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Mobile Journalism October 2015


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Slidedeck for guest lecture at Baruch College business journalism class on Oct. 10, 2015. Discussion on mobile first, video production, apps and social media.

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Mobile Journalism October 2015

  1. 1. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Baruch College, CUNY Oct. 7, 2015 Mo Krochmal @krochmal
  2. 2. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Goals  Introduce you to the emerging world of mobile journalism  Provide you with a toolkit for storytelling to help you build a portfolio of meaningful reporting
  3. 3. Mobile Multimedia Journalism How we use our phones
  4. 4. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Right now, mobile likely won't get you a job in journalism. . . But, mobile skills may make a difference between you getting the job and someone else getting it.
  5. 5. Mobile Multimedia Journalism HistoryHistory
  6. 6. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Feb. 17, 2004
  7. 7. Mobile Multimedia Journalism November 22, 2010
  8. 8. Mobile Multimedia Journalism tevxt
  9. 9. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Aug. 20, 2009 Jeremy Jojola, KOB-TV Albuquerque Went live from his iPhone using the application
  10. 10. Mobile Multimedia Journalism TrendsTrends
  11. 11. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Ownership trends Source: Pew Internet
  12. 12. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Mobile Growth
  13. 13. Go Ahead, Phone it in! Mobile Penetration  6.587B subscriptions globally (SIM cards, multiple devices), 345M U.S.  1.87B subscriptions 3G/4G (26.6 percent, 2014) Audience  91 percent of U.S. population has mobile subscription, 287M 3G/4G Source: Mobiforge
  14. 14. Devices As of January 2014:  90% of American adults have a cellphone  58% of American adults have a smartphone  32% of American adults own an e-reader  42% of American adults own a tablet computer
  15. 15. TV Truck in Your Hand “Me time” Dominates Mobile Use
  16. 16. TV Truck in Your Hand People are using mobile devices for:  Self-expression – doing hobbies and interests (1%)  Discovery – seeking news and information (4%)  Preparation – preparing for activities, travel (7%)  Accomplishing – managing health, finances (11%)  Shopping – seeking products, services (12%)  Socializing – interacting with others (19%)  Me time – relaxation or entertainment (46%)
  17. 17. TV Truck in Your Hand
  18. 18. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Mobile FirstMobile First
  19. 19. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Mobile first?  Think mobile before doing reporting  Content focused for mobile  Short alone is not the final answer  Interactive  Entire organization thinks mobile  Social is mobile
  20. 20. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Mobile web Drive-by, drop-in audience. Home page is not as critical as people go to stories. What is the small unit to create a story – a picture, a video, a graphic, a tweet, a status? Mobile apps Loyalty. Apps require a certain commitment, overcoming hurdles to download. While they are there, give them something else, such as personalization, alerts.
  21. 21. Mobile Multimedia Journalism
  22. 22. Mobile Multimedia Journalism AppsApps
  23. 23. Mobile Multimedia Journalism
  24. 24. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Via FlurryAnalytics
  25. 25. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Forrester via MarketingLand
  26. 26. Mobile Multimedia Journalism
  27. 27. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Need MoreNeed More Video!Video!
  28. 28. Mobile Multimedia Journalism  People watching more video on devices  Expensive to produce at the high end  Higher advertising revenues available  Mobile video storytelling just beginning  Tools are becoming widely available  Make a reel. Be creative.
  29. 29. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Reporting Don't be this guy!
  30. 30. Mobile Multimedia Journalism PlatformsPlatforms
  31. 31. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Video PlatformsVideo Platforms
  32. 32. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Social Media PlatformsSocial Media Platforms
  33. 33. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Media PlatformsMedia Platforms
  34. 34. Mobile Multimedia Journalism AudioAudio
  35. 35. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Podcasts Debuted in October, 2014 Reinvigorated the podcast form
  36. 36. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Podcasts Debuted in October, 2014 Reinvigorated the podcast form Other popular podcasts include TED Radio Hour, The Nerdist It takes commitment, consistency and great content You can do it with your phone Platforms: SoundCloud, Blogtalkradio Shortform: AudioBoo
  37. 37. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Audio  The subject's voice complements photos.  Interviewing subjects leads to picture opportunities.  Adds detail to captions or a full text story, increasing the chance of getting published.  People are searching on the text associated with media.  Audio communicates information beyond via images or text such as emotion, humor, pauses or breaks in their voice, or the ambient sound that transports you to a location.  Audio provides the narrative spine necessary for linear broadcast and the Web.
