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101 annotated bib assignment


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101 annotated bib assignment

  1. 1. ENG 101 – BoltonAnnotated Bibliography Assignment Important Dates and RequirementsPaper Due to Instructor: April 8 (by 5:00 p.m.)Length: 1200-2000 words*Outside Sources Required: Five—see “Part 2: Researching Your Topic” section on Essay 3 assignment sheet for details*Submission Methods: Hard copy (to me), electronic copy to TurnitIn * Essays that are too short, too long, or don’t meet the source requirements will receive half credit.This assignment accompanies your research paper assignment (Essay 3), so make sure you understandthose requirements. Follow these guidelines when constructing your essay: Locate the five sources required for your research paper (excluding the story that is ―provoking‖ you). As a reminder, this includes the following: o One book (printed, published, physical—not an e-book) o One e-book (from library database) o Two articles (from library database) o One Film-on-Demand (from library database)  Note: If you can’t find a Film-on-Demand, come see me and I’ll give you an alternate option—but you must let me know in advance! These must be the same five sources you use in your research paper—once you complete this assignment, you cannot switch sources! Include an introduction that explains your research paper’s topic and why it’s relevant (see example on pg. 116 of your Norton textbook) Include a Works Citedcitation entry for each source (make sure they are correct MLA format and alphabetized) o Be certain that you include the library database from where you retrieved the article— otherwise, I may not be able to find it and cannot verify it is correct, in which case you may not receive full credit! Under each Works Cited entry, include the following: o A paragraph that summarizes the source o A paragraph that evaluates the source (i.e. why is it credible, trustworthy, etc.?) o A paragraph that explains how the source will be used in your essay (i.e. what point of yours will it support? Will it be part of the counterargument instead? How will you incorporate it adequately?) See the example on pg. 118-119 of your Norton textbookor the example on D2L. Cite/quote from each source when discussing it (can be in summary, evaluation, or ―how you’ll use‖ paragraph—choice is yours as long as there’s one direct quote from each source) If using more than 5 sources in your research paper, you only need to include 5 for this assignment— make sure they meet the requirements. Also, you may add sources to your research paper after you submit this assignment; you just cannot remove or change any of the ones included in your Annotated Bibliography.
  2. 2. Student Name: _________________________ Annotated Bibliography (100 points) Scale: 12.5 = perfect/excellent, 10 = good, 7.5 = fair, 0 = poor or missing 12.5 10 7.5 0 Introduction clearly explains purpose of research paper and the topic’s relevance today Summary of each source is objective, thorough, and adequate Evaluation of each source is logical, well-explained, and adequate/effective Explanation of how source will be used in essay is logical, appropriate, well- explained, and effective In-text citations (quotes) are formatted correctly, properly framed, and used effectively Essay is well-organized; transitions effectively enhance essay’s ―flow‖ by guiding reader Vocabulary, language use, and word choices are correct and appropriate Note: You should avoid second-person (“you,” “your,” “you’re”)! Grammar, spelling, and mechanics demonstrate correct use of Standard Edited American English In addition to the rubric categories above,you will also lose one point for each MLA format error in the citation entries themselves. This means if a comma is missing, a space is missing, quotation marks are missing/incorrect, you lose one point for each of those errors—you can end up with a poor grade very quickly on MLA format alone, so I suggest you take your time to ensure accuracy! * Please consult your essay for details; if you do not understand a comment I made, please don’t hesitate to come see me during office hours to discuss your essay. Checklist: Note that for in-text citations (quotes),All of the following items are due along with the hard I’m not checking for misquoting until thecopy of your essay (NO later); put everything in your research paper, when you will submit folder. For each of these items missing or copies of your sources as well! incomplete, your essay will be penalized up to 20 points.□ Copy of this rubric (print and turn in) Subtotal: _____/100 Don’t forget to submit your final copy to as well! MLA Format Errors: - _____ Grade: _____/100