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Question 3

  1. 1. AUDIENCE FEEDBACKBy Alex Groome
  2. 2. The purpose of Audience FeedbackThe real purpose of audience feedback is to make yourfinal product the best it can be and also make sure that thetarget audience has their say on the products that arebeing produced before the product is finally finished. Alsoby getting more and more people to view the product youcan get a better opinion on the trailer for both the good andbad points of the trailer. From the audience feedback youcan make changes to the final trailer from the commentsthat were made.
  3. 3. How I obtained my feedbackI obtain my feedback using several different ways from social networking sites toonline survey sites. The main four that I used were Wallwisher, SurveyMonkey,Twitter and Facebook.Wallwisher is a good online tool because it allows you to post videos and pictures toa webpage so that people can look at them and it allows visitors to comment on thewall with their suggestions by doing this it means that you can get some good directfeedback.SurveyMonkey is also good for obtaining feedback because it lets you to ask plainand simple questions that can be used to make any product better. It helps to createa better insight into what sort of trailer your audience will truly love.Social Network is one of the best ways to get specific and detailed information fromthe target audience that you are aiming at and also it means that you can get a lotof feedback because of wide user base of the sites themselves.My Focus Group was made up of a couple of people that were actually part of mytarget audience. I was able to ask them about the good and bad points of my trailerwhich allowed me to see what was good and what needed to be improved. Ipersonally believe that this is in fact the best type of feedback because it allows forcomprehensive feedback direct from the user.
  4. 4. SurveyMonkeyWhat I have learned from SurveyMonkey was that Imanaged to hit the right target audience with the questionsthat I have written and this gave me some great ideas forthe improvements I could make. I could also ask peoplewhat they thought of the use of the four aspects of media.Sound, Editing, Mise-en-scene and Camerawork and alsoask them other questions about their other thoughts of thetrailer itself.
  5. 5. SurveyMonkey Screenshots
  6. 6. WallwisherOn Wallwisher you can post you ancillary drafts and traileragain if you wish to and get other comments because onhere they can give specific feedback about the differentproducts because they can post on the wall and say theirfeelings.• After posting my storyboard and animatic to the web I asked people that have watched it to relay their views on the story and then from this I used the feedback to improve the story before filming.
  7. 7. Feedback from the Focus Group• Good Points:The good points that I took from my focus group was thatmy trailer was very well aimed and that the music usedthorough the trailer was well thought out and set the tone ofthe trailer.• Bad PointsThe bad points that I took from my focus group was that mytrailer lacked difference in the title pages from the otherinformation in the trailer. Also that my trailer did fall a bitshort of the time that I did originally plan for.
  8. 8. Strengths and Weaknesses of myproducts• StrengthsThe strengths that I have learnt about during my audiencefeedback is that my movie products use many successfulconventions, good uses of sound effects, good use of fonts,good uses of images for the ancillary products andconventional ancillary products layouts.• WeaknessesThe weaknesses that I have learnt about during myaudience feedback is that my trailer does not a greatstoryline and that it doesn’t flow well but then we decided tocreate a teaser trailer instead which allowed for some ofthese weaknesses to be controlled and dismissed.
  9. 9. What I found out from my audiencefeedback?• From my feedback I learnt that my trailer was aimed at the right target market and the music that was used was also used correct-fully and allowed for the tone to be set for the trailer. I also found out several points that I could use to improve on my movie trailer.• Another thing that I found from my audience feedback was that the questions I had posted on SurveyMonkey were targeted at the correct audience and this allowed me to be able to see the improvements I needed to make.• One of the bad things that I found out while undertaking my audience feedback was that my trailer lacked the difference between the title pages and the other information that was portrayed in the trailer and that the trailer should have been longer to show more of the film.