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Day Classes -- Schedule for Fall 2011

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Schedule for wp #1 eng 102

  1. 1. ENG 102 (Fall 2011)<br />Schedule for Writing Project #1<br />PG = The New Century Pocket Guide for Writers<br />SB = Scratch Beginnings<br />*** Keep in mind that this schedule may change – so be sure to pay attention in class and/ or check our class web site (<br />Class SessionIn-ClassFor the Next Class!MondayAugust 22Welcome to our Class!Review Class SyllabusBuy the books for the class (check with the bookstore – I know they have used copies!)WednesdayAugust 24Diagnostic Writing (in class)Get everyone’s email!Be sure to check out or class web site ASAP!FridayAugust 26Discuss Writing Project #1(The Shepard Project!)Is everyone on the web site?!Talk about the DiagnosticsMake sure you get the reading done for Monday!MondayAugust 29Discuss: SB, pages 1-29Make sure you get the reading done for Wednesday!WednesdayAugust 31Discuss: SB, pages 31-57You will need the second text, The New Century Pocket Guide, by the next classFridaySeptember 2Summaries and AnalysisExamplesDiscuss PG: page 26/31+(summarizing)Keep in mind there is a big chunk of reading to do for our next class meeting!MondaySeptember 5Labor day – No class!WednesdaySeptember 7Discuss SB: pages 59-153Brainstorm SubjectsRead!FridaySeptember 9Discuss SB: pages 155-194Brainstorm SubjectsRead!MondaySeptember 12Discuss SB: pages 195-endBrainstorm Subjects*** Do you have an idea for your paper now?!?!WednesdaySeptember 14Library Scavenger Hunt(Librarian will come to our class and talk about finding articles!)Library Scavenger Hunt sheet is due on Friday ….FridaySeptember 16Due: Library Scavenger Hunt(we’ll go over the answers in class)Discuss: Responding to SourcesReview the synthesis Assignment Sign up for conferences …We will spend the next two class periods conferencing in my office – have you found another source? Do you sort of have a direction for the overall writing project?MondaySeptember 19Conference with ½ the class(in my office, room 205)WednesdaySeptember 21Conference with ½ the class(in my office, room 205)Your synthesis assignment is due on Friday!FridaySeptember 23Due: Synthesis AssignmentWhat is a project proposal?MondaySeptember 26What is research writing anyway?? Example of an Annotated BibYour Project Proposal is due on Wednesday (remember this is no big deal – just tell me what you are thinking)WednesdaySeptember 28Due: Project ProposalMLA Citations (bring PG!)FridaySeptember 30MLA continued Your Annotated Bib is due on Monday!MondayOctober 3Due: Annotated BibliographyWriting a research paper (format and organization)Student example of WP#1Reading assignment for Wed!WednesdayOctober 5Bring PG: Tranistions, etc(“Connecting the Parts”)FridayOctober 7Introductions and Conclusions with Research Papers!Any questions about the draft?Who is bringing a draft on Monday? Wednesday?Drafts are coming up!MondayOctober 10Draft (1/2 the class)WednesdayOctober 11Draft (1/2 the class)Your first writing project is due on Monday!!FridayOctober 13Conference Day/ Work on your paper!MondayOctober 17Due: Final Draft of Writing Project #1 Reflection Notes (in class)<br />