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Smartrural Digital resilience for rural worlds


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Smartrural Digital resilience for rural worlds

  1. 1. Imges from: #Smartrural Resilient paradigms to enciclopedize rural worlds for a more resilient society. Alfonso Crisci @alfcrisci
  2. 2. Smartrural context Digital economy is “the global network of economic and social activities that are enabled by platforms such as the internet, mobile and sensor networks” Sharable, reusable, geolinked with distributed redundacy are better!
  3. 3. Smartrural backgrounds Web and mobile become are worldwide used to communicate and for information needs. Information mining play a role and it’s time consuming Territorial and situational awareness given to lead a flexible planning are a request today Strategical store of sharable solutions is a strong remedy face to sudden rural problematics Today web and mobile means economy. Fast effective communication on economical, environmental and productive processes is a need. Data driven approach is important for economical responses means economical Resilience
  4. 4. Smartrural definition Consist essentially an informative environment treated as Dynamical Decision Support System(DDSS) reliable to assist not only farmers, but all rural stakeholders and actors, to make decisions for business/actions creating a digital territorial shared economical context. Reference: Griffith, C, Heydon, G, Lamb, D, Lefort, L, - Taylor, K, Trotter, M and Wark, T, (2013) Smart Farming: Leveraging the impact of broadband and the digital economy, CSIRO and University of New England.
  5. 5. Smartrural milestones Middleware Sensor and Strategic Data streaming cloud-based computing services collecting and processing sensor data (and other strategic one) to send to applications or web/mobile interfaces. Web/Mobile informative interfaces to inform users trought dashboard geo-enabled, to communicate actions/initiatives and to animate virally the rural environment. This one by social media engagement able to search product/process related leads. Interface are designed to lead community building; to help products traceability ; to enhance their reputation and to shorten the linkage betweem customers and producers. Open linked data & Analytics & Environmental Monitoring Combining and comparing smartrural stored data with other ones available in the public Semantic Web is possible to carry specific data mining. Thanks to ontologies many conceptual queries are done to collect, integrate and present useful but disparate data sources. With Smartrural approach is possible to create open and sharable DataCube reliable for data-reuse in mashups and research studies.
  6. 6. Smartrural Tech conceptual graph Services Open Data Storage SKOS for model interpretation Mobile/Desktop Applications Platforms Dashboard Social Media Community feedbacks Process Models Web Cloud Computing Devices e sensors Connectivity Local ontologies Local GISscience infrastructures
  7. 7. Smartrural 7 landscape of benefits Smartural create information stacks useful to lead local economical leads ( improving service in mobility, logistic, marketing) and to enforce the territorial identity of local products and promoting territorial reputation. Smartural have need of customized smart personal devices and apps to improve information gathering and accessing easier. In this way promote digital knowledge in rural people. reducing gap and digital divide. Smartrural promote specific territorial knowledge in terms of geography and history and have its preferential choice in open platform ( Wikipedia and Openstreetmap,dbpedia, AGROVOC).
  8. 8. Smartrural landscape of benefits Smartrural trough platform and cloud computing technology simplifiying access have its strenght in the sharing and reuse of information. Imply an opendata view. Smartrural is technological hub and is a chance in the hands of people face to future challenge in rural milieu. Smartrural is devote mainly to open hardware effort (as Arduino-like solutions) and sensors developement and open sotfware platform as Github-like for server/client/mobile informatics solution. Smartrural have is definitive goal to promote a novel rural society not only digital connected but more human promoting social aggregation enforcing identity.
  9. 9. Digital economy could be a gift for rural world. YaraCheckiI
  10. 10. #nowquestions (slowly please if is possible)
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