How did I use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages.


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How did I use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages.

  1. 1. How did I use media technologies inthe construction andresearch, planning and evaluationstages?Emma Willcox
  2. 2. Media Technology used during theResearch stage:
  3. 3. Media Technology used during thePlanning stage:
  4. 4. Media Technology used during theConstruction stage:
  5. 5. Media Technology used during theEvaluation stage:
  6. 6. Tumblr is the blog I use to showcase all of my work. This includes allresearch, planning, construction and evaluation stages. I found difficulty withregards to the size of the book of which to type, embed videos etc. in (this canbe seen in picture 1).I used Tumblr as opposed to blogsites such as Blogger and Wordpressas I felt more comfortable with usingthis website.
  7. 7. I used YouTube to upload my Primary Research Questionnaire. Once the videowas uploaded I was able to embed the video within my Tumblr blog. I useYouTube for both the research, planning, production and evaluation stages.I chose to use YouTube to upload my productionpieces, this was opposed to using alternativessuch as Vimeo. This was due to me finding iteasier to embed YouTube videos along withhaving a good understanding with how to usethe website.
  8. 8. I used Google Drive to upload Microsoft Worddocuments, to be able to then embed thedocuments into my Tumblr blog. Using GoogleDrive enabled me to have a backup of anywork I uploaded as the documents are savedwithin my Google account. These documentsinclude for the research and planning stage; acomparison between Big Fat Gypsy Weddingsand Spellbound; The impact documentariescan have on society; a Cinema Vérité casestudy. I used Google Drive as opposed toanother technology due to alreadyunderstanding how to use it and knowing thatI could embed documents onto my blog easily.Alternatives to Google Drive is Sky Drive.
  9. 9. I used Slideshare to upload my PowerPoint presentations used in both myresearch, planning and evaluation stages.The photo to theleft shows myembeddedSlideshare on myTumblr blog.I used Slideshare as opposed to other technologiessuch as Popplet and Prezi to present these types ofpresentations. This was due to the way I wanted topresent this information was through the use of apresentation.
  10. 10. I used Final Cut Express to combineall the footage recorded for myPrimary Research Questionnairevideo within the research stage.I used Final Cut Express to combineand edit all my footage together tocreate my Documentary. I was ableto apply effects such as cross dissolvefor a transition between two clips. Iwas also able to change the speed ofclips for example, by changing thespeed of a clip from 100% to 200%the audience is able to see a piece offootage that is five minutes in halfthe time, which is more interestingto the audience, especially if thefootage is showing progression insome way (i.e. setting upequipment).I used Final Cut Express asopposed to iMovie orWindows Movie Maker this isbecause I feel that Final Cut isa more professional softwareand allows me to ‘customise’my piece further.
  11. 11. I used Google to research about the most popularDocumentaries, TV channels that air Documentaries and newspaperarticles about Documentaries that have been previously aired or aredue to be aired.I used Google as opposed to other searchengines such as Bing or Chrome due to personalpreference of the search engine.
  12. 12. I used a Kodak Hero 5.1 printer to scan mystoryboard versions for my Documentary ofwhich to then upload to showcase on myTumblr blog. I used this over anotheralternative technology due to it being theprinter I owned at home and knew how to useit effectively for the best results.I used a Sony CX250 to film my research andplanning stages. This included filming myProduction Schedule, Documentary Issues andStock Issues along with all the footage within myDocumentary. I used this camera as it recorded inHD and would allow my videos to lookprofessional. I used this camera as opposed to analternative camera due to it being the one Ialready owned. The use of a high quality camerademonstrates professionalism of a piece. Thislinks to reception theory as audiences will haveseen other professional pieces and use that pastexperience to rate my pieces within their minds.Sony CX250Kodak Hero 5.1
  13. 13. I used a Sony Tripod to ensure all footageI shot was stable and looked professional.I used this model due to it beinglightweight and easy to transport todifferent locations to film either aninterview or footage.Sony TripodI used Survey Monkey to conduct a questionnairethat was designed for me to gain feedback aboutmy Documentary. Survey Monkey converted theresponses into graphs for me to analyse theresponses question by question.
  14. 14. I used Audacity to record a voice-over forone of my evaluation videos. I was ableto record my voice-over directly on to thesoftware with the microphone inbuiltwithin my MacBook Pro. I used thissoftware as opposed to an alternativetechnology as this software was free andavailable to Mac users (of which aMacBook is what I used).I felt that Audacity was an software thatwas easy to learn how to use and simpleenough for a beginner user to pick up.Therefore, this software was effective forthe purpose I used it for.
  15. 15. -I used a MacBook Pro for every stage including myresearch, planning, construction and evaluation stages .-I edited videos using Final Cut Express on it this included:cropping, adding transitions and rearranging clips.-I recorded audio on Audacity which is a software I downloaded to myMacBook.-I also created PowerPoint presentations using Microsoft Office and thenwent on to upload the content to Slideshare and embedded theSlideshare into Tumblr of which was all whilst using a MacBook Pro.-I used a MacBook Pro as opposed to another computer such asWindows, this being as I own a MacBook andMacBook Pro
  16. 16. Social NetworkingI used both Facebook and Twitter to promote my Documentary, this wasthrough the use of sharing the YouTube link to both my ‘friends’ and‘followers’. This was due to it reaching an audience that was built up offamily, friends and the general public. This provided my Documentary with avaried audience. I used these types of Social Networking as opposed to usingsites such as Bebo and Myspace, of which the amount of people who using isconsiderably less than Facebook and Twitter.Facebook Distribution Twitter Distribution
  17. 17. Theory• Theory can be applied to the use of media technology.• Reception Theory can be applied as when producing aproduction piece, the individual will tend use technologythat they have used in the past (past experience andknowledge) due to feeling more comfortable with how touse the software, for example.• Two Step Flow can also be applied as the use of technologysuch as YouTube and MacBook’s are seen within the mediaas being used by professionals. Therefore, as an individual Iwas influenced to use these platforms/products by the‘leader’ as they produce quality productions of which Iaimed to follow.