  38. 38. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Writing for audio  must be clear  must be for the ear (to be heard, not read)  short words  short sentences, one idea or fact per sentence  simple sentence structure  Subject > Verb > Predicate > Period  pronounceable words  use of contractions  casual but not informal  efficient – make every word count, write in active voice
  39. 39. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Mark your script  underline for emphasis,  insert vertical lines for pauses,  arrows for vocal inflections
  40. 40. Mobile Multimedia Journalism
  41. 41. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Types of Sound  Interview clips  Voice-overs  Natural sounds  Ambient sounds Want to know more?
  42. 42. Mobile Multimedia Journalism WritingWriting
  43. 43. Mobile Multimedia Journalism “I have made this longer than usual because I have not had time to make it shorter.” Blaise Pascal
  44. 44. Mobile Multimedia Journalism No. 1 Rule Be concise, but not necessarily short. Tighten, tighten, tighten
  45. 45. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Short, strong headlines
  46. 46. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Go with your strongest content first. Inverted pyramid, plus!
  47. 47. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Use images with everything
  48. 48. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Practice
  49. 49. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Cards Circa Pinterest Twitter
  50. 50. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Short, chunks
  51. 51. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Practice
  52. 52. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Writing for Radio The International Standardization Organization, which is composed of acoustics experts, today opened its annual convention. The convention is meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. Delegates from 51 countries are attending the convention, which will continue through Sunday. An annual report issued by the organization warned that noise levels in the world are rising by one decibel a year. If the increase continues, the report warned, "everyone living in cities could be stone deaf by the year 2020." The report also said that long-term exposure to a noise level of 100 decibels can cause deafness, yet a riveting gun reaches a level of 130 decibels and a jet aircraft 150.
  53. 53. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Doing Interviews  Find a good subject (chat with them first)  Be prepared  What are you trying to accomplish?  Make them comfortable  Start slow, and easy  Mimic body language Ask them to spell their name, age, job  Always be live, don't stop recording  Open ended questions  Be quiet  Get them to reflect: How did that feel?  Ask them if you forgot to ask anything
  54. 54. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Audio Interviews  Find a quiet place for interviews.  Always wear headphones. Check your levels.  Record 30 seconds of room tone for easier editing.  Place microphone a few inches below or to side of mouth to avoid “plosives.”  Get name, age, hometown, and occupation.  Encourage subject to answer in complete sentences. Ask people to repeat themselves if necessary.  Be silent. Don’t say “uh huhh.” Maintain eye contact.  At end of interview, ask, “What else should I know?”  Record ambient sound effects. Identify the sound into your microphone before recording it.  Don’t stop recording.
  55. 55. TV Truck in Your Hand The DeviceThe Device
  56. 56. Go Ahead, Phone it in! Know how your phone works
  57. 57. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Jobs
  58. 58. Go Ahead, Phone it in! Go Kit
  59. 59. Mobile Multimedia Journalism
  60. 60. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Practice
  61. 61. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Ethics  Do not reconstitute the truth.  Be judicious in your use of music and special sound effects.  Use photographic and editing special effects sparingly and carefully.  Apply the same careful editing ethics standards to your teases, promotions and headlines that you do for your news stories.
  62. 62. Mobile Multimedia Journalism StillsStills
  63. 63. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Stills  Shoot more than you need. Get closer.  Compose using the rule of thirds. Shoot horizontally.  Shoot wide, medium, close-up and extreme close-ups.  Shoot details (eyes, hands and personal items).  Compose clean portraits of sources.
  64. 64. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Shot Sequences Cover shot – Brings the reader into story. Establishing shot – wide, environmental Detail shot – closer Closing shot – a picture that stays with the reader
  65. 65. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Shot types  Newsworthy – one frame to tell a news story  Emotional – capturing an emotion  Intimate – capturing emotions between two people  Unusual – the photographer's eye The Phoblographer
  66. 66. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Captions are critical  What is the thought communicated by the photo?  Short sentence that sums up what you see.  Give more information  Don't state the obvious  Don't use caption-ese  Pick a style – complete sentences, headlinese.  Standalone, or part of package  Cut and paste names. Double check spelling, facts  Write what you know
  67. 67. Mobile Photography Awards
  68. 68. Mobile Multimedia Journalism VideoVideo
  69. 69. Mobile Multimedia Journalism  50 per cent of people drop off halfway through every video  If you don’t engage in the first 10 seconds, your video will fail No exact rules for length, but be concise and edit ruthlessly.
  70. 70. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Video Interviews  When possible, use a tripod.  Use microphone and headphones. Check your sound levels.  Set white balance for each location.  Pay attention to head and nose room in composition. The subject should not look directly into the camera; they should look into frame, not out of it.  If you are not using additional lights, make sure sun or main light source is over your shoulder.
