allowed me to want to become apartner with the network so ‘SUPERIOR’ would be promotedon their website as well as distributed by them. I would bebenefitted by belonging to this network as it would allow mymagazine to be promoted on a website with over 15millionusers, increasing potential consumers.
  6. 6. Below is an image which I found on Vibe lifestyle network’s homepageof Nicki Minaj. As seen in my research she was the main inspiration Iused in the creation of my artist Tyra. Knowing that they includesimilar artists in the same genre as my magazine is another benefit aswe would be able to double each others customers as they would findsome familiarity in mine they would in VIBE.
  7. 7. Factors such as audience and the number of usersof Vibe lifestyle network will benefit my magazinesignificantly. The audience age range includes theaudience age range for my magazine; 77.1% ofconsumers being 21+. This would allow mymagazine to reach its target audience effectively asthe promotion and awareness levels would risesignificantly as it would be located on a websitewith over 15 million users.