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Alfresco 4.0 - A Complete Introduction

Table of Content

1. Alfresco 4.0 version-buzzword compliance

2. What’s new in Alfresco 4.0

3. Cloud Scale Performance

4. Open Platform for Social Channel Publishing

5. Greater Adoption to Enhance User Experience

6. How it enhances users experience

7. Repository building blocks

8. Solr Search Service

9. Indexing Control

10. Other Repository Enhancement

11. Work-flow

12. Release of alfresco 4.0

13. Release of alfresco 4.0 sub-versions and 4.2 sub-versions

14. Complete Installation of alfresco 4.2 Versions

15. Alfresco open source ECM solution- Algoworks Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

16. Reliable Open Source ECM platform-with no upfront cost.

17. FAQ1

18. FAQ2

19. FAQ3

20. Do you have more questions?

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Alfresco 4.0 - A Complete Introduction

  2. 2. ❖ Cloud Scale Performance ❖ Open Platform For Social Channel Publishing ❖ Greater Adoption To Enhance User Experience What’s New In ALFRESCO 4.0
  3. 3. New features to enhance cloud-scale deployment Cloud Scale Performance Increase reliability and scalability. Activity is a leading Java based BPMN 2.0 business process server. It helps in automating business processing. Now new alfresco index server is based on Apache Solr . It separates indexing from content process. Maximized Clustering- Integrated Workflow - High-Performance Indexing -
  4. 4. Open Platform For Social Channel Publishing Professionals can publish content and share updates to social sites including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and SlideShare. Advantages are- Simpler Processing- It simplifies problem of multi-channel publishing. Review-and-approve workflow controls publishing and enhance security. Lesser Tool &Lesser Errors - It eliminates the need of social-specific tool and error-prone “copy-and-paste” tool.
  5. 5. Greater Adoption To Enhance User Experience It offers high-level scalability, adoption and consumer-like user experience. Drag and Drop Simplicity- With HTML5 enable browser, one can simple drag, drop and move file all around. Social Features- Mobile Support- Greater Extensibility- User can “Follow” content author or “Like” their favourite content. Cloud Collaboration- Google Docs integration enhances “Collaboration”. New mobile users can get free iOS app and support of WebDAV and CMIS platform. Developers can easily extend, customized and scaled alfresco interface.
  6. 6. How It Enhances Users Experience!!! Good Features to CONSIDER…… ❖ Rich & Creative Media ❖ Sharing “Customization and Extensibility" ❖ File System Transfer Receiver ❖ Social Content Publishing for MULTIPLE Channels. ❖ Flexible Management Tool
  7. 7. Repository comes up with... ❖ Solr Search Service ❖ Indexing Control ❖ Relational Data Base ❖ File System ❖ Other Repository Enhancement REPOSITORY BUILDIG BLOCKS
  8. 8. Benefits of Solr Searching- ❖ Eliminates need of in-transaction and multiple indexing ❖ Improve PATH query Performance ❖ Improved Cross-language Support ❖ Core service now use database backed queries rather than full text search including file folder, person, copy, authority, Check-out-check-in ❖ Improved Delimiter matching in searches Solr Search Service
  9. 9. Benefits of Indexing Control Features. ❖ Control over “how content is indexed”. ❖ Control the property of index. ❖ Control content of index. ❖ User can disable indexing repository. ❖ You can manage bulk loading of INDEX. Indexing Control
  10. 10. Other Repository Enhancement Features are given below- ❖ iBatis is now upgraded to MyBatis. ❖ CIFS content DiskDriver re-implementation. ❖ Shared Site data stores in relevant site notes. ❖ IMAP featuring enhances reliability and performance. ❖ Ensure utmost confidentiality for credentials (username/password) Other Repository Enhancement
  11. 11. Alfresco 4.0 embedded with two advanced workflow engine JBMP (JBoss Business Process Management) and Activity. Advanced workflow engine resolves various limitations. ❖ Create multistate workflow definition. ❖ Defined parallel workflow. ❖ Give notation for task and assignment. ❖ Eliminate limitation for approval or rejection. WORK-FLOW
  12. 12. Releases of Alfresco 4.0 (sub-versions) Alfresco 4.0.a Name of first sub version: Community Release: Installation & Download: Prerequisites: Workflow Engine: Alfresco 4.0.a First release of alfresco 4.0 version Refer to [Download and Install Alfresco] DB: MySQL 5.5 and PostgreSQL 9.0.2 App Server: Tomcat 6.0.29 JDK Version: 1.6 u20 x 64 Activity engine has been embedded as alternative to jBPM.
  13. 13. Releases of Alfresco 4.0 (sub-versions) ❖ 4.0.a ❖ 4.0.b ❖ 4.0.c ❖ 4.0.d ❖ 4.0.e Releases of Alfresco 4.2 (sub-versions) ❖ 4.2.a ❖ 4.2.b ❖ 4.2.c ❖ 4.2.d
  14. 14. Complete Installation of Alfresco 4.2 Versions 1. Alfresco 4.2.a 2. Alfresco 4.2.b 3. Alfresco 4.2.c 4. Alfresco 4.2.d alfresco-community-4.2.a-installer-win-x32.exe alfresco-community-4.2.b-installer-win-x32.exe alfresco-community-4.2.c-installer-win-x32.exe alfresco-community-4.2.d-installer-win-x32.exe Complete Installation Site Alfresco 4.2 Sub- Versions
  15. 15. Alfresco Open Source ECM Solution Algoworks Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  16. 16. Reliable “Open Source ECM platform” with no upfront cost!!! We deploy and support our solution with proven methodologies And frameworks including SOLAR, SIGMARG©, 5iKM3 and SOLACE© Our Offering Include: Consultancy: Solution Framework: Migration: Alfresco support & maintenance: to formulate best-bit ECM solution. to plan competent ECM architecture including capacity planning, performance audit and integration with other system. We’ve created a tool for bulk uploading and moving of content. Alfresco development & deployment: includes requirement analysis, system designing, development, testing, deployment and configuration. Offer full technical support and maintenance from Level 1 to Level 3.
  17. 17. Q. Can we see “publishing history” of a given content with alfresco 4.0 version? A. Yes! We can see all publishing channels such as when or to whom the asset has been sent. Moreover, user can also un-publish the asset if required. Q. Is Alfresco 4.0 version is efficient for “mobile version”? A. Alfresco 4.0 offers free mobile application for iOS. It supports all the major collaboration features such as user can view, upload, edit, search, comment, tag and even interact with workflow.
  18. 18. Q. What is Alfresco “Index Server”? A. Alfresco 4.0 introduced a new Apache Solr based index server. It helps removing all the indexing load on alfresco server. It is highly useful in multi-node clustered environment. Q. What is the major DRAWBACK with “alfresco 4.0 version”? A. Professionals have to face problem in previewing MS Office files. Alfresco 4 employ Open Office to transform MS office file into preview format.
  19. 19. Q. Is Google Docs available in alfresco 4.0? A. Yes! Alfresco 4.0 is integrated with Google Docs. The feature allows user to work online and easily collaborate with other users. Q. How Alfresco 4.0 bridges the gap between PC and Mac users and multimedia files? A. Alfresco 4 supports more formats such as iWorkfiles. It allows user to view video or audio files directly from the browser. It helps in bridging up the gap between Mac, PC user and multimedia files.
  20. 20. DO YOU HAVE MORE QUESTIONS ??? CONTACT US… USA : +1-877-284-1028 INDIA : +91-120-651-3162 Email : Skype : algoworks