Syllabus Spring 2013 9:30 class


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Syllabus Spring 2013 9:30 class

  1. 1. English (ENG) 101: English Composition I Spring 2013 MW 9:30-10:50, Room 421This is only a quick ―starting guide‖ for the course; the complete syllabus and additional information can be found on our Desire2Learn (D2L) course page—it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to read all necessary documents.Please note that you will be unable to access the rest of the content on D2L until you have passed the Syllabus Quiz (on D2L) with at least 90%. If you are unfamiliar with D2L, there is a handout on to get you started; however, since we will use D2L heavily throughout the semester, it would benefit you to visit the Student Success and Technology Center (SSTC) for a full tutorial. Professor Contact Information: Name: Alicia Bolton Office Location: Room 123 (Georgetown) Office Phone: 843-520-1412 Office Hours: MW 11:00-12:00; TR 9:00-11:00, 3:30-4:30 E-mail:, (NOT through D2L) Website:, D2L course page Facebook: – ―Like‖ me to be subscribed to course updates! Twitter: – Follow me to be subscribed to course updates!REQUIRED MATERIALS: Textbook: The Norton Field Guide to Writing with Readings and Handbook, 2nded. Textbook: They Say I Say, 2nded. Paper and writing utensil (for taking notes and completing in-class work) Folder with pockets for turning in essays (any type is fine as long as it has pockets)—please write your name on the front of this folder 5 highlighters of 5 different colors Flash drive and/or account with online storage box ( recommended) Access to (and knowledge of) a computer word processor (all assignments in this course will need to be typed) as well as WaveNet and Desire2Learn (D2L) Account with and registration with this course (it‘s free—we‘ll discuss in class) College-level dictionary, thesaurus, editing handbook, etc. (optional but strongly recommended)GRADINGYour grade will be broken down as follows:Essay 1 (Responding to a Film) 100 Electronic Portfolio 70Essay 2 (Responding to a Text) 100 Presentation 50Essay 3 (Research Paper) 150 Final Exam 50Additional Work for Essays 90 Quizzes/Participation 80PeerMark (3 at 20 points each) 60 __________________________________Annotated Bibliography 100 TOTAL 1000Research Lab 150 Consult D2L for details.
  2. 2. TENTATIVE COURSE OUTLINE(through first month—see D2L for rest of semester!)(―NFG‖ stands for The Norton Field Guide; TSIS signifies They Say I Say, and other readings can befound on D2L, as noted here. You are expected to complete all readings and assignments by the date onwhich they are listed. When readings on D2L are assigned, I do expect you to print the document andbring a hard copy to class. Also, as this is a tentative schedule, I reserve the right to change and/or addreadings/assignments at my discretion).M Jan 14 Course Overview and Introductions Review: Components of an Essay Diagnostic EssayW Jan 16 TSIS 1-15 (Introduction: Entering the Conversation) TSIS 141-144 (Chapter 11: Entering Class Discussions) TSIS 55-67 (Chapter 4: Three Ways to Respond)M Jan 21 NO CLASS – MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. HOLIDAYW Jan 23 D2L: ―Essay 1: Responding to a Film (assignment sheet with rubric)‖ NFG 215-218 (Chapter 22: Collaborating) NFG 3-17 (Part 1 [Chapters 1-5]: Rhetorical Situations) In-Class film: SurrogatesM Jan 28 In-Class film: Surrogates (cont.) NFG 211-214 (Chapter 21: Writing as Inquiry) NFG 219-225 (Chapter 23: Generating Ideas and Text) NFG 226-228 (Chapter 24: Drafting) D2L: ―The Writing Process‖ (PPT)W Jan 30 Research Lab—Meet in Room 215 for class!M Feb 4 Due: Pre-Writing and Outline for Essay 1 (see D2L and/or assignment sheet) D2L: ―Surrogates: Machines are the Future‖ (sample essay) TSIS 30-41 (Chapter 2: The Art of Summarizing) NFG 408-419 (Chapter 46: Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing) D2L: ―Signal Detection‖W Feb 6 Due: Introduction for Essay 1 (summary of film—with thesis at end!) TSIS 42-51 (Chapter 3: The Art of Quoting) TSIS 68-77 (Chapter 5: Distinguishing What You Say from What They Say) NFG 229-234 (Chapter 25: Assessing Your Own Writing)M Feb 11 Due: Draft of Essay 1(hard copy AND electronic copy—bring both to class with you or you won’t get credit!) NFG 235- (Chapter 26: Getting Response and Revising) NFG 242- (Chapter 27: Editing and Proofreading)W Feb 13 Research Lab—Meet in Room 215 for class! CompletePeerMark for Essay 1 (in TurnitIn) by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 15!
