Top 10 Tips for Driving Authentic Engagement with your Influencers via Social Media


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To engage your online community, you want to attract people to you using social media tools, get them to react (like something), to interact (comment), but better yet, to act (share, submit, contact, buy).

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  • Wine Sisterhood as a case study for authentically engaging influencers.
  • What is Authentic Engagement? And how do you get there?
  • To engage, you want to attract people to you using social media tools, get them to react (like something), to interact (comment), but better yet, to act (share, submit, contact, buy).
  • Pay attention, listen, notice what your audience is doing online, what they react to, what they share
  • The elements of attention in social media are monitoring, reviewing, assessing and responding to what you’ve learned.
  • Apply intelligence gained from paying attention toward creating content that is meaningful to your audience.
  • Wine Sisterhood has a large fan base, particularly on Facebook. While we have key messages we want to convey and actions we’d like our fans to take, we also know who they are and what they want.
  • Humor wins.
  • Our Wine Sisters want humor and they respond when we give it to them by liking, commenting and sharing.
  • Humor wins again.
  • Convey a sense of presence and awareness through responsiveness to your customers, prospects and fans.
  • How do you realistically communicate with your fan base? Pros and cons of real-time (resource issues) vs. automation (social media fails). Understand when your community members are online. Use automation strategically, sparingly.
  • Look for opportunities to connect human-to-human. If someone is going to let you into their social media feed and give you attention, you need to provide value with a human touch, understanding human behavior.
  • The concept of Human Marketing – we get too caught up in the technology and tools. What are you building that people want to belong to, be a part of, aspire to?
  • Understand that people are overwhelmed so you need to respect their space and time. Look at the frequency and intensity of your campaigns.
  • Pay attention to the individuals who take initiative, engage often, then create a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • How do you create a mutually beneficial relationship and invite your community members to connect more deeply?
  • Remember why people use social networks. Reach out, get personal, peel back the layers, invite behind-the-scenes.
  • Insider opportunity to be part of a small real-world gathering, a physical meet-up. Invite them into your world, literally, like the Wine Sisterhood Gatherings. How else can you create a sense of intimacy?
  • Use the power of storytelling to draw people in and keep them engaged.
  • Use Instagram, Vine, images and video, weavingthem into messaging.
  • Pinterest is incredibly powerful but only if you know how to use it. People rarely comment on Pinterest, but they share what you pin, and better yet, share from your website or blog into the Pinterest community. Use Pin It buttons on your site as well as powerful – and larger format – images.
  • Instagram, Vine, images and video, weaving it into messaging.
  • Build and nurture your online community around mutual interests, shared goals, combined actions. Back to people wanting to belong.
  • More potential value in smaller niche and narrow than going for the big numbers. When you go big, you should slice and dice into smaller pieces. Back to creating intimacy. Like geographic targeting and Super Sisters.
  • Remember your business goals and drive actions to trigger conversions.
  • Make sure campaigns have trackable, measurable and achievable actions attached. 1 million steps versus 10,000 participants.
  • Create a diverse and distributed presence where you can insert your brand wherever your customers go. Leverage the blurred lines between online and offline.
  • Smartphone and mobile device with Internet blurs the lines between online and offline. Create 360 degree experiences and destinations.
  • The Wine Sisterhood Lounger at the 80 Sips event.
  • Physical meets online.
  • Pop up jewelry shop, lifestyle appeal. Something tangible and real.
  • Back to being human.
  • Give them a sense of belonging: They want to invite their friends because they are part of something. They know they matter.
  • Top 10 Tips for Driving Authentic Engagement with your Influencers via Social Media

    1. 1. Top 10 Tips for Driving Authentic Engagement with your Influencers via Social Media
    2. 2. Authentic Real Genuine Trust Honest Truthful Person-to- Person Trustworthy Sincere ?
    3. 3. Engagement: Attract React Interact Act
    4. 4. 1. Pay Attention
    5. 5. Monitor Review Assess Respond
    6. 6. 2. Be Relevant
    7. 7. Fans: 350K
    8. 8. Reach: 185.7K 3,648 Likes 76 Comments 3,214 Shares
    9. 9. Reach: 189.6K 3,942 Likes 242 Comments 2,982 Shares
    10. 10. Reach: 195.8K 4,438 Likes 86 Comments 2,430 Shares
    11. 11. 3. Be Present
    12. 12. Real-Time Conversation vs. Automation
    13. 13. 4. Be Human
    14. 14. Human Marketing: “It is human nature to want to BELONG to something.”
    15. 15. Overwhelm = #Unplug
    16. 16. 5. Serve Your Superfans
    17. 17. 6. Foster Intimacy
    18. 18. 7. Tell Your Stories !
    19. 19. Visual Storytelling
    20. 20. Visual Storytelling
    21. 21. Visual Storytelling
    22. 22. 8. Gather Your Tribe
    23. 23. Narrow vs. Broad
    24. 24. 9. Drive Actions
    25. 25. Trackable Measurable Achievable
    26. 26. 10. Go 360 Degrees
    27. 27. Immersive Experiential Ubiquitous
    28. 28. It isn’t about the social media. It is about human beings wanting to connect, to be connected, to belong. @alizasherman
    29. 29. Convert friends, fans and followers into evangelists for your brand.