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4 Tech and Marketing Trends for 2014 by Aliza Sherman


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Over the years, I've been asked to give my predictions of where things are going with the web, social and mobile and technology. For context: I've been online since 1987, started the first woman-owned, full-service Internet company in 1995, started an early social media marketing agency in 2006 (before we really called it that), started a social/mobile dev and consulting firm in 2010. Here are 4 tech/marketing trends I'm watching with fascination.

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4 Tech and Marketing Trends for 2014 by Aliza Sherman

  1. 1. 4 Tech Trends for 2014 by Aliza Sherman
  2. 2. Never make predictions, especially about the future. --Casey Stengel @alizasherman  
  3. 3. “For better or for worse, 2014 escalates the ubiquity of connectivity.” @alizasherman  
  4. 4. Prediction 1: Hybrid or 360 degree experiences Lines between online/mobile and offline blur even more. @alizasherman  
  5. 5. Prediction 1 The hybrid or 360 degree experience demonstrates that what we see and do online is inextricably connected to what we see and do offline. We engage in offline activities and instantly share them online. We go online whenever we have “down time” offline* to stave off boredom by “connecting.” @alizasherman   *and  too  o1en  at  moments  when     we  should  be  paying  a8en9on…  
  6. 6. Prediction 1 Examples of hybrid experiences •  Wearable  technologies   –  FitBit,  Up  by  Jawbone   –  Fuel  by  Nike   •  Geo-­‐Fencing   –  Bytelight   –  PlaceCast  and  PlaceAd   •  QR  codes  and  improved  scannables   •  Social  mobile  gamifica9on  of  offline   experiences   –  EventMobi   –  Bizzabo   @alizasherman   Pictured:  Up  by  Jawbone  
  7. 7. Disrupting: Our ways of being “present” and how we “connect” with others. @alizasherman  
  8. 8. Prediction 2: Social fatigue Overconnecting becomes even more overwhelming. @alizasherman  
  9. 9. Prediction 2 The flip side of hybrid experiences: People will seek solutions to hyperconnected burnout. Businesses, products and services catering to simplifying, even disconnecting, will fill a growing need. Think retreats, workshops, software that quiets notifications or tracks time online and gently reminds people to pay attention to life. @alizasherman  
  10. 10. Prediction 2 Examples •  •  •  •  •  •  Camp  Grounded   Digital  Detox  (“Disconnect  to  Reconnect”)   Wisdom  2.0  (“Disconnect  to  Connect”)   #unplug  Movement   Tech  “Diets”   Reboot  –  Na9onal  Day  of  Unplugging     –  March  7-­‐8,  2014   –  “I  unplug  to  _______”     @alizasherman  
  11. 11. Disrupting: Our compulsive mobile device and social networking habits. @alizasherman  
  12. 12. “2014 will be the year of unplugging.” @alizasherman  
  13. 13. Prediction 3: Domination of the user gen model More companies solicit, cull & exploit content from their customers. @alizasherman  
  14. 14. Prediction 3 User Generated Content (UGC) continues to be solicited and aggregated by companies as a stand-in for paying writers. Why will people continue to contribute this content for free? Human nature. We yearn to be heard. We seek a platform or soapbox. We correlate being published with being connected. @alizasherman  
  15. 15. Prediction 3 Examples •  Ar9cles  and  essays   –  Medium   –  Dot.complicated   –  Huffington  Post   –  Open  Forum  (American  Express)   •  Ci9zen  journalism   –  iReport   •  The  fine  print  in  the  terms  of  service     for  social  networks,  video  and  image   sharing  sites,  wikis,  podcas9ng,  etc.   @alizasherman  
  16. 16. Disrupting: The price (and value) of content. @alizasherman  
  17. 17. Prediction 4: Crowdfunding goes mainstream Each of us has the power to invest. @alizasherman  
  18. 18. Prediction 4 Crowdfunding sites are finally resulting in tangible products. Contributing and investing via social crowdfunding sites will become more common, particularly as the Jobs Act rulings on crowdfunding are determined. Anybody can make small investments with ease. Anybody with an idea or cause has the power to solicit money from friends, family, fans and strangers. @alizasherman  
  19. 19. Prediction 5 Examples •  Kickstarter,  Indigogo   –  Studio  Neat  Glif   –  Everpurse   •  Quirky  products  sold  at  Target   •  Cause-­‐related  fundraising  plajorms   –  Catapult   –  StartSomeGood     Pictured:  Cordie  from  Quirky,     Everpurse  in  Persimmon   @alizasherman  
  20. 20. Disrupting: The need for financial middlemen and money gatekeepers. @alizasherman  
  21. 21. “2014 means more power to the consumer as creator.” @alizasherman  
  22. 22. “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” --Peter Drucker
  23. 23. Aliza Sherman Speaker, Author, Web Pioneer @alizasherman