  3. 3. M Feb 18 Due: Essay 1 (Responding to a Film) NFG 247- (Chapter 28: Compiling a Portfolio) Work on Electronic PortfoliosW Feb 20 D2L: ―Essay 2: Responding to a Text‖ (assignment sheet with rubric) NFG 283-299 (Chapter 32: Arguing) NFG 83-110 (Chapter 9: Arguing a Position) NFG 666-669 (Goldwasser: ―What‘s the Matter with Kids Today?‖)M Feb 25 Research Lab—Meet in Room 140 for class!W Feb 27 TSIS 105-120 (Chapter 8: Connecting the Parts) NFG 272-277 (Chapter 30: Guiding Your Reader) NFG 684-689 (Cutler: ―Whodunit—The Media?‖) NFG 958-960 (Niedzviecki: ―Facebook in a Crowd‖)M Mar 4 Due: Pre-Writing for Essay 2 (Reading Strategies Worksheet) NFG 278-282 (Chapter 31: Analyzing Causes and Effects) NFG 314-323 (Chapter 35: Defining) D2L: ―2b or Not 2b? – David Crystal‖W Mar 6 Due: Outline for Essay 2 NFG 343-351 (Chapter 39: Narrating) NFG 306-313 (Chapter 34: Comparing and Contrasting) TSIS 195-197 (Zinczenko: ―Don‘t Blame the Eater‖) D2L: ―Fast Food and Obesity: Who‘s to Blame?‖ (sample essay) Draft of Essay 2 Due to TurnitIn by 11:59 p.m. for PeerMark! Complete PeerMarkfor Essay 2 (in TurnitIn) by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, March 8!M Mar 11 Due: Essay 2 (Responding to a Text) D2L: ―Essay 3: Research Paper (assignment sheet with rubric)‖ NFG 177-179 (―Topic Proposals‖)W Mar 13 D2L: ―Annotated Bibliography (assignment sheet with rubric)‖ NFG 116-124 (Chapter 11: Annotated Bibliographies) TSIS 92-99 (Chapter 7: Saying Why It Matters) TSIS 19-29 (Chapter 1: Starting with What Others are Saying) Note: Friday, March 15 is the last day to request your story/topic for your research paper—see assignment sheet for details!M Mar 18 Research Lab—Meet in Room 140 for class! Note: Tuesday, March 19 is the last day to withdraw from any full Spring 2013 class with a “W.”W Mar 20 Due: Pre-Writing for Essay 3 (Research Paper) TSIS 78-91 (Chapter 6: Planting a Naysayer in Your Text) NFG 261-271 (Chapter 29: Beginning and Ending)
  4. 4. M Mar 25 NO CLASS – SPRING BREAKW Mar 27 NO CLASS – SPRING BREAKM Apr 1 Due: Outline for Essay 3 (Research Paper) TSIS 121-128 (Chapter 9: Academic Writing Doesn‘t Always Mean…) TSIS 129-138 (Chapter 10: The Art of Metacommentary) D2L: ―Annotated Bibliography: Steven Casey‘s ‗Signal Detection‘‖ (sample) D2L: ―Airport Security for the Innocent‖ (sample research paper)W Apr 3 Research Lab—Meet in Room 215 for class!M Apr 8 Due:Annotated Bibliography In-Class Writing Practice (for Final Exam) Draft of Essay 3 Due to TurnitIn by 11:59 p.m. for PeerMark!W Apr 10 Individual Conferences (no class meeting) Complete PeerMarkfor Essay 3 (in TurnitIn) by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, April 12!M Apr 15 Research Lab—Meet in Room 140 for class!W Apr 17 Individual Conferences (no class meeting)M Apr 22 Due: Essay 3 (Research Paper) PresentationsW Apr 24 PresentationsM Apr 29 Presentations A final exam is required in this course. Location, date, and time will be announced later in the semester. (We will follow HGTC’s final exam schedule for this semester.)NFG 201- (Chapter 20: Mixing Genres)