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Knowledge mobilization


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Describes a service architecture for supporting knowledge mobilization and intelligence.(work, who, input/output, and necessary support services.

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Knowledge mobilization

  1. 1. Mobilizing Knowledge: Acquisition, Analysis, and Action Albert Simard Defence R&D Canada Canadian Knowledge Mobilization ForumOttawa, ON. June 19-20, 2012
  2. 2. Knowledge Work, Services, and Architecture Knowledge Unstructured Work Semi- structured Knowledge Services Structured Service Architecture2
  3. 3. Organizational Knowledge Flow Creation Validation3 Authorization Organization
  4. 4. Knowledge Management Transfer National Defence, Markets National Security, Public Safety Work Application Creation Collaboration Defence R&D Flow Canada Sharing Assets Stock Infrastructure Resources Government4
  5. 5. DRDC Knowledge Work Inputs Transformation Output Governance Programs Report DND (management) Services Acquire Monitoring Integration (R & D) Create Intelligence Innovation Develop Clients Needs Mitigation Mobilize Priorities Advice Learn Establishment Adaptation5
  6. 6. Three Similar Processes  Intelligence: Discover and Acquire analyze external content to identify a pattern or trend. (trolling, specific)  Mobilization: Compile and synthesize selected content to address an issue. Analyze (targeted, complex) • Integration: Collect and combine diverse content into a unified whole. (processing, Act technical)6
  7. 7. Core Model Who Need (Why) Schedule No schedule When Work Service (What) (How) Real space Cyberspace Where Input Output Zachman (1987) Rudyard Kipling (1902)7
  8. 8. Monitoring the Environment search Work Cyberspace Service Research filter scan Media Published Monitor An Literature Ac al ce ys ss is Conferences Atten ie w d Rev Experience te Disc Communities Participa over Re t c Individuals of practice ol ici eiv e S Detect Practitioners Ad hoc *Web portal, make explicit document *Search engine, harvest Capture harvest *Library Store analysis apps. interface Monitoring Intelligence Repository * Other views8
  9. 9. Service Framework for Detection Work Person Input / Output Services Monitor cyberspace specialist, employee downloaded content *Web portal, AI filter, *Search engine Monitor media communications, published article *Web portal, *Library, specialist, employee scanning Research researcher, analyst identified pattern *Data management Access literature scientist, professional published paper *Library, indexing *Search engine, Attend conferences scientist, professional presentation, *Web portal, conversation announcements Participate in expert, professional, dialogue, *Web portal, access communities employee conversation Solicit practitioners representative response *Web portal, survey response template Review experience participant after-action review, *Web portal, lessons learned *Collaboration site Discover employee miscellaneous *Social Receive sender, recipient miscellaneous *Web portal, *E-mail9
  10. 10. Producing Intelligence Work Monitoring Service cyberspace, media other pathways *Sharing, Corroborate *Web portal, *Expertise Validate *Collaboration *Sharing, Analyze analysis apps., *Expertise Interpret *Collaboration template Prepare *Office Apps. Store interface Recommend Intelligence Decision Repository * Other views10
  11. 11. Service Framework for Intelligence Work Person Input / Output Services Corroborate practitioner, expert monitoring report / *Sharing, *Web portal, corroborated report *Expertise directory Validate community, group validated report *Collaboration, harvesting Analyze analyst quantified report *Data management, *Sharing, analysis, pattern recognition, Interpret subject-matter interpreted report *Expertise directory, expert *Collaboration Document author intelligence report *Office apps. report template Store author, data stored intelligence intelligence manager report *Repository Recommend champion recommended *Decision action11
  12. 12. Mobilizing Knowledge Internal sources Issue External sources Infrastructure Compile Acquire Agreements, Content Content, Environment Environment, Resources Resources, Culture internal *Expertise, external *Expertise, Interactions *Web portal, *Web portal, *Search, Retrieval *Search, Retrieval *Data mgt., Work Process *Content mgt., Service analysis, Integrate synthesis, decision support Interpret *Expertise, *Collaboration Document *Office Apps. Recommend Store interface Decision Issue Repository * Other views12
  13. 13. Service Framework for Mobilization Work Person Input/Output Services Compile analyst, researcher, Internal content / *Web portal, *Library, librarian collected content *Search engine, *Expertise directory Acquire analyst, researcher, external content, *Web portal, *Library, librarian collected content *Search engine, *Expertise directory Process analyst, standardized *Data management, content manager, content *Content management, analysis tools Integrate analyst, synthesizer integrated content synthesis tools, decision support system Interpret analyst, synthesizer interpreted content *Expertise directory, *Collaboration Document analyst, synthesizer report, *Office apps. author recommendations report templates Store content manager, stored report, mobilization *Repository author recommendations13
  14. 14. Need Making Work Service Decisions Create Validate *Social *Collaboration Analyze decision support Document *Office apps Review *Collaboration Revise Recommend Schedule *Office apps Submit Consider *Collaboration psychological knowledge modify Decide ? Store interface * Other views reject Record approve End14 Repository Action
  15. 15. Service Framework for Decisions Work Person Input/Output Services Create knowledge worker need / idea *Social Validate community, group validated idea *Collaboration Analyze analyst alternatives decision support Document writer draft document *Office apps. proposal template Review stakeholders, consensus *Collaboration manager Revise writer proposal *Office apps. Schedule secretariat agenda item *Office apps. Submit champion submission *Office apps. Consider decision makers decision *Collaboration Store record manager record of decision record *Repository15
  16. 16. Mobilizing Knowledge Acquire Analyze Act16