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Question 4 media evaluation


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Question 4 media evaluation

  1. 1. Technologies that I used in my A2 media coursework
  2. 2. Technologies used in my Research workSome of the technologies that I used in this part of my work were: TimeToast Publisher YouTube Powerpoint Bubbl Popplet Wallwisher Excel Slideshare Blogger Facebook Twitter
  3. 3. How I have used these technologiesI have used TimeToast in my media research to show theaudience some of the initial research that I had completed. Byusing this it has allowed me to show the audience the timeperiods in which the research has come from and shows how thehorror genre has changed in the last century.I have used YouTube in my research stage so that I can researchinto what I may want to put into my final product and find outwhat type of camerawork, editing, sound and mise-en-scenethey use in a typical horror movie trailer. This allowed me to seewhether the ideas that I had were good enough to be made intoa horror movie.I have used in my research to summarise all of myresearch work that I have done. This allows me to easily seewhat I have done and allows me to develop on these points inthe later stages of production.
  4. 4. Technologies used in my Planning workSome of the technologies that I used in this part of my workwere: Popplet Word Still Camera Youtube Slideshare Publisher Photoshop Wallwisher Blogger Facebook Twitter
  5. 5. How I have used these technologiesDuring all of my media coursework I have used Blogger topost my coursework on to show the progress of mycoursework. This allows for people to see the various step Ihave gone through to produce my media product and italso lets me see what I have done in the production stages.I have used Photoshop during my planning work toproduce some ancillary tasks designs so that once myproduction work has been produced I can easily create myfinal ancillary tasks.During the planning stage I have used Wallwisher to getfeedback from my target audience on the work that I havedone. This let me easily show the progress that has beenmade during this stage.
  6. 6. Technologies used in my Production workSome of the technologies that I used in this part of my work were: iMovie Movie Maker Word Still Camera Video Camera YouTube Wallwisher Publisher Photoshop Blogger Facebook Twitter
  7. 7. How I have used these technologiesIn my production work I have used iMovie to edit the film scenes intoa final trailer for people to watch. What iMovie allowed me to do wastake my raw footage and turn them into a teaser trailer. What iMoviealso allowed use to do was edit the sounds, speed, colour and thelength of all of the shots that were to be used in the movie trailer. Thiswas the main software that I used to have the chosen effect that Iwanted one my main product. Of course their was some effects thatwere impossible to put into place with this software which is one of theonly downfalls with this software.I have also used Word in this stage of my work to make a script andshot list for the filming of the trailer by doing this it allows for quickerand easier filming.During the production stage of my project I used a Video Camera torecord the scenes that I needed in my teaser trailer. This allowed foreasy filming because we could film all of footage in one stage and alsolook at it while filming to make sure that the footage was correct.
  8. 8. Technologies used in my Evaluation workSome of the technologies that I used in this part of mywork were: YouTube SurveyMonkey Powerpoint Slideshare Prezi MovieMaker Blogger Facebook Twitter
  9. 9. How I have used these technologiesDuring the final stage of my media project I have usedPrezi to display the links that are between my ancillaryproducts and my actual teaser trailer. This allowed me toeasily show all of the things that link each piece of mywork.Also in this part of my project I used Windows MovieMaker to edit and complete a piece of my work. Thisallowed me to compile a video together quickly and withhigh quality.Finally in my media project I used SurveyMonkey to sendout a questionnaire to my target audience and then collectthe results as well. This allowed me to find out what thetarget audience thought of my final products and if Ineeded to make any final improvements.