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Alfresco in an hour

presented by Paul Hampton

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Alfresco in an hour

  1. 1. Alfresco in an Hour Paul Hampton Director of Product Marketing Alfresco
  2. 2. Agenda Overview of Alfresco and ECM market Alfresco Content Management services Alfresco Content Management clients Integrations Compare Editions What Next?
  3. 3. Traditional ECM High Cost Complex Slow / Limited Adoption 3
  4. 4. Challenges for the ECM Market ● Cloud Computing, Mobile, Broadband and Internet ● Changing business demographics ● New CMIS standard ● Open Source ● 3C’s – Commoditization, Consumerization and Cost Reduction 4
  5. 5. Alfresco is... Lower Cost Easier to Use Adopted Faster 5
  6. 6. Complete ECM Document Web Content Management Management Collaboration Email Archive Electronic Records Image Management Management Digital Asset Workflow Management
  7. 7. Two Components eMail Web Browser Kofax FTP Network Drive MS Office Client Access WebDAV Google Docs IBM Lotus Security Rules / Actions Version Metadata Content Services Search Lifecycle Workflow Renditions 7
  8. 8. Document Content and Properties ● Manage any content (.doc .ppt .xls .jpg .mp3 .mp4) ● Metatdata – information about the document Properties o Name, Title, Who created, When Created, When modified Document ● Can be extended o Customer number, name ● Support custom types ● Support for Aspects 8
  9. 9. Alfresco Flexible Data Model Type = Report Type = Contract Type = Email Type = Case Type Attributes... Type Attributes... Type Attributes... Type Attributes... Subject Effective date Subject Format Report date Value Sent By Business area Sent To Aspect = Customer Aspect Attributes... Customer Name Customer Number Contact Status 9
  10. 10. Version Control ● No need to track by file name o Alfresco –v1.ppt o Alfresco – v1.2.ppt Properties o 2010-05 Alfresco.ppt ● Keep relationship Version Document between versions ● Role back ● Traceability 10
  11. 11. Access Control ● Lock file on edit o Stop multiple editors ● User Roles Lock Properties ● Security o Control who has access Version Document Roles o Control the role that they have Security 11
  12. 12. Roles 12
  13. 13. Access Control Patti Jennifer Risley Watmore VP of HR CEO 13
  14. 14. Content Storage ● Store content in a ‘Space’ ● Navigate by: Lock Folder Properties o Folder o Tag Version Document Roles o Categories o Filters (i.e. favourites) Security 14
  15. 15. Renditions and Comments ● Create related files ● Transform to a different format Lock Folder Properties o i.e. HTML, PDF, JPG ● Allow users to comment Version Document Roles on content ● Comments managed as separate objects Security Renditions Comments 15
  16. 16. Other Services 16
  17. 17. Rules and Actions ● Rules are applied to a Rules ‘Space’ Actions ● Rules make a space ‘Smart’ ● Rules are triggered by an event o Inbound – Content being added to a space o Outbound – Content leaving a space (moved or deleted) o Update – Content being modified 17
  18. 18. Rules and Actions ● Rules are filtered based Example on: o All items Draft o Specific MIME type o Content type Approved o Category ● Can have multiple Published events ● Can define the order 18
  19. 19. Workflow ● Documents have a Rules lifecycle Actions o They are created o They are reviewed o They are approved Workflow o They are published o ...and then they are revised and it all starts again! 19
  20. 20. Workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) ● Based on embedded Author Jboss jBPM Write ● Full BPM Capabilities Review o Branching, merging and Comment conditions o Scripting Publish ● Lifecycle Management Read o Roles, Reviewers, Security, Folder, Comments/Discussion, Workflow, Status, Audit They Shouldn’t have Seen That It was in Review 20
  21. 21. Search ● Google like operators to Rules search for content Actions ● Examples: o Type – type:document o Property – modified:today Workflow Search o Date – created:“2009-01-01” o Text – text:“alfresco faq” ● Can combine search criteria o AND, OR, NOT 21
  22. 22. Example – name: plan
  23. 23. Example – modifier: phampton Will return any object – Blog posts, Documents, Folders, Forum posts, Wiki pages, etc.
