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Chosen genre – r&b


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Chosen genre – r&b

  1. 1. VIBE MAGAZINE Is a music and entertainment magazine Features R&B/Hip-hop artists and music The magazine is founded by producer Quincy Jones launched in 1993 Vibe magazine is issued every month as they were purchased by private equity investment fund, InterMedia partners The target audience is young, urban followers. On June 30, 2009, it was announced that VIBE was shutting down the magazine , however it was stated by Jones that it would still be alive online.
  2. 2. VIBE or VOLUME? Vibe Magazine was called Volume at first before the co- funding director. Scott poulson Bryant gave it the name VIBE After shutting down, intermedia partners LP bought VIBE magazine. Ron Burke and Magic Johnson later invested in the company. Vibe Holdings merged with Blackbook Media to form Vibe Media in 2012
  3. 3. What is InterMedia ? Founded in 1988 by Leo Hindery Jr., InterMedia Partners, LP InterMedia’s Senior Partners have over 50 years of operating experience and, by making control investments, they are able to bring that knowledge base to bear on the acquired assets. They have invested in broadcast television, print, programming as well as cable television The team focuses on what can be done at the company to improve the assets and grow the business. Working hand in hand with portfolio company managements, InterMedia’s partners use their operating backgrounds to bring added value and experience to each of the portfolio’s companies improving on the company.
  4. 4. Covers Vibe’s magazine was known for being the creative direction of their covers. Eg; Mary J Blige, Trey Songz, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Lil Wane and many more famous artists appeared on the cover of VIBE about their latest News/Music . The first non-photograph cover of VIBE was an illustration of late singer Aaliyah by well known artist/illustrator Alvaro
  5. 5. Content The content of the magazine included; the back page list 20 Questions, the Boomshots column about reggae and Caribbean music by Rob Kenner, Revolutions music reviews and VIBE Confidential, a celebrity gossip column and next profiled up-and- coming artists. VIBE used a lot of models that had an ethnic backgrounds to connect with the urban style and customers/readers. Former editor Emil Wilbikin was credited as she styled those pages. September 2003, the magazine created different covers using black and white portraits of the most popular cover subjects.
  6. 6. Extra information Beginning in 2003, VIBE produced and aired its annual awards show on UPN through 2006, and VH1 Soul in 2007. VIBE also publishes books, on hip-hop culture. Additionally, the magazine published a spin-off publication. VIBE magazine was aimed at females multicultural demographic, Vibe Vixen included features on beauty, fashion, and female entertainers. R&B starlet Ciara appeared on the inaugural issues cover. late-night talk show of the Vibe same name premiered in August 1997 and was produced by Quincy Jones, hosted by Chris Spencer, and featured President Bill Clinton. There are also other platforms such as, Vibe brand are VIBE Online, the magazines online presence; VIBE On Demand, the impressive online video channel VLN TV; VIBE film; and MVibe, a wireless content provider for hand-held devices, as well as CD and DVD lines distributed under the same name.
  7. 7. Is it a good publisher? I think this is a good publisher because it’s a similar target audience The magazine is based on R&B and hip- hop this relates to the genre of magazine that I want to do, which is helpful for me. Its helpful because it allows me to look at what type of celebrities are associated in this magazine and what colours and layouts I can use for the same genre/style of my magazine.