Enterprise Content Management 101 for Financial Services


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The financial services industry is under scrutiny to be transparent in today's market. With increasing regulations, ever-changing customer expectations and the unpredictability of today's economic market, the financial service sector is looking to open source technology to meet their demands and lower overall costs.

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Enterprise Content Management 101 for Financial Services

  1. 1. ECM 101 forFinancial Services
  2. 2. Agenda•  Who is Alfresco?•  What is Enterprise Content Management?•  Case studies•  Q&A
  3. 3. Maidenhead, UK Global Headquarters Atlanta, US HeadquartersAlfresco is now the largest private,pure-play open source softwarecompany in the world.3 million+ downloads of Alfresco community2000+ customers from 43+ countries250+ global channel partners21 consecutive quarters of revenue growthfounded in 2005
  4. 4. Founders Alfresco people John Powell CEO Enterprise Software + Former COO of Business Objects Content Management + Commercial Open Source John Newton CTO & Chairman Former founder of DocumentumManagement Team ExperienceInvestors
  5. 5. Sample Alfresco Customers5
  6. 6. Complete Content Alfresco Platform What we do Management Electronic Document Web Content Records EmailManagement Collaboration Management Management Archive Digital Asset Management Workflow Image Management6
  7. 7. Document  Management  •  Common uses o  Store, search, manage content with central repository o  Content sharing, versioning, workflow/approval•  Benefits o  Save time, simplify searching o  Improve knowledge sharing, work smarter•  Highlights o  Simple as shared drive, integration with MS Office o  Web access, security & permissions o  Any kind of content
  8. 8. Collabora1on  •  Common uses o  Team/departmental sites o  Collaboration for project management o  Simple document tags, keywords•  Benefits o  Empower users and teams easily o  Simple UI -- intuitive, low learning curve•  Highlights o  Rapid roll-out and adoption o  Web 2.0 services all within same platform
  9. 9. Web  Content  Management  •  Common uses o  Content authoring, workflow o  Feed the presentation layer o  Structured content (press releases, articles, images)•  Benefits o  No surprises on your site o  Reduce dependence on IT•  Highlights o  Whole site versioning and rollback o  In-context preview
  10. 10. Records  Management  •  Common uses o  Identify, classify, preserve records (documents) o  Retrieve records for auditing; purge records over time o  Maintain evidence of contracts, certificates, legal content•  Benefits o  Compliance support with audit history o  Integrity via security and roles (i.e. file/write, search/read)•  Highlights o  “RM for the rest of us” - dramatically lower cost o  Multiple import points – web, CIFS, email (IMAP)
  11. 11. Email  integra1on,  archiving  •  Common uses o  Simply email content into Alfresco o  Document/archive emails specific to a project or matter o  Individual “drag and drop” email into Alfresco repository•  Benefits o  Integrate with existing communication methods o  Easy adoption•  Highlights o  Any email technology with IMAP o  Includes email attachments
  12. 12. Digital  Asset  Management  •  Common uses o  Basic/light DAM- store, manage rich media & large files o  Catalogue file types, metadata, set up rules for media•  Benefits o  Same repository o  Storage policies driven by business rules•  Highlights o  CIFS, WebDAV, FTP, multi-file upload o  Thumbnailing, preview capability out of the box
  13. 13. Image  management  •  Common uses o  Digitize physical records, go “paperless” o  Inbound paper management (invoices, contracts, forms) o  Simple capture through shared drive interface•  Benefits o  Efficiency through electronic search and storage o  Full text indexing, metadata capture•  Highlights o  Automate rules and business process o  Integrate with scanning/OCR technologies (i.e. Kofax)
  14. 14. Customer Spotlight: HR BlockChallenge: H&R Block wanted a flexible, easy- to-use documentmanagement system to capture clients tax documents and move themdigitally to its tax preparers offices.Solution: By choosing Alfresco, H&R Block was able to meet its goal ofchoosing to scale both technically and economically. H&R Block paid one-tenth of a similar commercial product support contract. The companysinitially doing several deployments at headquarters, but it wanted a cost lowenough to leave open the possibility of a major rollout to its extensivebranch offices. 14
  15. 15. Customer Spotlight: The P&V GroupChallenge: To be able to archive the records properly within the group’sexisting system, a large proportion of the scanned documents had to behandled manually. The task at hand was two-pronged: the solution neededto provide an answer to short-term requirements, while at the same timealign with the P&V Group’s longer-term vision regarding ECM.Solution: By choosing Alfresco, P&V was able to have a single standardplatform for their EMC and DM systems. Over time, they could integrate andexpand into WCM. The Alfresco solution is meeting its targets with flyingcolors. First scan recognition has risen from less than 60% to 97%. Documentsare now loaded automatically into the archive and made available to usersonline. Additionally, a range of document flows have also been optimized,which has generated additional savings. Today, the archives contain inexcess of 14 million documents. 15
  16. 16. Customer Spotlight: Caceis Investor ServicesChallenge: The problem needing to be solved consisted of two parts: Thecompany is legally obliged to keep a record of all our customersdocuments, which, at the start of the project in 2007, represented around80,000 pages, with increasingly large storage space requirements. Thesecond challenge was that of transactional orders and validating signatures.Solution: The Alfresco business model, based on open source software,enables flexible solutions to be offered with an excellent TCO, comparedwith proprietary solutions. Alfresco has provided a permanent solution forCaceis to accommodate high volumes of data combined with secureshared access to information. 16
  17. 17. Demo
  18. 18. Q&A•  If you have questions, please enter them in the Q&A panel.•  Bob.duley@alfresco.com•  770-658-4414•  Mark.frazer@alfresco.com