  24. 24. Example – name: plan AND modifier: phampton
  25. 25. Storage Policies ● AKA Information Rules Lifecycle Management Actions (ILM) ● Dynamic storage based on business policies / Workflow Search lifecycle rules ● Define business rules ● Reduced cost without Storage impacting performance Policies 25
  26. 26. Storage Policies ● Examples SSD o By type: Large video files on fast Policy expensive drives. Office Rules $$$ documents on slower, more cost effective, drives. o By business unit, by age, by FC usage, by ... Policy Rules Drives $$ ● Leverage Rules and Actions to drive SATA Drive $ SSD = Solid State Drives FC = Fibre Channel 26
  27. 27. Access Content From... Web Shared Drive Email SharePoint / Office SMTP Listener
  28. 28. The Most Used ECM ● The Network Drive ● Why? o Easy to use o No Training o Low cost Issues... ● Hard to find files ● No Context ● No Version Control ● Inappropriate Security 28
  29. 29. Shared Network Drive ● CIFS / FTP / WebDAV o Root URL: <machine o All rules are applied name>_AAlfresco o All permissions are enforced o Same as a network share o If versioning is enabled, then folder content will be versioned o Can mount as a share drive o Drag and Drop files into Alfresco o Edit content directly with other programs o Network folders can be smart spaces 29
  30. 30. Document Management 30
  31. 31. Document Details 31
  32. 32. Project / Team Collaboration ● Customisable dashboard ● Each project Includes: o Document Library o Calendar o WIKI o Blogs o Discussion forums o External links o Data lists ● IMAP enabled 32
  33. 33. Open Source Records Management ● First ... o DoD Certified Open Source RM Solution o CMIS-enabled RM Solution ● Designed for ‘Ease of Use’ o Rules processing for auto-filing, metadata collection and rendition generation ● File records from Supporting Governance, o Web (In RM Site or from other Share Sites) Retention and Compliance o Email – IMAP Support o CIFS – Shared Network Drive
  34. 34. Records Management 34
  35. 35. The Web Platform Vision Web Application CMIS, REST Alfresco Web Delivery Runtime Repository Deployment Alfresco Web Alfresco Web Alfresco Web Producer Editor Preview Alfresco Editorial Repository Work Packages, Renditions
  36. 36. Alfresco Web Editor Alfresco Web Editor Framework Component Edit from Editing selection list
  37. 37. Edit Content
  38. 38. IMAP Integration ● Virtualised IMAP Server ● Browse and access repository content o Open Alfresco from within email client o Navigate spaces and Share sites as virtual email folders o View metadata, Links to content ● Drag and Drop for email archiving ● Configurable attachment handling ● Works with IMAP compliant clients – No plug-in required 38
  39. 39. Complete Content Management Document Collaboration Web Content Records Email Management Management Management Archive One Repository Built on Modern Technology Stack 39
  40. 40. Content Services For... Any CMIS Client MS Office Shared Drive WEB SharePoint SAP Email IBM Lotus WebDAV Drupal Google Docs Joomla FTP Kofax 40
  41. 41. Compare Editions Alfresco Enterprise Alfresco Community ● Extensive QA ● Automated QA on a o Support for both OS and single OS stack proprietary platforms o Limited platform support ● Easy to configure clustering ● JMX Monitoring ● Alfresco Subsystems ● Need to restart servers ● Storage Policies 41
  42. 42. Compare Services Enterprise Subscription Community ● Lower cost than traditional ● Free (but hidden support solutions and deployment costs) ● Alfresco Technical Support ● No support o Agreed SLA’s o Support portal o No SLA’s o Community / Wiki ● Maintenance o Upgrade, Updates, Hot Fixes ● None provided and Back porting o Fix yourself, rely on community ● Indemnity and Warranty ● None 42
  43. 43. What Next? ● Try Alfresco... ● 24 Hour trial in the Cloud o o ● Download 30 day trial o ● YouTube videos o 43
  44. 44. Summary ● Alfresco Open Source is a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions ● Alfresco has be designed and built as a complete ECM solution ● Alfresco provide extensive Content Services ● Alfresco Content Services can be access from multiple clients ● Try Alfresco now 44
  45. 45. Questions?
  46. 46. 46