  71. 71. Mobile Multimedia Journalism B-roll  Shoot a variety of shots and angles.  Shoot in sequences. The five-shot rule is a good guide.  Hold each shot for 10-15 seconds.  Avoid pans or zooms.  Let action move across frame rather than moving with it.  Shoot an opening and closing shot.
  72. 72. Mobile Multimedia Journalism  Opening shot  Wide shot  Money shot  Medium  Extreme  Closing shot
  73. 73. Mobile Multimedia Journalism CamerasCameras
  74. 74. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Q: What's the best camera? A: The one that's with you. Your phone is always with you. Master it as a reporting tool and you will be ahead of the pack. How? Practice, practice, practice.
  75. 75. Mobile Multimedia Journalism SmartphonesSmartphones • iPhoneiPhone • AndroidAndroid • MSFT/NokiaMSFT/Nokia • BlackberryBlackberry Feature (flip) phoneFeature (flip) phone TabletsTablets What to get?
  76. 76. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Pro TipPro Tip
  77. 77. 180 Degree Rule Keep on one side of the axis for every shot. Two cameras: Shoot over each person's shoulder One camera: Shoot over interviewer's shoulder, Then shoot questions, camera facing interviewer, include reaction shots. Backcuts, noddies.
  78. 78. Mobile Multimedia Journalism AppsApps
  79. 79. Go Ahead, Phone it in!  Primary Apps
  80. 80. Go Ahead, Phone it in!  Sound, Storytelling
  81. 81. Go Ahead, Phone it in!  Photos, video editing tools
  82. 82. Go Ahead, Phone it in!  Live Streaming Mobile Video
  83. 83. Go Ahead, Phone it in!  Fresh Out of the App Store
  84. 84. To Test app
  85. 85. TV Truck in Your Hand Best for desktop  Livestream/Ustream/YouTube Connect  Google Hangouts Best for mobile  Mobile->Social: Bambuser  Collaborative->Vyclone  Instant audience->Meerkat, Periscope
  86. 86. TV Truck in Your Hand  Use built-in phone app for video  Edit with Splice, export to camera roll  Import to SocialCam  Distribute to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
  87. 87. TV Truck in Your Hand  IFTTT (recipes)  Photography – ProHDR, VSCOcam, ToonCamera, PS Express, Facetune  Gifography – Cinemagram, Echogram
  88. 88. Mobile Multimedia Journalism MobileMobile == SocialSocial
  89. 89. Mobile Multimedia Journalism The Big Nine of social media are:  Facebook  YouTube  Google Plus  Soundcloud  Twitter  LinkedIn Instagram Pinterest Tumblr
  90. 90. Most Instagrammed city Most liked color Fortune 500 Top 100 brands Top Brand Mobile Multimedia Journalism New York Blue 24 percent 43 percent Victoria's Secret
  91. 91. Mobile Multimedia Journalism  35 million selfies posted though Oct. 17; New York is No. 2.  A 38 percent increase in likes for Instagrams with faces in them.
  92. 92. Mobile Multimedia Journalism  Pinterest  Snapchat  Viber – voice  What’sApp  Quora  Google Plus  Slideshare/Prezi  Sulia  Empire Avenue  Flipboard  Vine Foursquare/Swarm Hootsuite Tweetdeck Foodspotting Livestream Ustream SocialCam
  93. 93. TV Truck in Your Hand
  94. 94. Mobile Multimedia Journalism
  95. 95. TV Truck in Your Hand Skills you need:  Non-linear video editing  Operate a broadcast quality camera  Write and communicate clearly  Digital media  Attitude Avid, FCP, Premiere, Quantel Panasonic, Sony, Hitachi, Canon and JVC are the main ones. Also DSLR are on the rise. Streaming media, content management systems, Photoshop, social media and analytics, HTML Yes, I can
  96. 96. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Jobs
  97. 97. TV Truck in Your Hand Virtual Reality – Google CardboardVirtual Reality – Google Cardboard
  98. 98. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Jobs
  99. 99. TV Truck in Your Hand CollabraCam Live 6-camera editing!
  100. 100. TV Truck in Your Hand
  101. 101. TV Truck in Your Hand
  102. 102. TV Truck in Your Hand
  103. 103. TV Truck in Your Hand Share on a network  Create a network on a MacBook Pro  click on Wi-Fi in the menu bar,  go down to “Create Network…”, rename
  104. 104. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Jobs
  105. 105. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Jobs
  106. 106. Mobile Multimedia Journalism Jobs