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Elevate Your Career: Job Opportunities in Cannabis


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A presentation at the Anchorage Cannabis Business Association (ACBA) about the cannabis industry and job opportunities in the various segments of this emerging industry.

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Elevate Your Career: Job Opportunities in Cannabis

  1. 1. @alizasherman Elevate Your Career: Opportunities in Cannabis
  2. 2. @alizasherman Growth Industry Source: New Fron-er Data $22 Billion!!
  3. 3. @alizasherman As of December 2016, 28 states and Washington D.C. have legalized cannabis in some way. 8 states have legalized adult use.
  4. 4. @alizasherman The Industry Referred to as “marijuana retail stores” in Alaska 29 Growers, 13 Retail Stores in Alaska as of Jan 2017
  5. 5. @alizasherman The Opportunities
  6. 6. @alizasherman Building, Land & Commercial Irrigation Genetics Lighting Processing Equipment Seeds Soil, Fertilizers, Nutrients Temp Regulators Tools Ventilation Growing & Horticulture
  7. 7. @alizasherman Cultivation Technician Trims plants in the vegeta-ve stage and creates clones from material. Handles clones and plants; waters and fer-lizes using a variety of tools. Examines plants for signs of pests or disease and maintains Clean Rooms. $45,000K-$55,000K
  8. 8. @alizasherman Trimmer (PT ) Prune cannabis leaves and stems from buds using -ny scissors. $12-$15/hour Sort cananbis materials for different uses.
  9. 9. @alizasherman Biotech & Biopharm Concentrates Drinks E-Liquid Edibles Flowers Oils Teas Tinctures Topical Products Manufacturing Cannabinoid- Based Products Edibles Chef Asst Chef Line Baker Food Scientist Food Chemist Kitchen Manager
  10. 10. @alizasherman Apparel & Accessories Glass Products Pipes/Papers/Grinders/Dab Lighters, Cleaning, Incense, Etc. (Misc) Storage Containers Vape and Dab Hardware Manufacturing Hard Products
  11. 11. @alizasherman Retail Head Shops (No Cannabis Products) Dispensary (aka “Retail Stores” in Alaska) Web Only Security Transportation Wholesale Suppliers Display Cases & Point Of Purchase Vending Machines Printing, Packaging & Labeling Signage Retail Contractors Transportation Distribution Distributor of Growing & Horticulture Products Distributor of THC & CBD Products Distributor of Hard Good Retail, Wholesale, Distribution
  12. 12. @alizasherman Budtender$10-15/hourAlexa O(e, a budtender at Medicine Man, Aurora, CO, via BizJournal Rings orders into computer, collects money from guests for purchases. Arranges products to maintain arac-ve displays. Knowledgeable about products, stay current with trends and developments. Learns guests’ names, occupa-ons, and favorite products. Welcomes guest, checks IDs, and answers ques-ons about products.
  13. 13. @alizasherman INDY SALES REP “Mary Kay for MJ” We curate high-quality products from top-of-the-line brands and provide customized experiences that make it easy to buy with confidence. Experience Cannabis in a New Light. Learn about and purchase cannabis from friends, in the comfort of your home.
  14. 14. @alizasherman Accounting Services Advertising, Design, Graphic Services Copywriting, Marketing Banking & Financial Services Business Consulting Insurance Services Investment Banking Lab Testing, Services & Equip Legal Services Media Package Design and Manufacturing Real Estate Regulatory Compliance Security & Safe Services Tech Services (Web, Apps, IT, Software) Tourism Trade Organizations Professional Services
  15. 15. @alizasherman What Do You Need •  Residency •  Valid Driver’s license or State ID card •  Minimum of 21 years of age •  Background checks – Clean record •  Proper license (handling, growing, etc.) •  Must be and remain compliant with any and all legal or company regulations for working in the industry
  16. 16. @alizasherman Business Licensing •  Standard Cultivation •  Limited Cultivation •  Product Manufacturing •  Concentrate Manufacturing •  Testing •  Retail Store per 3 AAC 306.700.
  17. 17. @alizasherman Marijuana Handler’s Permit A marijuana establishment and each licensee, employee, or agent of the marijuana establishment who sells, cultivates, manufactures, tests, or transports marijuana or a marijuana product, or who checks the identification of a consumer or visitor, must obtain a marijuana handler permit from the board before being licensed or beginning employment at a marijuana establishment. hps://
  18. 18. @alizasherman Getting the Job •  Do your homework •  Craft your resume •  Build a professional online presence •  Convey a professional image •  Educate yourself •  Attend industry events •  Network, network, network •  Follow up
  19. 19. @alizasherman Aliza Sherman @alizasherman on Twier & Instagram @hercannalife @sparktheagency