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Evaluation question 4


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Evaluation question 4

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 4 - How did you use new media technologies in theconstruction, research and planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. Media technologies have played a vital role in myresearch, planning, construction and evaluation.They have not only helped me to make myproducts but have provided me with differentways of presenting my work. Whilst exploringthese new media technologies I have learned newtechniques and skills and have gained experienceusing these technologies which I will be able takewith me on to new projects.
  3. 3. Software
  4. 4. PhotoshopI used Photoshop to construct my print products (poster and magazinecover), without this piece of software I would have not been able to producethem at a professional level. Photoshop provided me with many different toolsthat allowed me to produce professional looking print products, for example thefilters and brushes. I used these tools when producing the layout , backgroundand text of the print products. However I also edited my photographs on thissoftware using the editing tools like adjustments and the magic wand. I also usedPhotoshop to create the inter-titles used in my trailer. Photoshop has allowed meto create professional looking products and using Photoshop for so much ofmy work has really developed my editing abilities on this piece of software.
  5. 5. Final Cut ExpressFinal Cut Express is the video editing software that I used to create my trailer, ithas provided me with the ability to edit my footage into a trailer of a professionalstandard. It allowed me to edit our footage and position the shots in the orderthat we wanted them to appear in the trailer. This helped us to see what workedin our trailer and allowed us to easily make changes after we received feedback.Some of the techniques I have learnt whilst editing my trailer are videotransitions/filters, key frames and how to add a soundtrack.
  6. 6. Garage BandGarage Band is the software I used to create the soundtrack for my trailer. I usedsounds from the catalogue on Garage Band , recorded someone speaking anddownloaded sound effects from the internet which I put together using thissoftware. We used transitions and changed the volume at different points withinthe soundtrack so that it fitted with the footage. Garage Band was really beneficialto the making of our trailer, without a soundtrack we wouldnt have been able tocreate the atmosphere and mood we wanted to.
  7. 7. Photo BoothPhoto booth is a photo and video recorder that uses the webcam on the iMac torecord you. I have been able to gather feedback by asking people to recordthemselves giving feedback on my work, this has helped me through thedevelopment and production of my work as I have been able to keep referringback to the videos to look at my feedback. I have also used Photo Booth torecord videos and take photos when we were looking at make-up ideas. I couldalso import the videos into my blog to show as evidence for my feedback.
  8. 8. TwitterI used Twitter to collect part of myaudience feedback. I chose to usesocial networking to collect myfeedback as I knew it would be theeasiest and quickest way to contact mytarget audience. It also allowed me topost my products online and askpeople to leave feedback comments onthem which I could then use toimprove my work.
  9. 9. PowerPointPowerPoint has enabled me topresent my evaluations in adifferent I have tried to present mywork in many different ways inorder to use a range of softwares toshow my progress throughout theproject. PowerPoint has a allowedme to create this slideshow withinformation, pictures andscreenshots.
  10. 10. PreziPrezi is another piece of software I have used to present my work. Prezi is like anonline mind map, it has been great during the research and development stagesas it allowed me to display my ideas in depth and change the parts I wasnt happywith, it helped me to construct my ideas and display them in an easy way forpeople to understand and follow. Prezi is a professional way to present your workas it allows you to add photos, links and videos that help to further explain yourwork.
  11. 11. SlideshareSlideshare is a website that has allowed me to present my work in anotherdifferent way. It allowed me to embed my PowerPoint into an online slideshowwhich I could put onto my blog. I used Slideshare to display my research andevaluation work as it allows you to display a lot of information.
  12. 12. GoogleGoogle was really useful during my research. It allowed me to search forimages of professional texts from the horror genre that I wanted to takeinspiration from. It has allowed me to develop my ideas regularly by lookingat many different professional texts.
  13. 13. YouTubeYouTube has benefited me throughout this project, I have used itfrequently, especially during the research stage as I looked at a lot ofprofessional trailers from the horror genre to see which ones I wanted to takeinspiration from. I watched these trailers regularly throughout the productionprocess to ensure that I followed the forms and conventions into my ownproducts. I also uploaded my finished trailer to YouTube, this allowed people toview my trailer and I could share it onto my blog.
  14. 14. BloggerBlogger has been a way of displaying all my work throughout the wholeprocess, like a diary for my project. It has also helped me keep up to date bycreating posts such as ‘Planning Schedule’. It has enabled me to organise mywork well, showing the process of my work. I have been able to add videos andimages to further explain my research and development work and addPowerPoints to show my evaluation.
  15. 15. Dafont.comI used to research fonts that would beappropriate for my chosen genre horror, once I hadchosen the fonts I wanted I could downloaded themand use them in software like Photoshop whencreating my print products. It has gave my productsa professional look and the fonts really suit mychosen genre. The fonts I have used have helpedme to create realistic products that appeal to mytarget audience.
  16. 16. Hardware
  17. 17. SLR CameraUsing an SLR Camera to take my photographs for the print products, hasallowed me to take professional, high-quality photographs. Having high qualityimages is essential in making my print products to a professional standard. TheSLR Camera I used had guidelines on so that I could get the eye line of mymodel were I wanted it on the photograph, I wanted my model to appearauthorative and make the reader feel fear so this was really helpful in creatingthis.
  18. 18. Video CameraDigital Cameras made by Panasonic are what we used to record our trailerfootage. We used an HD video recorder to shoot all of our footage for ourtrailer, using a HD camera ensured that we would have high quality footage.The video camera has been one of the most crucial pieces of technology, aswithout this we could not have developed our ideas into a trailer.
  19. 19. TripodA tripod allowed me to make sure my footage was of a high quality as it kept thevideo camera still during filming ensuring all my shots were steady. It isimportant to film high quality footage because without it my products couldn’tlook professional.
  20. 20. iMaciMac is the name of the computer that I used throughout my project, thesecomputers are produced by Apple and have only recently came onto themarket. Using an recent and updated computer was very beneficial as it alreadyhad the software I needed installed. I used the iMac to store all of the workonto the hard drive, used the internet for research and to create my bloggeraccount and learnt how to transfer footage from the video recorder and cameraonto the computer. I have learnt a lot of new skills from this project.