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Mobile journalism, innovation and storytelling


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My presentation to the Mobile Journalism Conference 2015

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Mobile journalism, innovation and storytelling

  1. 1. “That’s great!”... “...does it work on mobile?” And other learned lessons in mobile journalism, storytelling and innovation Alison Gow Editor, digital innovation, Trinity Mirror Regionals @alisongow
  2. 2. The innovator’s dilemma 2008 newsroom conversations: “Wow, that’s great!” “I know!” “What did you use to make it?” “Pure awesomeness” 2010 newsroom conversations: “How does it look on mobile?” “Um…” “You did test on mobile?” “Um…” “Does the code work with the app?” “Um…” “Let’s… let’s just not launch this yet”
  3. 3. Experiments in… Live mobile: Immersive mobile: Multimedia ● Newsrooms ● Blogs ● Streams ● Q&A sessions ● Longform ● Data visualisation ● Animated news ● Games ● Interactive images ● Panos ● Drone journalism ● News games
  4. 4. ● X1 Glass ● X2 centres - Liverpool and Manchester ● X1 Champion… but multiple users ● Successes: Unique PoV reports, non-intrusive interviewing, food reviews and fun features Offered the chance to work with interesting new kit, both newsrooms became more thoughtful about mobile reporting and audiences, and had great suggestions innovative storytelling. Engaging colleagues is the start of great ideas. Example 1: Google Glass project
  5. 5. Example 2: Game engagement ● August 2014: Pitch made to build a fan game designed for mobile. ● The aim: Grow engagement; extend brand reach, make socially shareable unique content ● Build: Borrowed developer from Data Unit team; on-going advice - particularly re mobile options - from Product team ● January 15: Launch. Immediate success; huge fan engagement, and high rate of social sharing The challenge: Launch an interactive for the 2014/15 football season that lets fans pick their team
  6. 6. And some 2015 works-in-progress Interactive ink for mobile audiences Wearables - what next? Interactive panos Social conversation engine Experimenting with the IoT
  7. 7. Mojo story-making learnings ● Social curation is a key part of mobile journalism - Twitter lists/collections; make magazines on Flipboard, make interactives with Thinglink ● Social needs to be embedded at the start of your content plan ● Ephemeral conversations can work - but stories also need lasting records ● New and Shiny does not automatically equal Of Value to Audience ● Analytics inform decisions - but you make them ● Know who your audience is; keep in mind: ‘How does this story need to be told?’ ● Involve your Product department and listen to their ideas ● Proof of Concept can help make your case when pitching ideas ● Spoof your browser, test on mobile, in app - know what your work looks on devices ● Kit matters - test, assess, listen to feedback upgrade
  8. 8. Some favourite 3rd party apps and tools ● Livestream: Bambuser Hyperlapse (timelapse) ● Instagram/Flickr ● Vine and gif-toaster Snapseed pic editing app ● Storify - curated storytelling ● Canva and PicMonkey - desktop photo editing ● Marksta (watermarking app) ● Flipboard ● Thinglink - interactive pix ● Skitch (mark-up pix) ● CartoDB - mobile-frindly animated maps ● Twitter lists, collections and searches ● Google Hangouts ● ● Github
  9. 9. Platforms, devices and tech change, but some journalism rules remain: WHO is my audience,WHAT screen will they use, WHERE are they accessing content, WHEN are they reading, WHY am I telling the story this way, HOW can I make it soar online?